Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Favs!

Happy FRIDAY!! it is time for friday favs.. that means I got in 2 posts in 2 days.. blogging life is funny I go 9 days with no posts and now I think I can post 9 times in 2 days! HA! But I wont!! Gotta save some stuff!!

TOMORROW is PTIs blog hop! Oh I HOPE I can play.. BUT I am not ready.. AND we are taking out the boat.. so I dont know if I can make it in this month! BOO.. I will for SURE be checking in on sunday to see what everyone else shared... they are so FUN and ALWAYS INSPIRING!! :)

On with my Favs!!! My friend Joni likes to do a theme to her friday favs.. so I am gonna take that idea and BORROW it this week!! My friday favs are going to be

I have it coming out of my ears here! Ok not my ears ... but the garden!!

The zucchini plant grew so big.. it blocked my onions and carrots.. BUT we did get the zucc., lettuce, and STRAWBERRIES>. (those buggers take over EVERYTHING too! LOL!) anyway... here are the 2 I picked last week! (that long one is LONGER then Justin was when he was born! LOL!!) More are growing!!

Here are some of the goodies I made up using ALMOST ONE of them! :)
Zucchini parm... this is just something I made up.. trying to eat REALLY WELL.. and get into those shorts that are all dusty! :)
I just sprayed the zucc. slices with cooking spray.. and coated them with panko bread crumbs..broiled them.. topped with homemade sauce and a bit of fresh parm. cheese.. YUM!

Made up THIS recipe choc. chip zucchini bread/ was so good! I did add some honey to it!

Oh and I also made up THIS salad.. YUM-O.. it is soo good I made it all last summer.. and am again this summer! it is so easy.. you can add ANYTHING really you want to it.. I am going to add some shrimp for dinner one night.. I do make the dressing a bit different.. I use THIS (sorry no link!) from Trader Joes.. it is Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette.. I add a TINY bit of olive oil, tiny bit of chili oil, pepper, lime and garlic... YUMMY!

and finally I made this up yesterday.. Zucchini Hummus it is from Tosca Renos Eat Clean Cookbook! as always I had to change it! I didnt have the tahini so I used some lowfat greek yogurt with a drizzle of sesame oil mixed in it! , and I had no parsley.. I didnt make the full recipe.. since it is just probably me gonna eat it! It was soooo GOOD.. gonna use some on my turkey sandwich! :) I know you ALL wanted to know that! :)

THANKS for stopping by today and reading my ODE TO ZUCCHINI friday favs... :) if you have ANY recipes with Zucchini PLEASE SHARE!! I have MORE coming in! LOL!!

Have a GREAT weekend.. we hope to go out on the boat tomorrow!!


  1. Every time I come to your blog, I always leave with my mouth watering! I don't even like zucchini but everything in this post looks so GOOD!

  2. I am SO going to try that zucchinni hummus!!! That sounds fantastic! We have it coming out of our ears, too. I've seen a good recipe on the Pioneer Woman for something (I can't remember), go check out her blog!!

    HAVE a great weekend Beth!!

  3. YUM! Way to use zucchini, Beth! Our zucchini plants are about 4" tall... maybe we have late zucchini. lol!

  4. Oh YUM!!! :) Sounds amazing! Love Fridays! (or sats in my case by the time I check blogs...hehee!)

  5. YUM,YUM,YUM!!! Your recipes just keep getting yummier all the time :)Who would have thought zucchini would work so well in so many recipes?
    You should open a restaurant - I would be your BEST customer :)


  6. That zucchini parmesan sounds good. And now all of us remember how to spell zucchini!

  7. Your zucchinni's look great. Mine just have flowers on them but when I get some I am going to have give those recipes a try too. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog as well and leaving such a nice comment about my blog hop project.

  8. Thanks for stopping by for my blog hop entry! I would have loved to see your project, but I guess, having a weekend boat trip instead of card-making isn't too bad either :-) As for your recipes: YUM!! I need a muffin now!

  9. WOW!!! Can you send me some of your food?! Haha!!! It looks soooo yummy!!! Hope ya had a great weekend!!!

  10. I've had lunch but I'm hungry again! Great looking stuff!


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