Thursday, February 28, 2008

Long Time No Blog!

Well I am WAY behind in blogging! Just a bit crazy around here, lots on my plate and on my mind! and NO creative juices to even scrap something~ or create something! SIGH! Well nothing I like anyway! I need to get past this, I have LOTS to use , because there is LOTS more I want! (shhhh dont tell Steve that part! LOL!!)

So this was my week to host the challenge at scrappersXchange it is a fairly simple one, pop on over if you have time and take a peek!! You could win the drawing for a prize!!! :) The layout I shared here is my take on the challenge!! You can see the sketch and details over at scrappersXchange!!! :)

Oh today is my Aunt Nancys birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTZY NANCY!!!! :) She is gonna go to VEGAS with us! I so cant wait!! Have I mentioned that trip yet! Steve, the kiddos, mom, and aunt Nancy and of course ME! are all going to celebrate my BIRTHDAY!!!! (and going on the record no matter WHAT anyone says it is my 30th! You got that! LOL!!!! I so dont want to be 40! so I am gonna turn back the clock to 30 for a few years! I can do that right! :) ) anyway! We leave April 4-9th! I cant WAIT!!!!!!

That really is about all I got!!!! Thanks I am off to do some cleaning while I WAIT for the washing machine repair person... DARN machine breaks at least once a year, we are so getting new ones next year and NOT this brand.. they are only 5 years old and the machine has been worked on at least 8 times! CRAZY I tell ya! BUT it is all under our service contract so it is free! PHEW!

Ok I am off! Have a GREAT day!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Red Velvet LOVE! :)

YUMMY! We made red velvet cake for the 2nd year in a row! (it is now a tradition offically! LOL!) I couldnt find my 4 small heart pans?? I only found 1! HMMM I wonder if my helpers played with them, and left them somewhere, when you find spoons and Tupperware bowls in the garage it is a high possibility here at our house! :) ANYWAY! this year my mom gave me the CUTEST little mini heart cake pans (cupcake size!) so I used those, and my mini muffin pan, plus the one heart pan I found! It worked perfect! We have LOTS left over and I ate less! All of that is a GOOD thing! :)
After dinner and red velvet, we watched a movie! It was a FUN night!! I got LOTS and I mean LOTS of photos! Just sharing a few in the above slide show! I cant wait to get them all printed up and scrapped!!! :) I have some FABO. Valentine papers I bought.. now just to DECIDE which ones to use! That is the good thing about being YEARS behind.. I have plenty of photos to use them for! :)

The kiddos are on mid-winter break! YEAH ~ there is gonna be no hustle and bustle to get out the door on time for the next 4 days! I love that!!! I even got to sleep in til 8am today! Which is GOOD for me! :)

So do you have webkinz in your house?? I have a confession to make... I am ADDICTED to the cash cow games! I play everyday....:) Justin wants a webkinz... so then I will have to play for both kids... hee hee! :) Today Amanda came down and wanted the computer, UM NO! this is moms time and I need to play MY game before she goes on! that is soooo BAD!!!! :) but it is just to fun to stop! LOL!!! I hope they have that game in VEGAS when we go in April!! :) I will kick ASH at it!!! HA HA!!!!

Well that is all I got! HAPPY FRIDAY!!! It is supposed to be fairly decent weather this weekend here in WA. state... in the 50s WARM for this time of year! :), I hope it is I feel like a PICNIC..... :)
Thanks for stopping by~ have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hearts Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!! :)

Hope your all having a GREAT day!!! Ours has been busy busy!! School today had grandparents day this morning, so I helped there, then I snuck the kiddos out of school at 11am to have lunch with Tutu (my mom!) , now I am off to the parties at school!!! :) Then coming home to clean, and the kiddos and I are making a FANCY dinner and dessert for us all! Steve hopefully will sneak out a bit early... I want that RED VELVET CAKE YUM!!!!

Just a quick couple photos to share! My favorite VALENTINES! and one of them with the teacher gifts!!! The little cute package idea came from Angie at 2SCDs for their Dec. crop... I loved them! I had hoped to let the kiddos make them but we were a bit behind last night with homework and finishing valentines, and Amanda wasnt feeling so well so I put them together! the kiddos made the cards! Luckily my girl was all well today, she didnt want to miss the FUN today!! YEAH!!!

Ok I must run to the school! I PROMISE to have more photos to share! A fun one of the kiddos I got today and of COURSE are YUMMY red velvet cake!
Have a WONDERFUL day!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some stuff to share!

Hello! I just wanted to share a few things today!!!! This is what I did with the kit from my friend Vivs store scrappersXchange if you have time take a peek in her gallery there is some beautiful work, and some FUN challenges... be sure to join the gallery so you can share YOUR work, and join in the FUN and possibly win a GREAT RAK!!!

About the goodies I shared! That LO, and Card are my first hybrid! YEAH! I am pleased! The LO, is done with one of my fav. photos of the kiddos at the moment! (I change alot! LOL!) the card is just one version I made up for Valentines Day! The others are just a bit different, I will share when I get them scanned! I have a VISION for mine! Yep I make myself cards too! :) The cute box is just a paper mache box I covered....

Today I am jam packed, need to get stuff finished up for Valentines Day, and go to the school to do Raven Racers! plus CLEAN the house, and get all the laundry put
away, and I STILL need to get a card or 2 made! :) I will do it! I WILL!!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Monday!

Ok so I know you were all just in such SUSPENSE all weekend werent ya! LOL!! so my news is this, and REMEMBER it is not probably that big of deal to anyone but ME! LOL! Ok on with it!!! So this new little place I like to visit Itty Bitty Scrap Shack has a new thing~ they are spotlighting a member a month and WHO did they pick as the FIRST ONE! Yep ME!!!! I was so EXCITED!!! I have never been picked for anything like that, so it made my whole week when I got the email asking if I would do it! HELLO! YES!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! and Tiffany (the owner of IBSS) made a blinkie just for me! Ok it will be for all the spotlite members, but for the moment it is just me! :) So that is the 1st thing..

The second has to do with that YUMMY photo I shared! My friend Viv at ScrappersXchange asked me to do some stuff with that part of the kit (it is really about 3 times that big, I know because I subscribe to it! LOL!) but this part of the kit she asked me to work with, I am so honored, she has a FAB. Design team there and I am excited to be a part of some of the kit for this month! PLUS I will be doing some challenges for her at the gallery pop on in, my friend Em has some fun challenges this month!! Pop on in and PLAY! You can win a GREAT RAK!!! :)

So there ya have it! My FUN news! I am off now to get some stuff done with that kit since I PROMISED I would do that today! I have some ideas so I HOPE they come out on paper like they are in my head! :)

Have a GREAT day~ THANKS for stopping by!!!!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Friday!

Happy FRIDAY!! :) Hope you had a GREAT week!!

I have been having some FUN with all my digital scrappen stuff I have!Between, my books, a video clip I found and a good friend Sharon I was able to get some of the basics down, enough to use some of the goodies I have!! and now a MONSTER has been RELEASED! :) all from the enter key! (that was where I was stuck! NO MORE!) this is a photo I took yesterday~ the kiddos were so GOOD! I wanted to get some Valentine card photos, and hello they just were FABULOUS and did everything and I asked and MORE!! They had their own ideas, and I ended up getting 25 photos, all I wanted was 8, but I am NOT gonna turn them down when they want to ham it up and have FUN for me! :)

I have some fun scrappen things coming up!! I need to get working on some projects! By monday I can share it all! :) Oh so secretive, not super big news, but I was HAPPY to be asked!!! :)

So we have a busy busy weekend planned! but it will be fun! I think the last of our free weekends was last weekend! (SHHH Dont tell Steve or the kids! we are busy! LOL!)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

2 Posts in TWO days!!

Well this must be a record for me! 2 posts in 2 days! I had to share, my friend Sharon was such a BIG help in me figuring out all this PSE and digi stuff! (THANKS Sharon!) She has a CUTE kit and Challenge at A Peek Into Yesterday you should check it out!! I have lots to learn, and the LO is pretty simple BUT I am so EXCITED to be able to do some fun things now to the photos, and hybrid scrap them!!! I have to much FUN stuff up in my room to go all digi, but I can go hybrid!!! A monster has been CREATED I am afraid! The BEST part of all this fun stuff, no MESS! My floor doesnt get another thing added it just stays here on my computer!! :)
Hope your having a GREAT week~ I am off to finish up my cleaning, then off to the school to run/walk laps with the kids are recess!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Layouts to share!

I have been on a scrappy roll! and I am LOVING it, at this rate I will be caught up by the time I am 95! LOL!!! :)

The Escape layout was for a sketch challenge I do from My Sketch World
a place I do sketch challenges once a month, or at least try to! :)

The Amazing layout was for an eyelet challenge at Itty Bitty Scrap Shack the real challenge was for a card, OH NO! I didnt read carefully enough I guess!!! :) I loved these photos of Amanda they were from a boating trip last summer! She was a mess, but so DARN CUTE!!! I really like how the swirls and bling look coming from the flower... that will appear on a Layout again! LOL!!!

So all is well on the home front! Amanda is back to school! (thank you for the well wishes!) she is very glad~ she missed her friends! I ENJOYED having her home for the few days!!!

Lots to do this week, but still hoping to sneak in some more scrappy time! I just cant stop the mojo from wanting to pour out on to paper!!! I gotta take advantage of that!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! have a GREAT day!!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Feb. 1st!!!!!

Happy February!! Almost VALENTINES day!! I cant wait!!! Need to figure out my valentines, and work on a box for Justin! Amandas is done!! Also need to get our red food coloring for the RED velvet cake! YUMMY!!!!!

All is well here in the chicken pox house! :) Amanda feels GREAT! She has been playing our new Wii game, "Cooking with Mama" she just LOVES this! It is pretty fun, UNLESS you gotta cook fish, GROSS you gotta skin them and chop off the head! ICKY! She or I cant really do this to well~ even FAKE, it GROSSES us out!! :)

I got in some scrappy time! YEAH!!! Over at Itty Bitty Scrap Shak they had a CS challenge, do a layout using NO patterned paper! Here is my take on it, Amanda made these CUTE cupcakes over the summer! (I need to add the date so I dont forget!!!)

I hope to scrap some today, and this weekend! We cant really go anywhere with Amanda still sick, and hello like Steve would want to do something on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! LOL!! fine with me I will have my own Scrapbook Bowl! :)

So my goals this month are TWENTY 2 pages layouts! I would LOVE to get them done and stick to the STASH DIET my friends Amy and Jen. are doing! I didnt make it last time! But there is sooo much stuff coming out I must OWN! (shhh dont tell Steve!) so I really want to get lots done! I have some projects to make for Valentines Day too~ so I figure if I do those, some cards, and 20 2 pagers that will be VERY GOOD! :)

Time to wake the kiddos! Happy FRIDAY!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!