Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter (almost!)

Well I was FINALLY able to get the kiddos bunny ear photo for our Easter Cards... Amandas eyes were soooo not pretty while she was sick last week, they were purple underneath! SO I didnt want photos like that! Poor girl!! BUT she is fine now, just a super bad cold, and being so fair skinned my mom said that was how mine were too~ I dont remember them being so dark but then I was little! :) So Justin says to me this year... I have got ear photos for oh 10 years now! :) and he says "Mom dont you think I am to old for these now?!" SIGH!!!! I guess he is.... but I am not ready to give it up! How can I take one of Amanda in ears without Justin?? SO I think next year $$ will have to TALK to him, well probably both if Amanda finds out Justin gets some cash in exchange for a photo! HA HA!!!! :)

I have been SWAMPED this week, no time to scrap, and I have challenges I want to do at sites I like to visit... maybe tomorrow, but I doubt it! Our school auction is saturday night and I need to find something to wear! and get all my stuff for Easter meals! So NEXT WEEK is mine ~ I hope to get in a day of scrap! (and of course a day of cleaning... that is there in case Steve sees this blog! HA HA!!)

Hope your all having a GREAT week~ I am off to the treadmill~ then we are going to meet Steve and see the Easter Bunny! and have dinner at the mall!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Baby Layout and Derby Cars!

FINALLY a blog update! SORRY we have been busy here at the Johnson house, and SICK! Sigh!!! Amanda and Justin have colds! Amanda has been home for 2 days! Her class just keeps passing around bugs galore I tell ya ~ and she is getting them ALL!!! Hopefully she will be better tomorrow, we are busy sunday!!! :)

So finally a share! The layout is my Amanda when she was 6 weeks old! SIGH! (can you BELIEVE she will be 8 in April! BOO HOO! growing to fast for this mommy!!) This was for a sketch challenge my friend Bethany
(if you have time peek at her blog she is sooo TALENTED! LOVE the layout she did the BIG journaling on to make it be the background paper! AMAZING!!!) over at Itty Bitty Scrap Shackissued!! So that means my Amanda has TWO layouts in her book! Can she have THREE before her birthday! :) stay tuned! LOL!!!

Then there are the DERBY cars! Wow we thought it was tomorrow I was bummed I was gonna have to dash in and out to see it, since I am at a stamp camp for the morning, but NO we had the date WRONG! YEAH! it is next week!!! It will make for a busy day next week but that is ok! The cars are done and look GREAT!!! Amanda is gonna race this year in the sibling race! her lipstick car is so CUTE! and of course Justins golf club looks so real!! I hope they both WIN!! it is the last year ~ as Justin is done with cub scouts this year! (again growing to fast for ME!!!!!)

I have also been TAGGED 3 times!!! I wanted to get tagged , and well I guess be careful what you wish for comes into play here! I am WAY behind and will try to get to that this weekend for on monday! No school so we will be hanging out here! I hope to scrap, and catch up!!!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!