Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!! and a BIG blog sharing!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We LOVE YOU!!! Enjoy those pancakes!!! hee hee! He had to SHARE with us dont worry!!! :)

I have lots to share.. THANKS if you make it all the way through! :)

So I have been busy busy here getting ready for the Holidays!! and NOT liking this snow we have! GRRRR it is ruining all plans we have had... well most of them!! We are still WAITING to figure out Xmas eve... we cant be snowed in down South... so we gotta wait and see what Mother Nature has planned for us!!!

I have got to do LOTS of baking and creating!!! :) I found this CUTE blog when I was playing on Youtube a couple weeks ago... well she shared THIS and I HAD to lift it!! I didnt have all the SU goodies she used but I winged it! and I like how it turned out!!!

I am making another one today!!!
Here she has directions and what she used!! Well I didnt have that COOL die for the antlers and ears... so I just stamped and cut mine.... and I added LOTS of stickles! and some HOLLY of course ~ Tis the season!!!
**added this note.. I THINK I needs to gets me that Sizzix Big Shot.. SU has some GREAT dies that are exclusive to them.. and I WANT THEM... I NEED THEM!! ok getting off track! HA HA!!**

I have got LOTS of baking done!! Want to see!!!
Here is my goodies I am using for all my recipes! :)

Pretzel Turtles! YUM!

I believe my friend EM shared those with me a couple years ago.. WE LOVE THEM! so easy to make.. I hope it was Em...if not... sorry she is getting credit! HA HA!!!!

Next up Peppermint Bark.. this is a recipe I made up myself and it is one of mine and Justins FAVS!!! :)

Sugar Cookies! Decorated of course!! :)

Pumpkin Bread-

Milk Choc. and White Choc. covered Pretzels-

Another recipe I made up! RedVelvet Rum/Candy Cane Balls!
I just LOVE Bakerellas CUTE CUTE cupcake bites.. I have made them 3 times now.. and this is this version I made up! I decided to make them into balls! I added 1/4 cup of Rum (cut back on the water!) and I added chopped up candy cane pieces to the crumbled cake! Rolled them, froze them, dipped them! topped them with more candy cane and red sprinkles! Amanda took a bite and said MOM this is soooo GOOD! Yeah that is all I needed to hear! :)

and FINALLY! My sweet Amanda and I made her FAMOUS cookie bars! A recipe she got from the CUTEST Strawberry Shortcake cook book! BUT of course we make it our own! We like to add M & M's! instead of the choc. chips! :) for Xmas we added MINT M & M's! YUMMY!!!

and one final photo~ have you got this far?!! THANKS if you have!! I had alot to say today! LOL!!!
This is the front of our house 3 days ago... today you cant even SEE the little white trees or read that the snoopy dog house says Merry Christmas!!! DARN SNOW!! MELT Already! LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a GREAT day! and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


  1. Yea! I made it all the way thru! LOVE everything. I want to eat my way thru your house!!! Hope Steve has a wonderful Birthday! Loved the photo of the outside of the house, very beautiful. Hope we see you X-mas Eve!!

  2. OMG! I can't believe I got a shout out for something food related...I never do anything with food..except eat it! HA! THANKS, girl..that was exciting!

    HAPPY HAPPY Birthday STEVE!! Hope you have an amazing day and all your wishes come true!

  3. Yeah! Happy Birthday, Steve! I love all the baked goodies... YUMMY!!!
    I can't believe how much snow you've gotten! Your house looks beautiful!

  4. Your goodies look AWESOME!!! :)

  5. I want to come to your house for treat!!!

    Hope Steve had a great day!

    Amy :)

  6. wow!! all your treats look absolutely DELICIOUS!!! yum- I am hungry just looking at all your pictures! and the snow is BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy it ;)

  7. Your house looks beautiful! And with all those goodies baking, I bet it smelled beautiful inside, too.

    LOVE the cake balls. They turned out great!!

  8. what a perfect Christmas-y house! and your kids are some seriously artistic cookie decorators. my little guy licked them all b/f we baked them, lol.


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