Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 Cards and A Purse! :)

Happy HOT HOT Wednesday!! I am not a big FAN of anything over 85 with a breeze so this LOVELY 96 with no breeze... supposed to hit 101.. is NOT my cup of tea.. :)

ANYWAY!! I have some shares today.. they arent mine.. they are from my sweet Amanda.. she is so proud of the things she creates.. I am too... she just gets right in and creates never worries about things that should or shouldnt work together.. I need to be more like her!!!

first up are 2 cards she made up.. she LOVES my cupcake stamp set from PTI! (I do too, but she has used it MORE then me! LOL!!)

Then she made this.. she found the template in my OLD OLD school print artist.. by old school I mean 14 years old.. and I still LOVE and USE it.. Steve somehow manages to get it on every computer we have had since that first one.. I am so HAPPY he can.. anyway.. she found this template... cut it out.. and then added all the paper and embellies herself...

Here is a close up... I LOVE how she cut the strips of paper for the lower half of the purse.. again all her idea... she makes me PROUD! :)

That is all I have for today! THANKS for letting me share a little of my girls creative side.. wait til I share her clay creations.. dang.. I cant even make them!
Have a GREAT day.. STAY COOL! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Sunday! and a Card Share!

Happy SUNNY Sunday.. HOT too.. or getting there.. gonna be 90 here today... NOT ready for that! HA HA!!! So Steve is off golfing in a tourney for work.. so the kiddos and I are on our own.. we are off to get a few things and grab lunch.. then maybe home to SPLASH in the little pool! :)

Amanda and I made a card yesterday.. I have to photographer hers yet... she actually has TWO to share! :)

Here is mine.. I used my NEW cute Everyday Button Bits stamp set from PTI isnt it CUTE.. what a GREAT idea.. that Nicole is just FULL of GREAT ideas!! (she even mentioned a HOLIDAY set coming out.. oh my!!!)

Ok here is my card...

Stamps. Ribbon, button, and Inking Duo all from PTI, pearls from Micheals, PP from Jo-Ann fabrics by DCWV.. I LOVE those pads they sell.. I am so going to be USING them.. not just letting them sit and look PURTY! Border punch from Fiskars...

THANKS for stopping by.. we are off for a bit of FUN!!
Have a GREAT day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Favs!

Happy FRIDAY!! it is time for friday favs.. that means I got in 2 posts in 2 days.. blogging life is funny I go 9 days with no posts and now I think I can post 9 times in 2 days! HA! But I wont!! Gotta save some stuff!!

TOMORROW is PTIs blog hop! Oh I HOPE I can play.. BUT I am not ready.. AND we are taking out the boat.. so I dont know if I can make it in this month! BOO.. I will for SURE be checking in on sunday to see what everyone else shared... they are so FUN and ALWAYS INSPIRING!! :)

On with my Favs!!! My friend Joni likes to do a theme to her friday favs.. so I am gonna take that idea and BORROW it this week!! My friday favs are going to be

I have it coming out of my ears here! Ok not my ears ... but the garden!!

The zucchini plant grew so big.. it blocked my onions and carrots.. BUT we did get the zucc., lettuce, and STRAWBERRIES>. (those buggers take over EVERYTHING too! LOL!) anyway... here are the 2 I picked last week! (that long one is LONGER then Justin was when he was born! LOL!!) More are growing!!

Here are some of the goodies I made up using ALMOST ONE of them! :)
Zucchini parm... this is just something I made up.. trying to eat REALLY WELL.. and get into those shorts that are all dusty! :)
I just sprayed the zucc. slices with cooking spray.. and coated them with panko bread crumbs..broiled them.. topped with homemade sauce and a bit of fresh parm. cheese.. YUM!

Made up THIS recipe choc. chip zucchini bread/ was so good! I did add some honey to it!

Oh and I also made up THIS salad.. YUM-O.. it is soo good I made it all last summer.. and am again this summer! it is so easy.. you can add ANYTHING really you want to it.. I am going to add some shrimp for dinner one night.. I do make the dressing a bit different.. I use THIS (sorry no link!) from Trader Joes.. it is Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette.. I add a TINY bit of olive oil, tiny bit of chili oil, pepper, lime and garlic... YUMMY!

and finally I made this up yesterday.. Zucchini Hummus it is from Tosca Renos Eat Clean Cookbook! as always I had to change it! I didnt have the tahini so I used some lowfat greek yogurt with a drizzle of sesame oil mixed in it! , and I had no parsley.. I didnt make the full recipe.. since it is just probably me gonna eat it! It was soooo GOOD.. gonna use some on my turkey sandwich! :) I know you ALL wanted to know that! :)

THANKS for stopping by today and reading my ODE TO ZUCCHINI friday favs... :) if you have ANY recipes with Zucchini PLEASE SHARE!! I have MORE coming in! LOL!!

Have a GREAT weekend.. we hope to go out on the boat tomorrow!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey There Cupcake!

Happy Thursday!!! :) Been so busy ENJOYING the summer.. this is the first thing I have created in awhile.. (OK I did make Amandas AG doll a purse.. but I have 2 to go.. so I cant share yet! :) )

I decided to play along this week at CPS Here is my take on this weeks sketch! :)

I loved that PP from doodlebug... it worked perfected with my PTI new cupcake set All CS and Stamps from PTI, PP- Doodlebug, copics and used my spica pens (from copic) for some glitter! Bling is from HS!
Thanks for looking!!

I will be back TOMORROW with friday favs.. off to create a card or 2 with my NEWEST PTI sets! :)

have a GREAT day!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Foodie Share! and 2 Drinks! :)

Happy SUNNY Tuesday!! :) I have a little (ok sorta BIG) foodie and drink share for ya! Been saving them to do them all at once!! :) That is your is a BIG post! LOL!! so Ignore the little I said earlier! :)

Today the kiddos and I made these for snack.. NO none for me! I am being a good girl.. concert in TWO and a half weeks.. shorts to fit in.. EEK! :) anyway.. they just went to the park with these, and some capri suns to share with their buddies!
Easy Peasy... 3 marshmallows on a stick.. dipped in melted choc. and rolled in sprinkles! FUN STUFF! :)

The next 2 I am gonna share I got from Michelles Blog.. She is one of the SUPER talented PTI girls I LOVE to stalk..(In the BEST/NICEST form of stalking that is!)

First up is this salad... YUM! I used corn that I roasted on the BBQ instead of frozen (I love to do that during the summer!) and added some garlic to the dressing!! It was YUMMY!! Next day left overs were topped with grilled chicken for my lunch! YUM-O!

and then I made THIS DRINK! YUMMY!! I did make it ADULT by using Smirnoff Lime Vodka.. oh my.. I could sit all day and drink them! Probably NOT to good for me to do that! LOL!!! I even bought a BIG mason jar to put mine in.. hoping to have some SUMMERTIME fun with friends on the deck!! :)

Lets do both drinks together... Amanda wanted this book Tiny Treats so she saved her $ and we ordered it... it has some CUTE FUN ideas... here is the first thing she made... A tiny shake... made with strawberry yogurt, whip cream, and powdered pink lemonade- I gotta say it was GOOD (SURPRISINGLY!)... we all liked it.. BUT AMANDA.. hee hee.. go figure! :)

Next up is our dinner I made last week.. I LOVE summer when you can get such YUMMY fresh veggies... this is just something I made up.. I go to the Everett Farmers Market as often as I can.. and there is a stand Golden Glen Creamery that sells YUMMY homemade cheeses.. so many flavors.. this time I got Sun dried Tomato and basil... yummy.. so all I did was roast my veggies, grill some chicken.. toss it all with some WW penne pasta.. added the cheese which I had grated.. put in a bit of milk to smooth it all out.. YUM! Good left overs too! :)

Then I made this for a snack... YUMMY! It is called Roberts Corn Dip from one of my Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks... I think I should get to call it BETHS Corn Dip since I changed it up! :)

Here is the recipe as it was.... Best made up 1-2 days in advance (but was YUMMY the moment I made it! :) )
Robert's Corn Dip
3 11-oz. cans sweet corn & diced peppers, drained
7-oz. can chopped green chiles
6-oz. can chopped jalapeƱos, drained and liquid added to taste
1/2 c. green onion, chopped
1 c. mayonnaise
1 c. sour cream
1 t. pepper
1/2 t. garlic powder
16-oz. pkg. shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
corn chips

Mix all ingredients except corn chips together and refrigerate. Serve with corn chips for scooping. Makes about 6 cups.

Here is what I did DIFFERENT!
3 grilled corn on the cobs
1/2 a roasted red pepper (on the how I made mine!)
NO jalapenos (No one likes them but me! LOL!)
1/4 cup red onion
1/2 can black beans..
Used fresh garlic instead of garlic powder!
Used lowfat mayo and S/C

This was sooooo GOOD! I made it up one day ahead of time... we ate it for 2 days and STILL had lots left over! LOL!!!

THANKS for stopping by and if you made it this far THANKS for reading the BIG OLE post!! I am gonna leave you with one photo.. hee hee! Amanda wanted me to take it.. and when your kids ASK for photos.. you TAKE THEM! :)

THANKS FUNNY GIRL!! My sweet model Amanda....
tonite is PTI release.. oh my... I am gonna be THERE!! I didnt spend a dime at the beach.. other then jam stuff.. just so I could order a few things tonite! YIPPPEE!!!
Thanks again for stopping by.. be back SOON with crafty stuff HONEST! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Favs!

Happy Friday!! :) We are home.. had a GREAT time on our little get away... took TONS of photos.. it makes me laugh.. it is the same trip we do every year.. yet I take over 300 photos! :) Hey that is a moms job right!! :)

So on that note today my top 5 will be photos from our trip.. I will share the other 345 with ya another day! ;)

Here we go....

#1- My Family... ahhhh... our yearly photo on Antzy Nancys front steps! :) in our flag shirts of course! :)

#2- Tattoo's :) the kids and I like to get them... next time we will TRY to talk Dad into getting one! :) (yes they are fake.. hee hee in case you couldn't figure it out!)

#3- MOM winning BIG on the wheel of fortune game in the arcade at the beach.. I hit that 500 tickets THREE times! :) and even a 300... Oh yeah the kids LOVED me extra that day!!

#4- ICE CREAM...need I say more.. we go to scoopers every year for ice cream at the beach.. and of course Amanda has to give Daddy the ice cream kiss (that photo is coming soon! :) )

#5- and last but NOT least.. LOVE doing just this on the beach.. walking, sitting.. enjoying the moment... ahhhh I could live there... EASILY! :)

There ya have it... my friday favs... just a few of the MANY good times on our trip!! Thanks for stopping by.. have a GREAT weekend.. I am off to have some GIRL TIME with my Amanda!!!
happy weekend!

Thursday, July 02, 2009


First off.. THANKS for all the sweet words about the 1/2 Marathon... I have to say I didnt RUN!!... I did WALK.. I dont think I put that.. didnt want to lead you all on that way! LOL!!
Ok Now....
Happy JULY!! My gosh where did June go?? We are getting ready for some 4th FUN!! It was my turn to post a challenge for our PTI blogging group!!!

I have been so busy getting ready for our get away... so I thought I would make my share tonite ALSO my challenge!!! :)

So here ya go girls!! Not to hard! (and Katy) I am soooo gonna get to yours when I get back! PROMISE!! I got an idea just the other day!! :) )

You can create ANYTHING you want but should follow these 3 things (if you are able!)
#1 Use a color you dont usually use (for me it is the purple)
#2 Add some inking (inked my edges)
#3 Give it AWAY! (if you can! this is going to our neighbors!)

Here is what I did.. super easy.. but I had to get them done, and... I didnt want to be the slacker in the group with a late challenge!!!

The kiddos and I made this honey butter today.. I am not sure you can taste any lavender in it.. BUT that is what they told me it was infused with and it is on the jar.. so it has to be right! LOL!! :)

There ya have it! THANKS for stopping by!! I hope you have a HAPPY & SAFE 4th....
Will be back soon with NEW BEACH PHOTOS! YEAH!!!

**CS, Ink, Stamps (Life) and Ribbon.. all from PTI**