Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

One FUN weekend!!! - Lots of photos to share!

We got to spend the weekend at Papa and Dedes cabin in Hoods Canal!!! Larry, Kimmie and Buggy (isnt her blog cute, I gotta figure out how to do that! :) ) brought up Papa and Dede so we had a good size group there to PLAY! :) The weather was BEAUTIFUL on saturday and sunday! We sooooo werent expecting this... I only had 1 pair of shorts for the kids! YIKES! but it is the canal, so we just let them wear them both days! LOL! and Monday it was time to go home and raining so into jeans they went! It was so nice Papa and Dede could join us, not sure how many more times we will get to do that all together so it was especially nice!!! We ate to much good food! :) It was vacation right! LOL!! We did play outside alot so I am hoping that evened it all out! The kids love the "beach" which is really just a ton of rocks and oyster shells and of COURSE Justins little crabbies he likes to hunt! Justin and Steve went Kayaking for the 1st time ever, or friends the Sari's were at their cabin and let them go out... they asked me but that is just to small of boat, and way to close to the water for me! LOL! I need a nice cushion to sit on! :) Then for the first time ever the kids went out in the small row boat by THEMSELVES!! Um lets just say I wasnt around when this was approved! LOL! But they had a GREAT time... so I guess that is ok! :)
and of course LOTS of bike riding, and some monkey in the middle! LOL!! What a fun weekend! It just really got me in the mood for SUMMER VACATION!!!!!! :) It is so close I can just FEEL it!!!! :)
Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!!
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  1. Fantastic photos!! Looks like you had a really great time. Time with family is the best!

    I am SO jealous of your new header...it's looks FABULOUS!!!!! Love it, love it, love it!!

  2. Dang girl!! You guys had a bunch of fun!! I wish it was sunshine around here...I'm so cold! LOL!

    Love your new header, I need to do something like that..haha!

  3. BETH i love the pics! 2 cute look like fun and good time you are so lucky to spent time with familys at your family cabin.TFS

  4. Those are beautiful photos Beth!
    I agree with Mara. I love the new header... hmmm... might be time to change mine...


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