Monday, March 30, 2009

No Shares just a


We leave tomorrow morning at 8am.. I will be back late sunday or monday AM with DETAILS! and some shares!! :)
Have a GREAT week.. and dont have to much FUN without me!! OK!!!
Happy Creating!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

She is HERE.....

well I am calling my CUTE BUG a she anyway!! hee hee!! Oh she just landed on my front porch.. isnt she cute...

I am so EXCITED.. I have NOOOO Idea what I am doing.. I have to sit and read the book I think.. I just want to play!!! I can hardly stand it! My family may not see me for the weekend! LOL!!

Here is what I have to play with.. I am bidding on a few at ebay... guess what one of them CAME with my cricut.. YIKES can you all send good LOSE that bidding thoughts.. it is over in 17 hours.. I am not gonna worry about it now.. will just resell I guess if I get it! I hope I dont! HA HA!!!

So anyone out there with a cricut got any other good cartridges I MUST own! :) Do share!!!

Ok I am gonna go play now... I may not be back for days.. oh wait we have a vacation coming up .. I cant be playing that long.. but tonite.. I can!!!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to.......

ME!!! 31 today!! ;) Ok not really but that is what I want to believe!! I sure dont feel **COUGH COUGH** 41! Well maybe today I do my back is bugging me AGAIN! SIGH! BUT most days I feel 31.. so that is what I am going with!! :)

So wanna see how are started my day.. ok by that I mean at midnite EST??

I was one of FOUR lucky winners at the PTI blog hop last night! I LOVE those.. it was my second one.. and the talent that plays along is AMAZING!! (my box is below!) so HOPE I get to play next month... it is on Amandas birthday party day.. so I am not sure.. but we will see.. maybe I can sneak on for a bit! :)

So my day has been FABULOUS so far! Got up opened gifts from Steve and the kiddos! They got me the CRICUT Expressions!!! WAHOOO!!! I had asked for gift cards to get it.. and got them.. AND the machine! so now I get to buy some other cartridges.. I have some I have won off ebay! YEAH! now to WAIT for that little cutie to arrive!! I also got a cookbook and webkinz! :)
Took the kiddos to lunch at one of our old favorite Chinese restaurants... Steve will be home soon and we are gonna go out to the Macaroni Grill... YUM-O then come home for some of this...

Snickers cake my mommy made for me a few days ago! My FAVORITE! she makes it every year for me!! YUMMY!!

I had better go get ready... Thanks for stopping by!!
Have a GREAT rest of your night!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Oh I hope this is gonna post.. I just see there is an outage at 4pm my time and it is 4:20 PST.. lets try!!

It is that time again! It is the...

Our challenge this month was to make a background!! I had a hard time with this.. I liked it, then I didnt, then I started over, then I liked it, then wasnt sure.. is it to loud.. you get the picture! Now on with the show! HA HA!
Here is my paper before- well after I stamped the background!

I used retro backgrouns for this!

Here is what I made! Dont you just LOVE Laurens Timeless Templates this is one of her new ones captured card case.. I have made THREE I love them so much! Only one is here tonite... I love to use the apron lace punch on the sides.. think it adds a little something cute! :)

Side View-

Here is the top view I used the new wishing you set and the 1st mixed messages.. added lots of stickles! Colored my white pearls with a yellow bic sharpie to match the paper! Ribbon and CS are the new Hibiscus Burst!
Top View-

Thanks for stopping by!! I cant WAIT for the blog hop to start.. I had such a GREAT time last month!!
Happy Blog Hoppen! THANKS for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Tuesday!!

I have a SHARE! :) I did Lauren Meaders Sketch Challenge this week!

Here is her sketch- Mytimess28

Here is my take.... I made this for our friends sons birthday.. he said Oh wow.. did you make this! :) That made me happy!! Used more of my cutie pie BG Marrakech 6 X 6 pad on this one! I made the center star by making a template in my OLD OLD school print artist.. mine is #2 version.... Justins is #22.. if that tells you anything! I have had that program longer then I have had Justin and he just turned 12! :) and I still LOVE and use it often!! :)
Ok here ya go.. enough rambling! :)

Ok are ya still with me! hee hee! I have FUN news! Our school auction was on saturday! We won some great things! Amandas soccer registration for $50 (saved $30) a family fun basket.. a wine tasting at our house! and THIS.....

A trip to Cancun.. WAHOOOO we are gonna go probably next year.. since I will NOT take my son at 14 to cancun! ;) 13 will be bad enough! LOL! Now I have 1 year to get myself in the best shape EVER! I want to wear some cute clothes there! :)

That is about all I have! I will be back tomorrow HOPEFULLY with 2 posts! I want to do Dawn Mcveys's color challenge.. it is YUMMY! :) and I WILL be playing in the PTI blog hop tomorrow night!! :) I am gonna be busy creating tomorrow.. so I got LOTS of laundry done today! :)
Thanks for stopping by.. have a GREAT night!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


OHHHH I am so HAPPY! and NO it isnt because I have the house to myself... because having the house to myself means I need to be cleaning.. ha ha! while Steve and the kiddos are out shoppen... (for my bday gift sigh... 41 soon! BOO!) ANYWAY... I did a little shoppen today!! I got us KENNY CHESNEY tickets!!!! WAHOOOO Wanna see where I got them... Looky....

On the FLOOR BABY!!! Never ever have we sat there before.. I am over the moon.. just LOOK where C is!!!!!!

Can you BELIEVE it! Smack in the CENTER! So it is 41 rows back.. It is on the FLOOR! NOW to get into those CUTE summer shorts and tank... I got what...4 and a half months! That sorta makes me sad summer will almost be over 4 months.. hmmm ANYWAY!! KENNY!! It is gonna be a GREAT show.... we have been to one other of his at the Stadium.. this time he is playing with Lady Antabellum... so cant WAIT for them... Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry , Sugarland, and KENNY! We have seen Kenny and Montgomery Gentry... so the others are new for us.. Ok I will stop now! SORRY I am just sooooo EXCITED!!!! :)

Ok lets see what else do I have for ya! Oh I did a FUN swap at SD4U and Easter Egg Swap.. how cute is that! I cant show what is in my eggs yet.. the girls gotta be surprised, but here is a photo of them ready to go.. before mailing of course! :)

and finally here is a little basket I made.. I just winged the patter.. I realized the other day how EASY that would be.. so I cut my square and scored all around the edges at equal distances.. 4 cuts on the 2 opposite sides and VIOLA! a box or rather basket!! :)

I just love that little bunny I got those last year or year before.. they are plastic EGG choc. bunnies.. I LOVE easter! HA HA!!
So that is about all I have today! We are off to the auction tonite.. mom is gonna come watch the kiddos! then tomorrow friends coming down for the day.. Next week half days of school for the kiddos.. and I gotta turn a year older! (BOO!) and then the following week VACATION!! Gonna be a fun full couple weeks for us... OH and dont forget the PTI blog hop on the 25th! I sure wont... Now to figure out what I am gonna make!!! :)
Ok I am off to do some sit ups! ha ha!! Ok I gotta clean before my mommy gets here!
Have a GREAT weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 Posts! 1 Day! :)

I just have been a blogging fool this week!! I have posted what 5 times in 4 days! AMAZING! LOL!! It probably wont last! hee hee!!

So I had to share my cards in 2 posts.. because I need to link each one to a different blog challenge! Hope you dont mind!! This post will be for the 2 Sketches 4 You challenge.. Belows post is for the CPS sketch challenge!

Over at the 2 Sketches 4 You blog they are having a FUN card sketch challenge! Since March is national childrens art month (didnt know this! my learn something new!) they are having You and a Child in your life do a version of the sketch! Amanda was LOVING this idea.. once I showed her how a sketch works! :)

Here is the sketch-

and here is my sweet girls take on the sketch.. the butterfly was the negative punched out part of a stencil set she got for Xmas.. it was so pretty and purple.. matched the BG PP she picked perfectly! Of course she is my girl so there is some stickle love on it too! and she used my new set of stamps! :) Love it girly!! THANKS for crafting with Mom! XOXO
True Friend by Amanda age 8

and here is my take! :) I loved the butterfly on Amandas.. so I took her stencil.. and traced it on a transparency then colored it with my NEW copics.. (oh my! love them!!) and of course stickles baby! :)
Thank You so much by Amandas Mom Beth.. age.. shhhh a secret! :)

I have to share this real quick.. Amanda asked me today if it was ok for her to keep her card she made! ;) I told her sure it was!! :) Kids are to CUTE!
Thanks for stopping by... we are still going to be creating this week! So I will be back with more to share!
have a GREAT day!

CPS Sketch #107

I have been in such card making mode lately! I need to find my LO mojo.. but for now at least I have card mojo! LOL!! Here is my take on this weeks sketch for the CPS blog! (notice the card in the above post Amanda did.. I LOVED the PP she picked.. so I used it here! :) )

CPS sketch-

Here is my take on it! :)

Yep I turned it and just made it mine! LOL! that is what I LOVE about sketches! You can just make them what you wish!!

Thanks for stopping by... off to do another post.. but that will be ABOVE this one! LOL!!
Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!! :) Hope you all had a fun green day!!! Today I got some photos of the kiddos! This one Amanda requested.. her idea to pose like this.. and it is one of my favs.. and I NEVER EVER turn down an extra photo or 2! I cant wait to get the photos scrapped!! :)

Looky what I did today! :) Gonna do this in June.. Just the half, and just WALK! BUT I am excited!! We may have a small group going... or it may just be mom and me! I just hope for SUN!! Not hot sun.. just sun! LOL!! I am gonna take my little camera!! hee hee!! Watch the progress from mile 1 to mile 13!!! :)

That is all I have today!! Gonna have CRAFT time for playtime with Amanda hopefully tomorrow I will have more to share with you tomorrow!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lion King Live!!!

Today after waking to SNOW... can someone let Mother Nature KNOW I am READY for spring.. and um NO MORE SNOW PLEASE!!! :) Thanks! It didnt last.. it was snowing when we left at 10:30am.. when we got home at almost 5pm the sun was out! :) then it poured rain and was windy.. a little bit of everything today!! NOW... on with the show!!!!

This show was AMAZING.. AMAZING... the costumes were soooo Amazing.. :) All of it! Both kids really enjoyed it! Amanda got a bit antzy towards the middle of the second act.. but really enjoyed it.. they were perfect ages to go.. the show was longer then I thought it would be.. and it really didnt seem long.. it started at 1pm.. and was over at 3:40 there was a 15 minute intermission.. otherwise it was all SHOW!!! We couldnt take photos inside the theater which is sooo BEAUTIFUL... I should have tried to change it just so I could share the inside... I got a couple outside... all of the sign.. just different spots... then I was BAD.. and took a photo (ok 2!) of the cast on stage... I should have waited til they were all out but I didnt.. I got it quick so I didnt get in trouble! LOL!! some people snuck them earlier and got caught!! :) My favorite costumes were the giraffes and elephants...there are no elephants in the photo, but you can see the giraffes if you look close! The actor's were on stilts like things for the front and back legs... I highly recommend the show if you can go... totally TOTALLY Worth it!!! :)

Here are a few photos!!! :)
The kiddos.. oh I do torture them.. it took me 15 shots to get this one! :)

The Paramount Theater-

and of course the sign itself....

Here is the one of the cast... well some of them.. this was Mufaso coming out... I should have waited! LOL!! but at least I got one! :)

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!!! ours was really nice... next week I hope to get CREATIVE.. play along on some challenges!! and CLEAN! :)
Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday!!

I LOVE Fridays!! :) and today was so BEAUTIFUL!! (still snow on the ground..sigh.. but the sun is shining!- Hope it last!!)

I worked on a sketch today from 2 Sketches 4 You! I have had them bookmarked but never worked on a sketch.. then my friend Mara! worked on this weeks and I was like HEY I like that.. I want to play!! so I did!! :)

Here is their sketch...

and here is my take on it! I LOVE square cards and I LOVE the new BG Marrakech line.. this card uses PP from the cutie pie 6 X 6 pad! (oh I have a sad ADDICTION to those too ~ so cute!!!)

For the pearls and small bling I used the trick Jennifer McGuire shared on her blog about coloring them with sharpies, or in my case the bic brand of sharpie.. LOVE doing that you can make them match your project perfectly!

Well I need to clean up my mess.. seriously you would think I created 10 cards not just one! LOL!! Then hit the treadmill!

Have a GREAT weekend! Amanda and I are doing stuff for her class auction basket tomorrow! SHOPPEN to fill it ~ then sunday we are off to see Lion King Live.. so cant WAIT to see that ... I have heard nothing but GREAT things about it!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A little share, and some FUN news! :)

Happy Wednesday! WOWY I have been a blogging girl this week... ok so 4 in a week that is GOOD for me.. considering I think the whole month of Feb. I did 9... and I am at 4 here for this week.. maybe I will break a record for myself! LOL!! (Ok that isnt the FUN news... you gotta wait for that... just til the end! :) ) See how SNEAKY I am!!!

Ok lets get to the shares.... My sweet Amanda and I are in LOVE with Enchanted Lily! you can find her here at Pink Cat Studio... along with TONS of other cutie pie stamps... I sooo LOVE Tweet too!! :) ( I gotta shop after this! LOL!!!- Seriously! :) ) And you know what else I LOVE about them... Melissa is FABULOUS!! :) Gets back to emails... FAST shipping! LOVE that... LOVE IT!! :)

So I promised Amanda to share her card...Well the other Lily card she made... She made the one in the post below on the gift bag for my niece! But she made this one for her friend this week.. just sat down and whipped it out.. I think she did a GREAT job! :)

Here are a couple things I did with her! :)

I cant STOP using the color combo.. pink, green, and yellow! Last week one of my scrappy sites asked if you had a go to color combo.. I really dont.. or didnt think I did... now that is all I seem to be using on my cards anyway! LOL!! :) I guess I am READY for spring!!

Here is one more little goodie I made.. it holds a snack pack of M & Ms perfectly or a gift card! :) or both! (I know I tried it! :) )

Side view.. YUM M & Ms.. I wont eat them.. I HOPE! :) I promised them to Amanda.. and she gets the little bag too! :) She was excited.. I told her it was for my good friend.. she said WHO.. I showed her the name on the front and she was EXCITED it was HER! :)
ok side view.. sorry you know I LOVE to talk! :)

For this all I did was cut 2 of my largest scallop rectangle nestabilities.. stamped lily colored, stickled, and chalked around her.. for inside I made a match box style CS frame glued a small clear bag to that.. the bag is inside the match box frame.. that way it can stand up on its own... I hope that all made sense! :)

Ok so now for the FUN NEWS... spring break is 18 days away, and in 20 days.. we are going to board an airplane for..... I dont know!! Steve booked the trip last night and the kids and I are gonna be SURPRISED!! YEAH! and I cant wait... if I hear before we leave I will tell you.. if not.. I will show photos and share when we get home.. I KNOW it is gonna be sunny.. yikes let the DOUBLE workouts begin... shorts and a swimsuit in 20 days! :)

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a GREAT day!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday... Snowy still here.. sigh.. I am now DONE with the SNOW THING!! :) Ready for the SPRING thing!! :)

Been creating up a storm.. still mostly cards.. not sure why just sooo flowing card mojo!!!

I did up the CPS sketch again this week!! I have a HARD time with White Space, on cards and LOs.. so this was a stepping out of my creative zone.. but I LOVE the CPS sketch... now to just get over the it is ok to have white space with my card take! HA HA!!!

Here is the sketch-

and here is my take on it!

So today was the start of COLOR sneaky peeks for PTI's march release.... Oh my I am in BIG trouble again this month! I so far want it ALL!!!! Lets see I will link all the FUN blogs that have stuff to share today... Nicole, Lauren (sooo getting that template she shows! and making the cutie pie cards!), Melissa (LOVE her tulip set!) and Lisa (her set looks FAB. too!) Sigh.. BIG BIG TROUBLE I tell ya!! and tomorrow MORE peeks I can hardly WAIT!!!
Amanda and I have been playing ALOT with THIS cutie pie stamp set... from Pink Cat Studio such CUTE stamps.. I will share those cards tomorrow... or thursday.. got another idea for one I want to make up!! :)

THANKS for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!!!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!! the SNOW that arrived last night.. is melting.. PLEASE let it be done for the year!! I sooo am tired of it! I want sun and SPRING! Well we have the sun.. but we have the SNOW.. so it doesnt count! LOL!L!! :)

Went down to deliver GS cookies yesterday... got to see the family for a quick visit... and YUM our favorite Chinese lunch!! :)

Today I am working on some challenges at 2 sites... One is the birthday crop at SD4U and the other is a Dr. Seuss crop over at Color Me Daisy! Hoping to get a few more things done today.. but for some reason.. I dont feel to MOJOY.. wahhh I HATE when that happens!!!

I do have a few things to share!!
Here is a bag I made for our sweet niece Allybug.. put her little flip flops in it! Amanda made her the card hanging from the top! :)

That CUTE stamp is from my new set by Pink Cat Studio it is the new Enchanted Lily Set (LOVE IT!)
For the bag I used some of my new dotted paper from PTI added a BIG Heidi Swapp flower, and a cutie lady bug to the flowers...

Here is the card I made for my brother Larrys birthday! Used my BG 6 X 6 pad.. Boxer!
So far the goal to make all cards in 09 is going well! I only started last month.. but hey so far so good!

and finally here are 2 things I did up today!! I saw a CUTE Lion card and stamp at Lauren Meaders Blog last week, I didnt order the stamp set (YET!) instead I found a cute coloring page online and used that! :)

I used my new embossing borders along the top and sides too!! You know how I am in LOVE with those embossing things!! :)

and finally here is a LO of Amanda playing her Hannah Montana guitar game.. not sure I am IN LOVE with it.. but for now it is going in the books, and I will get side 2 done next week.. I HOPE! I have lots of side 2s to work on! :)

PHEW! If you have made it all the way here~ THANKS for reading/looking!!
I am off to figure out some lunch.. or a snack.. it is almost 3pm.. and we ate a VERY late breakfast today! :) Time change you know! LOVE it.. lighter nights! WAHOOO!!
Have a GREAT rest of the day! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A little share!

Happy Thursday!! :) I have a little share today!! It is a baby card I made for my cousins baby gift! I used the CPS sketch for this week as my inspiration!!

Here is the sketch-

and here is my card-

The Stamp, Ribbon, and cute dotted PP are all from my newest PTI order! :) I dont think I have EVER used supplies so fast! LOL!!! and of COURSE.. a little cuttlebug dot action!!

I am off to the treadmill! Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Happy SUNNY (for the moment!) Tuesday!!!

I dont have lots to share today... I am working on some cards! and I HOPE to get some LOs done this week too! I have sooo many fun new photos I got printed.. but for some reason my LO mojo is not here.. BUT My card mojo isnt slowing down.. I cant stop making cards! :) The ones I am working on now I NEED for this week.. I will share them later.. once they are given out! or at least once a couple of them are given!

I am also PLAYING along this month at the Birthday Crop at SD4U
Come join the MONTH long party!! Great challenges, and prizes!

Isnt that blinky cute! My friend Joni made it!! I WISH I knew how to make them! Probably a good thing I dont.. I would have yet another reason to sit here and PLAY! LOL!!!

Today I am gonna share what I worked on last night.. NOW my darn printer still isnt printing on my PTI paper, and it did a week and half ago.. sigh I gotta try something different! ANYWAY so again I just printed out the template on reg. printer paper and cut my CS from that pattern! Not to sure I LOVE the way this turned out.. BUT I LOVE the box template by Lauren Meader (have I told you I STALK her blog.. oh my gosh.. I LOVE her stuff! LOL!!) I got the templates from Papertrey Ink they are so fun and easy! I want them all! LOL!!!
Ok on with the show.. now remember.. this probably isnt my most favorite..but I still think they are super cute.. gonna use them for Amandas birthday treat bags.. in a different color.. but I have a VISION already! :)

Isnt that cute!! :) and YES I did emboss AGAIN with my cuttlebug folder.. I LOVE that dotty one! :)
I have an order coming today from PTI and it has some more paper in it.. I so want to make up a springy one!! :) Lets all HOPE the printer PRINTS! :)

So today I had to order AGAIN from PTI.. yes I have a SAD ADDICTION but listen really.. this right HERE is a BARGIN! I bought the tape from Mikes and SU.. but you only get what 5 yards.. for I think $1 or $2 more you get 22 more yards.. HELLOOOOO I have been using that stuff like there is no tomorrow.. I HOPE I like it as well as the other tape I had.. I better I got 3 sizes! LOL! I will let you know but it says it is the BEST! :) and I BELIEVE them.. because I am just that way! HA HA!!!

I am off to make lunch and watch DAYS! :) DARN THAT SOAP~ I am still ADDICTED to it.. no matter how DUMB it is! :)
have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!!