Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some stuff to share!

Hello! I just wanted to share a few things today!!!! This is what I did with the kit from my friend Vivs store scrappersXchange if you have time take a peek in her gallery there is some beautiful work, and some FUN challenges... be sure to join the gallery so you can share YOUR work, and join in the FUN and possibly win a GREAT RAK!!!

About the goodies I shared! That LO, and Card are my first hybrid! YEAH! I am pleased! The LO, is done with one of my fav. photos of the kiddos at the moment! (I change alot! LOL!) the card is just one version I made up for Valentines Day! The others are just a bit different, I will share when I get them scanned! I have a VISION for mine! Yep I make myself cards too! :) The cute box is just a paper mache box I covered....

Today I am jam packed, need to get stuff finished up for Valentines Day, and go to the school to do Raven Racers! plus CLEAN the house, and get all the laundry put
away, and I STILL need to get a card or 2 made! :) I will do it! I WILL!!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!!
Happy Holidays!!!