Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to.......

ME!!! 31 today!! ;) Ok not really but that is what I want to believe!! I sure dont feel **COUGH COUGH** 41! Well maybe today I do my back is bugging me AGAIN! SIGH! BUT most days I feel 31.. so that is what I am going with!! :)

So wanna see how are started my day.. ok by that I mean at midnite EST??

I was one of FOUR lucky winners at the PTI blog hop last night! I LOVE those.. it was my second one.. and the talent that plays along is AMAZING!! (my box is below!) so HOPE I get to play next month... it is on Amandas birthday party day.. so I am not sure.. but we will see.. maybe I can sneak on for a bit! :)

So my day has been FABULOUS so far! Got up opened gifts from Steve and the kiddos! They got me the CRICUT Expressions!!! WAHOOO!!! I had asked for gift cards to get it.. and got them.. AND the machine! so now I get to buy some other cartridges.. I have some I have won off ebay! YEAH! now to WAIT for that little cutie to arrive!! I also got a cookbook and webkinz! :)
Took the kiddos to lunch at one of our old favorite Chinese restaurants... Steve will be home soon and we are gonna go out to the Macaroni Grill... YUM-O then come home for some of this...

Snickers cake my mommy made for me a few days ago! My FAVORITE! she makes it every year for me!! YUMMY!!

I had better go get ready... Thanks for stopping by!!
Have a GREAT rest of your night!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! I love Macaroni Grill too! And, you are a beautiful "31"!! Lucky you on the PTI hop. I will have to check out that hop some day!


  2. Happy Birthday, sweetie!!!!

    Congrat on your Cricut and your PTI win! If you ever want some carts, I have tons I will sell cheap.

    Have a great rest of the day :)

  3. Happy Happy birthday!!! So glad you had lots of fun surprises!!! That is awesome about the blog hop, what stamp set are you getting????? :-)

  4. Happy Belated birthday! I'm so glad you enjoyed your special day!

  5. oh Bethie!!! I totally suck, had zero idea it was your birthday!! Happy Happy Birthday sweetie!! Hope you had a wonderful day and all your wishes came true...esp the Cricut!! woohoo!

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