Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wed, Ramblings!

I got KENNY CHESNEY tickets! I am soooo EXCITED! the show is at Qwest Field June 24th! Gates open at 2:30pm, the show starts at 4:30pm it is gonna be soooo FUN!! I love everyone that is in the show!!! Then we see Tim and Faith in Aug.! WAHOOO!! Gonna be a concerty summer for us!!!! Now to find someone for July~ Keith Urban purhaps! ha ha!! A girl can dream! :)

Did a layout today, not sure if the scanning is as clear as my others so I need to compare and have Steve look at that, it is a new scanner so I HOPE it is not broke!!!!

Well I am off to the treadmill!!! JOY OF JOYS!!! NOT! :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Where does the time GO??

I cant believe it is wed. already! We have been so busy this week!! The pinewood derby went really well, Justin was so happy he finished 3rd in his group, and got to go to the finals.. I have photos to share but have yet to resize them to do that! Hopefully this weekend!! We have to get his science fair project finished up by tomorrow!!!! then I think we are going to slow down a bit! I hope so anyway!
I got to do some scrapbooking on sunday!!! I am going to share those if the blog lets me! I cant get them uploaded on our family blog! So I am giving it a try here!!!!

So lets see if this works!!!! Ok it is working here! YEAH!! A couple more to share!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006


I am sooo HAPPY it is friday!! I am ready for the weekend!! Didnt get as much done as I hoped this week around the house! but I got lots of scrappen done!!! and a couple cards! :) You can view them here

they are taken using the digital camera so they arent very clear, like when I scan! But you get the basic idea!!!! I am so excited to have so many done from our trip! only about 10 more layouts and the trip will be SCRAPPED!! Then only 3 previous disney trips to scrap! LOL!! I am so behind! But the FUN I am having trying to catch up!

Tonite my guys are getting their pinewood derby car weighted in! Justin is very excited! It is soooo COOL ~ I will share photos tomorrow!! I hope he does WELL in the race!

That is about it for now! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Monday! What a BEAUTIFUL couple days we have had!! WOWY!! I am ready for spring! No more snow PLEASE!!!! :)

We had a fun weekend, went to some friends on sat. the girls scrapped and the boys took the kiddos out for some FUN!! I didnt finish my stuff yet, but when I do I will share! :)

I did make up a card today! It was for a challenge, perfect timing as I had to make my mom a thank you card!!! :) gonna share that! I think it turned out so cute! I am ADDICTED to these silk flowers! Like I needed another addiction!!!

Well I am off to figure out some dinner ~ Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday Morning!!

Ok I am still trying to get the hang of this blog thing!! :) We are going to get rid of the homepage and just have a blog, so I need to work on keeping it updated!! :)

Yesterday we had CRAZY weather! Sunny all day! (loved it!) rain and thunder about 4pm, HUGE hail ball storm at 6pm, then SNOW!! Steve took the kiddos out about 7:30 pm to play in it! I of course followed with the camera! :) I have a couple photos to share! Amanda was so excited to get to use her new sled!! (best $2.50 we ever spent at Target!!)I cant wait to see the photos printed up, I hope they look as cute as in my vision!! ;)

That is about it for the moment! off to visit some friends and SCRAP today! YEAH!!
Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

3rd blogs a charm!

Ok now I am thinking I can get into this blog stuff!!! :) Once I get it all figured out you will all be tired of me!!! LOL!!!!

Another LO I did today of my daughter and niece!

I think you have heard enough from me today! Now to remember to link my blog and USE it! :)

Have a GREAT day!

Testing sharing of Photos!

Ok lets see if I can do this right! :)

A LO I did today!

Looks like it may work!!! :)

My FIRST blog!!

March 7, 2006

My very first blog! LOL!! Not sure what to talk about! Seems funny to write to myself!!

Kiddos had no school today!
I got to SCRAP! finished up 3 layouts! Want to do more but should clean up the house! (that doesnt sound like much fun now does it! )

Not sure how to post LOs here but as soon as I figure it out I will! :)

Ok 1 st blog offically written! ;)
I am off!!!!