Thursday, February 28, 2008

Long Time No Blog!

Well I am WAY behind in blogging! Just a bit crazy around here, lots on my plate and on my mind! and NO creative juices to even scrap something~ or create something! SIGH! Well nothing I like anyway! I need to get past this, I have LOTS to use , because there is LOTS more I want! (shhhh dont tell Steve that part! LOL!!)

So this was my week to host the challenge at scrappersXchange it is a fairly simple one, pop on over if you have time and take a peek!! You could win the drawing for a prize!!! :) The layout I shared here is my take on the challenge!! You can see the sketch and details over at scrappersXchange!!! :)

Oh today is my Aunt Nancys birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTZY NANCY!!!! :) She is gonna go to VEGAS with us! I so cant wait!! Have I mentioned that trip yet! Steve, the kiddos, mom, and aunt Nancy and of course ME! are all going to celebrate my BIRTHDAY!!!! (and going on the record no matter WHAT anyone says it is my 30th! You got that! LOL!!!! I so dont want to be 40! so I am gonna turn back the clock to 30 for a few years! I can do that right! :) ) anyway! We leave April 4-9th! I cant WAIT!!!!!!

That really is about all I got!!!! Thanks I am off to do some cleaning while I WAIT for the washing machine repair person... DARN machine breaks at least once a year, we are so getting new ones next year and NOT this brand.. they are only 5 years old and the machine has been worked on at least 8 times! CRAZY I tell ya! BUT it is all under our service contract so it is free! PHEW!

Ok I am off! Have a GREAT day!!!


  1. Awesome page, Beth! Good luck with waiting on the repairman. I hate that! FYI I have "tagged" you in a game of blog tag. Check out my blog for details :)

  2. You can be 30 for as long as you want Miss Beth!!! Your Vegas trip is going to ROCK!!!

    Like Sharon we also tagged ya!

    xo Jen and Amy

  3. That is one of my most favorite layouts of yours Beth! I'm going to pop over to see your challenge...


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