Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis' the Season!!

Oh I LOVE this time of year!!! We are busy getting ready!! Got our tree up, and and it looks sooo purty!! I LOVE to look back at all the ornaments from years past!! and I LOVE to get and make new ornaments each year... I am gonna need a 12 foot tree soon with all we have! :)

So on that note! I made another style of ornament yesterday!! My friend Amy shared this ornament the other day at Scrappin Mojo I had to make one up!! It was really quick, mine took about 15 minutes, since I messed up the fold the first time!! Then I added stickles to mine... so I had to add drying time, but the ornament itself was fast!!!
Here is mine... I plan to make MORE!!! Along with my helpers! :)
**edited to add.. I used my 2 inch square punch for mine! I cant cut a straight line!! This way I KNEW they were all equal! :)**

Also I have been VERY GOOD and taking my photo a day in Dec... these are 3 of the pages in my Dec. Book! I plan to take a photo a day ALL of Dec... I want to end with the 31st!! I am up to day 7, and am pretty happy to be so close to the actual date! I will print 3 more days tomorrow and HOPEFULLY friday catch up!

Here are 3 for now... NOW they arent super duper fancy, they are really quick.. some better then others (I am so not digging day 4! LOL!!) but they are done and in my Dec. mini book! I think it will be fun to look back over it and see what Dec. meant to me!

Ok lets get started!!
Dec. 1- 24 days til Christmas!!! Happy Holidays!

Dec. 2nd- Hot Choc... Yummy!! the kids LOVE this for a treat (in fact they have it now! LOL!) I love my santa mugs... and we have matching plates... hmmm I should get a photo of them one day too! :)

Dec. 3rd- Amanda made a picture for me and put it on the fridge... I didnt know and found it when I started to make dinner.. I LOVE those sweet surprises... I just took the center heart for my photo today! - SORRY this one is really WHITE in the scan.. it is pretty white IRL.. but not as much as here... :)

That is about all I have to share today! I will get more of my days scanned and share them.. I am working on a couple other things too ~ I hope to share this week!!

Happy Holidays! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beth, LOVE your pages in your December Daily!! Your Santa mug looks like so much fun. :-) I am getting ready to start on some ornaments, maybe i'll make one of those star ones. Super cute stuff!!

  2. BTW, I just nominated you for a blog award. Go check out my blog for details!!

  3. I love the ornament and the pages for your book, they are just sweet!

  4. Hi Bethie!

    Wanted to let you know that I have given you a Blogger Award!! Check out the Blog!


  5. I really really love the photo a day idea. Thanks so much for sharing your photos!
    Happy Holidays to your family... 13 days until Christmas!


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