Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The BEST day ever......

to quote Amanda! LOL!! Wouldn't you think so to if you got to do THIS (see photo) to your brother! LOL!! Ok it was equal they both had water balloons... they are just so good about being fair.... taking turns... NOT if it was me, it would have been a free for all! :)

Our weather was BEAUTIFUL last weekend! After our saturday trip to Bellingham this was how we spent sunday afternoon after football! Water balloon fights, sprinkler, and slip and slide... mom sat on the deck and took photos and read! Dad went to the dump! LOL! :) He was back for slip and slide action! :) Gonna share some photos of the fun here...

All is well in the Johnson house, we are counting down the days to SUMMER vacation! 19 school days left! :) There is so much going on now, trying to get everything in before the year is out! Field trips , end of year parties!!! The days will just fly by!!!

This weekend we are going to Hoods Canal with Papa and Dede, Larry, Kimmie and Buggy!
we are looking forward to that!!! I am praying the weather holds! Just no rain.... maybe a little sun! :)

Justin just called he FORGOT some paper work... off to the school! :)
Have a GREAT day~ thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. WOW! Looks like so much fun!!

    I was always thinking about a slip and is scary? I think our yard i long enough...I think the kids would love it--at least Jordan would love it...LOL!

  2. GREAT photos Beth! I love the slip and slide ones, our kids love it too. And now with those surfboard things you can use on the slip and slide, you go that much faster!

    I'm so happy you got some sun and beautiful weather...even if for just a day!

  3. Hi Bethie!
    Looks like a great weekend of fun! I hope we get some sun this weekend, but I will be happy with no rain! I can't wait to bring my new camera and play!

  4. Beth, you got some great action shots! It was HOT here over the weekend too. We setup the pool at my folks house. Today, it really cooled off.


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