Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter (almost!)

Well I was FINALLY able to get the kiddos bunny ear photo for our Easter Cards... Amandas eyes were soooo not pretty while she was sick last week, they were purple underneath! SO I didnt want photos like that! Poor girl!! BUT she is fine now, just a super bad cold, and being so fair skinned my mom said that was how mine were too~ I dont remember them being so dark but then I was little! :) So Justin says to me this year... I have got ear photos for oh 10 years now! :) and he says "Mom dont you think I am to old for these now?!" SIGH!!!! I guess he is.... but I am not ready to give it up! How can I take one of Amanda in ears without Justin?? SO I think next year $$ will have to TALK to him, well probably both if Amanda finds out Justin gets some cash in exchange for a photo! HA HA!!!! :)

I have been SWAMPED this week, no time to scrap, and I have challenges I want to do at sites I like to visit... maybe tomorrow, but I doubt it! Our school auction is saturday night and I need to find something to wear! and get all my stuff for Easter meals! So NEXT WEEK is mine ~ I hope to get in a day of scrap! (and of course a day of cleaning... that is there in case Steve sees this blog! HA HA!!)

Hope your all having a GREAT week~ I am off to the treadmill~ then we are going to meet Steve and see the Easter Bunny! and have dinner at the mall!!!
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  1. Cute photo Beth. Sounds like you have been busy - I've missed "seeing" you at Peek. Just had a few moments today to make the rounds of Peekster blogs :) Hope you have a great Easter!

  2. Hope you had a great Easter Beth!! Great bunny ears photo! Hope to chat with you soon!

  3. Aren't they cute... my daughter announced that she is too old to hunt for Easter eggs this year (she's 18yrs) LOL! I tell her she's never too old!

  4. hope you get a day to scrap too!

    adore the photo! very cute.

  5. beth awesome journal and pic ss dd was sick poor babygirl...MISS U


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