Friday, October 31, 2008


Wishing you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Have a FUN and SAFE night!!
Will be back later with photos of HANNAH and the POLICEMAN! :)
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One PROUD mom...

We made signs for Justins campaign yesterday! got them UP today! Election is next week! GOOD LUCK Justin! I LOVE YOU!

Off to get some things finished and ready to mail!
Have a GREAT day!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy SUNNY Monday!! (ok for us it is sunny!!)

Had such a FUN weekend!! Have LOTS to share today too!! So consider that a warning! Better get a drink and cozy on in.. your gonna be sitting a bit! HA HA!! :)
Gonna start with some LOs I got finished up to earn my Crop Charm are Moments2Remember
This one is from my photo shoot in the leaves a couple weeks ago!!! I didnt put to much on this one I wanted it to be all about the photos! IRL there is lots of inking on the edges I dont think you can see it in the scan! :)

and then there is this one of my sweeties and sweetie pie niece!! It is so cute the kids are ALWAYS hugging each other and giving out kisses when we get to see Buggy!! These are from our cousins wedding last month!!!

Remember my SIL Kimmie shared some CUTE buckets she made! I LOVED that idea.. bought the buckets and didnt do them! SIGH!! BUT I did make up this cutie pie one for my mom yesterday.. NOW if I had more time I would have put some glitter around its face.. this I thought of as I looked at the photo today! But I really like how it turned out.. I tied all that ribbon while driving the hour to her city yesterday! It really only took 30 minutes of that time! I think I have found a new place to create... in the car! HA HA!!! Filled it up with some treats and TA DA! a fun Halloween goodie!! I am going to get some more buckets done this week!! :) I better hurry! HA HA!!!

Saturday we carved our pumpkins! Now if you all know anything about my kids and hubby this is THEIR THING! They go all out! Me I wing it, take 20 minutes then take LOTS of photos! We stared carving a bit before 4pm.. and Steve finished at 8pm! We did take a dinner break but still! I cant help the kids.. because according to Amanda last year.. that isnt my thing.. it is dads.. so he helps them.. then works on his.. I cant WAIT to share the photos in a LO of him working on it! :) anyway.. I did up this quick digi kit AGAIN using the kit from Just So Scrappy (Side note I see she has a new kit.. I gotta get that one too! LOL!! I am so addicted!! if only I knew what I was really doing! LOL!!)
Ok on with this show.. here are the pumpkins finished! :)

Also on saturday we went to the festival of pumpkins down in Snohomish.. it was near Amandas soccer game (YEAH they won!) and we have never been so I asked Steve if we could stop.. from the sounds of it ~ it really sounded BIG.. um NO! but it was cute, and the kids had fun... they had a pet and owner costume show.. we didnt stay for it, but I did get this photo... they dressed up their Llamas... It was the funniest thing....

Now isnt that to FUNNY!! hee hee!!!

Ok I am almost done! If you have made it this far THANK YOU!!! :)
Tonite we are going to be busy at the Johnson house making campaign posters.. Our Justin is gonna RUN for class president! How COOL is that!!! I am so PROUD of him win or lose!!! So I must get busy and head to Micheals for some supplies hee hee!!!
They are on half days all this week so I really need to get my stuff done EARLY..
But FIRST I must peek at Pioneer Women Cooks my buddy Mel says she has some YUMMY stuff today!! She is sharing LOTS of good Thanksgiving recipes.. I may have to redo my whole menu! LOL!!
Have a GREAT day! and THANKS for stopping by, and getting all the way to the end of this LONG post! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Thursday! :)

Where oh where has the week gone?!!! If you know please let me know I need some of it back! LOL!!! :)

So I have been creating a bit this week! :) I found a blog that sells DARLING digi kits, for only $1.50 you get TONS and TONS in them! So I bought I think 7 of them or 8! How can you beat that! and the gal Katie is just so NICE!!! Here is the link.. take a peek if you have some time!..
I did a couple projects using This Halloween Kit! Isnt that fun...Here is what I did! The little pails were for the kiddos and our friends for a Halloween Treat! I printed the tags on transparency's, punched them out, and embellied with ribbon ~ I stuffed some tissue paper in them, but first I edged it with green glitter glue.. I LOVE this look.. and will do it again.. of course it takes longer to dry then I thought, I had to glue gun it! LOL!!

Next I have been working on some challenges at Moments-2-Remember I REALLY wanted to earn the cute fall crop charm.. but I dont think I am gonna get it all done by tomorrow! SIGH! BUT I got some fun things done this week anyway!!!!
1st is this BOO sign.. again using the digi kit again for the spider web and spidey on the B!
I used LOTS of glitter on the letters! :) then covered all 3 with a transparency and stitched.. added some cute Halloween goodies and ribbon and VIOLA! Done!!!
Next I did these 2 layouts for challenges! These photos were taken on our visit to Bellingham last month!!

and finally I have this one I did today... also from that same trip to Bellingham but from the Leaves photo shoot I did! I am working on the others.. but am at a point of UNSURE what I want to do.. I want it all about the photos... so I dont want to over do it! I have stepped away! (which is gonna cost me the charm.. BUT I want it to be perfect!! :) - so I will wait!) ANYWAY... here is the one I did get done using a sketch challenge posted by my friend Zoa

Oh I am LOVING my new punch I got from Stampen Up, I used it here.. the one that makes the paper look like I tore it out of a notebook! OH MY! Gonna see that alot! LOL!! Also lots of glimmer mist on that paper.. loving that again!!!

Ok both kids want the computer, we need to clean, AND soccer tonite.. I had better say good bye! Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!

Well I think that is all I have to share today!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Sunday!

What a BLOGGER I have been! 3 posts this week! hee hee!!!

Today we had such a FUN FUN day! We met Larry,Kimmie, and Buggy at the pumpkin patch today!! It was a new one for us all! It was called.....Hunters Christmas Trees! BUT it is also a SUPER CUTE pumpkin patch before that! (and hey I did find some FAB. trees... hmmmm...) it was decorated so fun and festive.... I couldnt stop taking photos!! :) I am so excited to get them printed and scrapped up!! I am going to share a few.. or 20 in the slide show!!

Trying a new style slideshow.. what do you think??!! I thought it was kind of cool.. probably shows the photos slower... but it looked fun! A little variety is good right! LOL!!

Tomorrow the kiddos have no school!! YEAH!!! We are going to some friends tomorrow for a playdate!! I hope to get some creative time in this week! I have some projects to finish up!!!

Off to get dinner served! Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT night!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Yeah 2 posts in 2 days! I am getting better as I type! HA HA!!
Ok so I have 20 minutes until I go BACK to the school for my second round of Raven Racers... Now I should be cleaning more since it is my month for BUNCO on friday! (YEAH super duper EXCITED!) but I am here instead! HA HA! :)

So first things first ONE MONTH ago, my sweet friend Mara (I LOVE her blog!) gave me THIS!

THANKS Mara.... and I was SUPPOSED to do this... when I got it.. well I am a bit behind in life so I am doing it NOW!
Here is what I do-
1. Pick 7 of your favorite blogs (that's hard there are tons!)
2. Winners can put the logo on their blog.
3. Link the person who gave your award to your blog.
4. Name the 7 that you are giving the award to with their links.
5. Leave a message on their blogs so that they know they've won!

Mara picked some of my top 7, like Joni, Mel and Zoa so while those girls KNOW I LOVE them, and their blogs.. I am gonna pass on love to 7 more, and TRUST me I could pass it on to 700 MORE! (but dont tell Steve he may think I am online wayyy to much! LOL!)
Ok on with the show!
#1- Kimmie my SWEET and so FUN Sister In Law... Mom to my sweetie pie niece, married to my MUCH OLDER brother! Ok I am lying but you cant blame a girl for trying! HE is only a little older! OK OK! I am older! LOL!! I wont admit it! :) back to Kimmie :) She is one TALENTED CREATIVE girl and I LOVE her work! Digital, Paper, Altered, have you seen my WITCH! (oh I LOVE that!)
#2-Emelyn This is my sweet friend Emelyn! Her work is AMAZING.. so is her FAMILY! I was lucky enough to meet them in Seattle a couple years ago, I owe them lunch!! and I need to meet her sweet Joey.. he wasnt yet here in person when we met!!!
#3-Jennifer and Amy These are 2 other friends I FOUND online! :) they have such a GREAT friendship, I love to read when they are able to get together, makes you feel like your there with them! They both help run with Jan this FUN site
#4-Becky Higgins I just LOVE her style, ever since I first started scrappen! and she has some YUMMY recipes to share too! :)
#5-Jennifer McGuire
Again I LOVE her style, from the moment I saw her!! She is always showing us FUN ideas and helping me SPEND money! Like I NEED any help!!
#6-Got Sketch Oh I LOVE Valeries Sketches, took both her sketch classes, couldnt even PLAY but wanted the sketches! LOL!!
#7-The Pioneer Women Cooks I LOVE this NON SCRAPPEN site! Everything I have made has been WONDERFUL! her blog posts make me LOL!!! and she takes AMAZING photos! :)

there ya have it a few of my 7 favorite blogs! :) Now I did get some scrappen done! I HOPED for more but you know how that goes, time RUNS faster then me! LOL!!
Here they are!

This is Amanda playing in her leaves! LOL! she is so funny! The bag is in our garage... since we dont have many trees she rakes them and SAFES them! LOL!!
The stitched title was for a challenge at Moments-2-Remember it was to hand stitch it! I stitched the word leaves! I like how it turned out.. it took only about 30 minutes.. I will try it again!!
Then there was this one! The kiddos at the wedding we went to last month! I BELIEVE my mom got the photos... I was busy off somewhere! She had my camera with Kimmie and the kids! Thought they were super cute! So I whipped up a 1 pager! I am ALLOWING myself to do those now! I used to think everyone had to be 2 pages.. well all that thinking has done is got me 10 years BEHIND! So I am trying to just scrap and not WORRY! :) Easier said then done!! LOL!

Ok I am off to get the kiddos... Yeah I had to take a break to run then have lunch NOW I am finished with the blog post just in time for school to be out!!

I will be back monday with HOPEFULLY some fun layouts to share I want to TRY to scrap at the M2R Fall Crop saturday! Come on over if you have time~ it is a SUPER fun place!! Tell them I sent ya! LOL!!
Sunday we are off to the pumpkin patch gonna Meet Larry, Kimmie, and Buggy! YEAH!!
THANKS for stopping by! Have a GREAT rest of the week!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Monday (again!)

Well I always have BIG plans to get in more then ONE update a week! Not happening yet is it! LOL!!!

We have been so busy! Had a really nice weekend! PERFECT fall days in my opinion! Sunny, cool... Love those!!!

Saturday Amanda had her soccer game!! We had to leave at 8am to be there by 8:45am for her game at 9.. oh my gosh a bit early for me.. but the drive was AMAZING! I wish I could have stopped and taken photos all along the way.. it was out in Arlington.. which is pretty much farming land... and the sun was out, with a fog that just rolled across the land, and surrounded the houses and trees in a way I cant even describe to you... it was so pretty! (DANG I should have gotten photos!)

I did find this CUTE CUTE CUTE little family pumpkin patch farm stand place, I had to stop and get photos! THANKS Steve... the first few photos are from that little stop ... then Sunday we were off to the Fall Festival at the Bothell Country Village we go every year, the kids paint pumpkins, get kettle corn, ride the little train.. (OH forgot to add that photo.. sigh.. I guess you will have to wait for the LO! LOL!!) I shop, get flowers! HA HA! Steve carries it all! :) hee hee! It was fun!!

Sharing some photos! Both days in one slide show! :) Gonna scrap this week! Well tomorrow! I will share when I finish!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT week!!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Monday!

Good Monday Morning!!! :)

So we had a FUN FULL weekend!!! Saturday of course I posted, cookies, cleaning, soccer! (they lost! SIGH!!!!).. Sunday we went to Bellingham to see Jeremy (my cousin who had surgery on his leg AGAIN! he is doing GREAT and got out yesterday!) He and his mom Nancy are both relaxing at my moms house! :) Got to visit with everyone, our good friends came over too! it was nice to see them!! I got a CUTE photo of the kiddos but need to CLEAR it with Deanna it is ok to share! I think it is.. but I am gonna make you wait! LOL!! :)

So over at Moments 2 Remember there is a photo a day challenge using a word! Oct. 1st was "Spontaneous"
I remember WAY BACK WHEN.. I used to be spontaneous... now with life, age, kids, LOL! it seems I am not... so as we were driving home yesterday- I did something SPONTANEOUS!! When your heading to our friends house there is a BEAUTIFUL area full of trees, in the fall they are just STUNNING.. I have always and I mean ALWAYS... (ok for the last 7 years!) wanted to stop.. never have.. so yesterday I DID! I got some GREAT photos of the kids! and when we were done I said THANK YOU!!.. Amanda then said NO MOM>.... THANK YOU!!! hee hee! She loves to play in the leaves and we dont have many here... so it was a GREAT moment for us all!!!
Here is one I added a fall frame to, then a slide shoe of 10 more!! :) I have a few others but you gotta wait for the layout! HA HA!!! :)

and here is the slide show-

I am so gonna print these up this week, and SCRAP them.....

I also finished up my altering of the container I showed in the post below... this was the whip cream container, not the bucket! I bet you could have figured that out! HA HA!!! I think next time I may paint them and do less paper, since the bottom tapers it was hard to keep the paper straight at the bottom.. but I think I hid it pretty well... and it was full of cookies for my mom! I am sure she didnt mind, and I KNOW my brother never even looked at it, other then inside to find the cookies! :)

I also worked on these CUTE little treat containers! I got the smaller MM containers, but what I didnt do... thought about it.. but didnt do it! Was WASH them out first! Oh my! Luckily I only did one... but they stick.... I didnt want the candy to be GROSS! LOL!! so I am washing them today! and I need to figure out a way to adhere my cute embellie my glue ran and messed it up.. darn glue! HA HA!!! :)
So today I want to work on that, clean, do laundry, and scrap.. hmm think I can do it all!! :) I hope so.. I am gonna begin working in my scrappy room... I am scrappen in the hall now! I am SURE STEVE loves that! NOT..... :)

Well if you have made it this far in my novel of a post! THANKS! If not.. that is ok too! But then you wont see this cuz your not all the way down here! :)
Have a GREAT day.... off to create..oh I mean clean! :)

Saturday, October 04, 2008


that is World Card Making Day!! LOL!!! So are you creating today?? I am... Amanda and I are making some COOKIES.. and I am going to alter a container to put them in!
I also need to make a couple cards! :) it is card making day after all! LOL!! I would need to make them anyway.. but it is twice as fun to do it today! :)

So I have some photos to share! First a card..

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that Basicgrey Mellow.. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it in the 6 X 6 paper pad which I used for this card...the colors are just perfect for FALL!

and now 2 more photos! These are before photos! :) I will have one after photo today.. and maybe 2, but for sure 1! Now for the big buckets I am soooo going to SHAMELESSLY lift this CUTE idea by Kimmie! I just love it! I am going to have the kiddos deliver them to our neighbors... I have 2 picked! :)
Here is before! Got these are target in the dollar spot, BUT they were $2.50./.. shouldnt that be the $2.50 spot! HA HA!!! I also got the cutie pie little buckets there too! Those were in the dollar section! LOL!! I am gonna alter them too!

I have so many altering ideas for Halloween! My friend Mara and I decided that EVERYONE is gonna get a Halloween treat this year! :) and hey you better like it or your gonna get a TRICK played on ya... Justin and Amanda have some good ones! :) Seriously I have some cute ideas brewing I HOPE I get them all done! Hey I always got next year! :)

And then I have this before! I am TRYING to alter things that would other wise end up in our land fill, or recycling.. but I figure the more I save the better for our mother earth! (arent you proud of me Mara! :) ) For holidays I plan to alter boxes.. and containers for gifts.. I have so many things in my scrappy room.. I gotta use them! (arent you proud of me Steve.. he doesnt believe me anyway! LOL!!!)

So there you have it... cookies are baking!! and I am ready to ALTER! Then we are off to the craft store... lunch and Amandas soccer game... Oh I hope she scores a goal today.. I will have my camera ready!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT saturday!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy October!

I cant BELIEVE it is OCTOBER already!! Time is just flying by!!!! We have had such BEAUTIFUL weather the last couple weeks.. almost summer weather! LOL!! I love those days when the sun is out and it is cool, and crispy... ok so it has been more warm then crispy! BUT it is still lovely and I LOVE to see all the colors changing... dont tell the kids this but a PHOTO SHOOT is coming in their very NEAR future... shhhhh!! LOL!!! :)

We had a SUPER fun weekend last weekend!!! It started with the wedding friday FUN.... and did I say FUN!!! :) It was BEAUTIFUL! they got married at the Villa out on the deck overlooking the water at about 5pm.. it was so pretty! (I have photos but need to get it ok'd to share them... I think she will say yes but you know I dont want to just ASSUME!!! they are in Hawaii so I will know next week! OK on with the show! ) then on to the reception we went.. to eat and dance the night away... or at least until 10pm.. which is dancing the night away for my kids! :) I do have some photos of us! at the Villa, me and Allybug (we do this all the time..take photos and show her! hee hee!, the kids and Allybug (thanks Mom I believe took the 3 kiddos photos!)! and one of the cake.. that cake was sooo GOOD!!! I love their topper if you look close you can see the bride dragging the groom! LOL!!!

After that FUN filled night.. we met Steves parents, brother and SIL, and kids for breakfast.. then home... where we got to watch ALLYBUG! YEAH!!! Larry and Kimmie (if you have time peek at the CUTE fall decoration she shared.. I gotta make that! :) )went to the Husky game... so we got to entertain buggy! or shall I say she entertained US! She is so darn cute, and oh my on the GOOOOOO!!!!!! hee hee! that was my workout.. bug running! We had fun... we played outside, played the Wii...BOOGIE! Notice the photo of her with the cookie and the Mike! OH YEAH.. ROCK ON GIRL!! the photo of all three of them is Justin singing to Brick House (that is her moms dance song! so she was dancing!) and Amanda moving the controls... the next photos of sunday when we were looking for a recipe for cookies..she wanted to look too... the first is her looking the second is her when she realized Auntie was taking photos! HA HA!!
It was a GREAT weekend!!! THANKS for the FUN!!! I decided to do these photos in slide form too~ that way they arent all messed up from my writing... I worry about these things! HA HA!!!

Now I have some laundry and errands to do!! Thanks for stopping by!! Have a GREAT rest of your week!! (hoping for some MORE sun here... yikes we want to pick apples on friday!!!)
Bye bye!!!