Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Friday!!

I got to SCRAP yesterday!! My girl stayed home with a fever! So we hung out! :) These are some photos I took the night before~ she was so not feeling well~ BUT she still smiled for me! I loved her new nighty we got her! I had to get a photo of her in it!! hee hee!! :)

THANKS for all the comments on this-

You can find the set at shabbymissjenndesigns, or some other FUN ones! Kimmie told me about this site, and I LOVE it!
I have wanted to do my bloggie different and fancy so I LOVE the different sets you can get, NOW to figure out how to get the wallpaper behind it!! hee hee!!!

Gonna be really busy getting ready for moms party over the next couple weeks! PLUS the end of the year is coming, field trips, partys!! FUN stuff!!! So there will be no scrappy time for me! I sooo just want to hide in my room and PLAY ~ SIGH! maybe June 18th I can! LOL!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

One FUN weekend!!! - Lots of photos to share!

We got to spend the weekend at Papa and Dedes cabin in Hoods Canal!!! Larry, Kimmie and Buggy (isnt her blog cute, I gotta figure out how to do that! :) ) brought up Papa and Dede so we had a good size group there to PLAY! :) The weather was BEAUTIFUL on saturday and sunday! We sooooo werent expecting this... I only had 1 pair of shorts for the kids! YIKES! but it is the canal, so we just let them wear them both days! LOL! and Monday it was time to go home and raining so into jeans they went! It was so nice Papa and Dede could join us, not sure how many more times we will get to do that all together so it was especially nice!!! We ate to much good food! :) It was vacation right! LOL!! We did play outside alot so I am hoping that evened it all out! The kids love the "beach" which is really just a ton of rocks and oyster shells and of COURSE Justins little crabbies he likes to hunt! Justin and Steve went Kayaking for the 1st time ever, or friends the Sari's were at their cabin and let them go out... they asked me but that is just to small of boat, and way to close to the water for me! LOL! I need a nice cushion to sit on! :) Then for the first time ever the kids went out in the small row boat by THEMSELVES!! Um lets just say I wasnt around when this was approved! LOL! But they had a GREAT time... so I guess that is ok! :)
and of course LOTS of bike riding, and some monkey in the middle! LOL!! What a fun weekend! It just really got me in the mood for SUMMER VACATION!!!!!! :) It is so close I can just FEEL it!!!! :)
Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The BEST day ever......

to quote Amanda! LOL!! Wouldn't you think so to if you got to do THIS (see photo) to your brother! LOL!! Ok it was equal they both had water balloons... they are just so good about being fair.... taking turns... NOT if it was me, it would have been a free for all! :)

Our weather was BEAUTIFUL last weekend! After our saturday trip to Bellingham this was how we spent sunday afternoon after football! Water balloon fights, sprinkler, and slip and slide... mom sat on the deck and took photos and read! Dad went to the dump! LOL! :) He was back for slip and slide action! :) Gonna share some photos of the fun here...

All is well in the Johnson house, we are counting down the days to SUMMER vacation! 19 school days left! :) There is so much going on now, trying to get everything in before the year is out! Field trips , end of year parties!!! The days will just fly by!!!

This weekend we are going to Hoods Canal with Papa and Dede, Larry, Kimmie and Buggy!
we are looking forward to that!!! I am praying the weather holds! Just no rain.... maybe a little sun! :)

Justin just called he FORGOT some paper work... off to the school! :)
Have a GREAT day~ thanks for stopping by!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photos to share!

Just wanted to share some photos from Moms day!!! The flower photos are from my flowers Steve had sent to me wed, thur. and friday! :) he is so SWEET!!! I got 2 CDs I wanted, and a NEW Webkinz! So my kitty wasnt lonely! LOL! THANKS for a great day guys! LOVE YOU ALL!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

So lets see on the home front we are on the count down to SUMMER VACATION! YEAH! one month and 3 days! Now if only the weather would get a bit better! They say by thur. I hope so! I am ready to MOVE to the sun if it doesnt come out soon!!! Steve is busy as always at work! Me the usual BEHIND on things! and Busy still!! I PROMISE I am going to get Thank yous out this week for My birthday goodies! and Ms. Amandas! Tonite our Justin is signing up for football (TACKLE!) he is so EXCITED, and MOM IS NOT! :( How can my little boy be so grown up to play TACKLE football! he is really enjoying the flag football he is playing this spring! (will share photos soon!) so I am sure he will love this... it is gonna take LOTS of dedication and hard work! Practice every day in Aug. M-F! and then when school starts 3 nights a week! OH my!!! Amanda is gonna play soccer but we havent heard about sign ups yet! Gonna be a busy fall sport time in the Johnson house! (YEAH lots of photos for Mom! :) )

Hoping to maybe sneak in some scrap time! I need to work upstairs on cleaning and clearing stuff OUT! but I feel the NEED to be in my messy space and create! LOL!!!

Hope your having a GREAT week! Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!!!

So not only is it NSD!!! and I have been SCRAPPEN and now I am SHARING... Sharing layouts! and GREAT FUN NEWS!!! for me anyway!!! I was asked to be on the design team at Itty Bitty Scrap Shack! I am soooo EXCITED, and oh so SHOCKED! there is just such AMAZING talent there! Also picked for the team was Zoa here work is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! It is gonna be so FUN working with the girls!!! THANKS Tiffany!!!!!!

I told Steve the other day... today is NSD! and I am gonna CELEBRATE and do some scrappen!! I am taking challenges at some of my favorite sites... and having a GREAT time! LOL!! He was like ok... so for him it is National Sit by the TV day! HA HA! He never gets to do much of that on the weekends!!! So I am sure he doesnt mind!!

Just wanted to pop in and share my NEWS! and share some of what I have done today! I am LOVING my cutie pie 7gypsie holder! I have made a few other pages... which makes me remember I didnt post one! I will do that later, when I HOPEFULLY share more layouts! I better get off the computer to do that!
Have a GREAT day!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May!!! and ANOTHER share!

I cant BELIEVE it is MAY! It could be we had snow 2 weeks ago that I cant believe it, it could be that time goes sooo FAST! I think it is both! LOL!! :)

So I got this CUTE little photo holder thingy by 7gypsies I LOVE it! I had wanted one for so long... and finally just got it!! I cant wait to FILL it up! It holds 4 X 6 photos, so this layout is TINY! :) I plan to fill it with all the things that bring me JOY! :) Here is the 1st page ever done! My sweet girl at 6 weeks old!! Speaking of time flying as she is now EIGHT! SIGH!!!! I have more of the pages on order since it only came with 10! I needed it FULL! so I have 5 packages on the way!! Just wanted to share page 1 with you! I hope to get a few more in there~ This saturday is National Scrapbook Day so I hope to PLAY most of the day.. unless we take the boat out then it will be part of the day! :)

Off to help at the school for a bit! Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!!!