Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Monday!

Good Monday Morning!!! :)

So we had a FUN FULL weekend!!! Saturday of course I posted, cookies, cleaning, soccer! (they lost! SIGH!!!!).. Sunday we went to Bellingham to see Jeremy (my cousin who had surgery on his leg AGAIN! he is doing GREAT and got out yesterday!) He and his mom Nancy are both relaxing at my moms house! :) Got to visit with everyone, our good friends came over too! it was nice to see them!! I got a CUTE photo of the kiddos but need to CLEAR it with Deanna it is ok to share! I think it is.. but I am gonna make you wait! LOL!! :)

So over at Moments 2 Remember there is a photo a day challenge using a word! Oct. 1st was "Spontaneous"
I remember WAY BACK WHEN.. I used to be spontaneous... now with life, age, kids, LOL! it seems I am not... so as we were driving home yesterday- I did something SPONTANEOUS!! When your heading to our friends house there is a BEAUTIFUL area full of trees, in the fall they are just STUNNING.. I have always and I mean ALWAYS... (ok for the last 7 years!) wanted to stop.. never have.. so yesterday I DID! I got some GREAT photos of the kids! and when we were done I said THANK YOU!!.. Amanda then said NO MOM>.... THANK YOU!!! hee hee! She loves to play in the leaves and we dont have many here... so it was a GREAT moment for us all!!!
Here is one I added a fall frame to, then a slide shoe of 10 more!! :) I have a few others but you gotta wait for the layout! HA HA!!! :)

and here is the slide show-

I am so gonna print these up this week, and SCRAP them.....

I also finished up my altering of the container I showed in the post below... this was the whip cream container, not the bucket! I bet you could have figured that out! HA HA!!! I think next time I may paint them and do less paper, since the bottom tapers it was hard to keep the paper straight at the bottom.. but I think I hid it pretty well... and it was full of cookies for my mom! I am sure she didnt mind, and I KNOW my brother never even looked at it, other then inside to find the cookies! :)

I also worked on these CUTE little treat containers! I got the smaller MM containers, but what I didnt do... thought about it.. but didnt do it! Was WASH them out first! Oh my! Luckily I only did one... but they stick.... I didnt want the candy to be GROSS! LOL!! so I am washing them today! and I need to figure out a way to adhere my cute embellie my glue ran and messed it up.. darn glue! HA HA!!! :)
So today I want to work on that, clean, do laundry, and scrap.. hmm think I can do it all!! :) I hope so.. I am gonna begin working in my scrappy room... I am scrappen in the hall now! I am SURE STEVE loves that! NOT..... :)

Well if you have made it this far in my novel of a post! THANKS! If not.. that is ok too! But then you wont see this cuz your not all the way down here! :)
Have a GREAT day.... off to create..oh I mean clean! :)


  1. Hi Bessie May!

    I love the photo's and container! Very sweet. Your friend Mara left a comment on my blog!!!! I feel so joyous that you think enough of my work to share and that people are actually commenting! What site is she from? Good luck with your To-Do list!

  2. very sweet photos!...and that container looks YUMMY, too! Especially filled with cookies!


  3. Hiya Beth!! Sorry I have been neglecting your blog--- I have been neglecting all blogs (even my own) lately!! I love love love your fall pic! awesome!!! and your new banner! cute stuff!! and your container! wow= you are on a roll!!! so I miss ya lots over at 2scd.... I can only guess why you haven't been there... {LOL} but anyway!! Happy Monday my friend! :D :D :D

  4. I love the new look of the blog!!! Your pics of the kiddies and leaves are fantastic, I love that you stopped to take photos!!! And that treat container, so cute. Mother Earth LOVES YOU!!!!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Love the container you have made :o)

    And great Fall photos!

  6. awesome pics beth!! love fall pics and that bucket is too cute cannot wait too see your other goodies.TFS

  7. Beth, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. You have a beautiful family here. So glad you're loving Moments-2-Remember (or the charmed place as I dub it). We love new members, the more the merrier!

  8. Oh my goodness, what awesome and fun pictures on your slide. I love the container too! By the way, the banner rocks. Have a great day!

  9. are ROCKIN' the altering action!! You GO girl!! Love the container and the photos of your sweet kiddos. Man, how do I get my kids to like each other, let alone hold hands and hug!! WTG, have such a sweet family :)

  10. Beth! I love those photos! In your hands they are going to make up into a great looking layout! Have fun scrapping... oh, uhummm... I mean cleaning... LOL!

  11. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Hey Beth! I was just visiting Mara's blog and thought I would pop over to see what you have been up to lately. I miss you and everyone over at IBSS. Sorry I haven't been around there lately. Just busy and doing a lot these days. But I made it on 2 DT's at the same time which was totally unexpected. But I am up for the challenge. So I hope all is well with you and your family. These pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to see what you make with them.


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