Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Rainy AGAIN here! SIGH!!! I am bummed the kiddos last few days of summer are gonna end like this... there is hope it could clear off right! they have 7 days left of summer come on SUN!! :)

I have some stuff to share!! As usual a recipe from The Pioneer Women Cooks I made this Mexican Lasagnalast week and it was a HIT! I did a few things different! I used chicken instead of beef! I also had some red peppers I wanted to use up so I diced them up and put them in.. and olives.. we LOVE olives... so I added them too! I then topped it with lettuce, SC, salsa and fresh Avocado! YUM!! Of course I have photos to share of it! (My family thinks I am CRAZY when I do this! LOL!! oh well! Let them think what they want.. I like photos! HEE HEE!)
ready to eat!! :)

Last week we also went blueberry picking the season was sooo LATE this year due to our bad weather... the kids didnt want to leave until each had a full can.. that has never happened usually we get about 1 and 3/4 cans full.. this year 3 cans.. Um need blueberrys! HA HA!!!
Here are some photos of the FUN!! :)

that is only 5 of the 35ish I took! LOL! I gotta narrow it down for a LO! :)

I have some LOS to share too!! This one was for a challenge at a cherry on top

The kiddos on their beach photo shoot! I added a digi frame to it! I LOVE those digi frames!!!
This one was for a challenge or rather technique tutorial at Moments 2 Remember This was some photos taken on friday when the boys were at the Mariner game!
I made this the other day! Justin has been looking and looking for a necklace.. we gave him one I made for Steve, and then he found the supplies for me to make this one for him.. he LOVES it and is wearing it now! Showed it off 1st thing to his friend Matthew!

If you have made it this far THANKS!! LOL~ I had lots to share today!! We are going to be headed out for a quick overnight trip to Leavenworth! YEAH I cant wait! One last summer FUN trip before the school year starts.. and we get to find out the kiddos teachers tomorrow! WE are all EXCITED about that!!!
Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy RAINY Thursday!!

Well I just emailed my friend Mara that it wasnt raining! UM I LIED! LOL! it is POURING NOW.. the kids have playdates... that means inside play....OH YEAH! ;)

So I have been doing some scrappen this week.. this week of RAIN!! and been doing some BAKING! YUM!! Made these Andes Mint Cookies found here you gotta scroll down a bit! Our safeway didnt have the andes so I used Ghirardelli mint candys~ YUM ~ we also added nuts and some vanilla! It didnt call for either.. but I NEED both in my cookies! :) I think next time I make these I am gonna use a toffee or caramel candy on top! YUM!! wont that be good!!! It is just a choc. cookie, then the mint is the topping so really you can do anything.. I ran out of mints and topped 5 of them with Choc. Chips and NUTS! YUM!!! Protein nuts are good for ya! LOL!!
Here are a couple photos of the kids enjoying the cookie making, and a photo of the cookies.. we still have some.. wanna come try them! :)

This one look at Justin.. he was CONCENTRATING on the cookie he said! LOL!!!

and finally YUM! the cookies!!

So I have been doing some scrappen too! So I have some to share!!!!
I made this cute little acrylic album for my purse handle! It is only 2 X 3 inches! So little and cute... It took me long enough but I am happy with it now! :)

Some layouts!
This was done for a couple challenges...

One I am doing next week! and one for Moments 2 Remember

Then finally this one... Oh my Amanda when she was about 4 months I think! (I gotta double check this!!) it was for a Guest DT spot at Moments 2 Remember I didnt get it BUT my friend
Mara DID!! Yeah CONGRATS girl!!

She was sooo LITTLE! time just FLY to fast for me!! Now I gotta get side 2 made up, hopefully without CRYING! HA HA!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope your having a GREAT week!!!! Happy Thursday!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Monday!

Well I guess all my complaining about being to hot was heard... we are due for a week of RAIN... WAHHH!! I didnt want that.. I just didnt want it 90 in my house!!! Now here it is.. POURING... Amanda just ran upstairs to get on something WARM and COZY! and get her umbrella to go outside.. you know what that means.. PHOTOS for mom!! I wish I felt that giddy about the rain! LOL!! Ahhh to be young again! :)

I have some things to share!!! First off I made this another recipe from The Pioneer Women Cooks it was sooo GOOD! In fact I was just editing the photo and Justin saw it.. and said YUM that olive bread.. you gotta make that again mom! :)

It was soooo GOOD!!! I do need to make it! Hmmm with all this rain coming ~ gooey bread and spaghetti sound YUMMY! LOL!!! I also want to make this I think it looks sooo good!!

Ok hold on one minute... time for rain photos! She better get out there before the thunder starts ~ she wont last long when that happens! Ok thunder has arrived!! She is DONE! LOL!!!

Lets see what else do I have... Oh more food! These yummy rocky road pops here at a FUN new site I LOVE to visit Moments 2 Remember the kids LOVED them.. and well so did I! LOL!!!

and finally! Some scrappy stuff! I did this one yesterday for a couple challenges! Photos were of Amanda and Allyson at the fair a couple weeks ago! Arent they the CUTEST!! :)

I can not believe school starts in just over 2 weeks! Summer has went so fast! I still have things I want to do with the kiddos! I better hurry!! We have go to go boating 2 weekends in a row.. that was FUN! Went to Port Orchard, and Port Ludlow.. 2 of our favorites! gonna go to Poulsbo next month.. Steve is so good to me there is the CUTEST store there and I want to go when their fall stuff is out.. so YES the boating trip was planned around a store! THANKS honey! :)

We were gonna go pick Blueberries today, um not now.. so I guess that means SCRAP TIME!! or I mean HOUSE CLEANING time.. (in case Steve is reading this! HA HA!!)
Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT week!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

All suited up!

Well today was Justins FIRST football practice in full practice gear.. He was pretty EXCITED!!! Now I asked him to make this face for the photo, UM oh my... it is NOT my Justin.. he is always smiling eyes sparkling... Not this tough meany face... I dont like it! LOL!! But he does look good in his gear doesnt he.. Growing to fast for this mom!!! sigh!
So here is the LO, I just did!! Pretty fast and easy... well sorta I worked on the clear stuff all day to get it the right size, but I think I figured it all out! LOL!!!

I got the FUN idea for the transparency's from Jennifer McGuire's class she offered at two peas in a bucket! I LOVED it... I actually printed the images from doodle bats I bought.. but I did also stamp the brackets, and I used her fun idea to just take your marker around the edges to give the transparency more POP! I hope to get some more done tomorrow, or next week! I have some card ideas, and a LO for some of Amandas baby photos! (yeah I know I am BEHIND! LOL!!)
Hope your having a GREAT week... off to play with my girl!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 01, 2008


Here are some photos from the FUN day at the Fair!! A big THANKS for meeting us, Papa, Dede, Antzy Nancy and Aunt Kimmie and BUGGY!!! We had so much fun!!
THANKS Kimmie for the CUTE mirror photos! they all turned out cute!!!!

We had a SUPER FUN DAY!! It did take us 3 hours and 15 minutes to get home! Not to bad, only about 45 minutes longer then usual, BUT we were tired, it was raining and we had CHINESE in the cooler soooo it seemed SUPER long! LOL!!!!
Justin says HI and thanks for stopping by his moms blog! LOL!! :)
Hey MaraLooky they are up! Not to bad, and not to many margaritas... yours is waiting!!! :)
We are headed out on the boat tomorrow for our first over nighter of the summer! We have just been so busy! I cant WAIT to go... Port Orchard here we come!! :)
Have a GREAT weekend ~ THANKS for stopping by! Justin says BYE!! (YES he is reading over my shoulder!! hee hee!!!)