Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bring on the HOLIDAYS!

Happy Sunday!! I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving!! We did! I am still FULL! HA HA!! Using up the last of the turkey tonite! Just got back from seeing BOLT! Such a cute movie! We saw it in 3D... not sure how different it would have been seeing it regular, I would like to think ALOT.. since it was more seeing it that way! :)

I am so EXCITED for the holidays! Last nite Amanda and I made ornaments... here is what we started with....

and here is what we ended up with!!

We were so happy with them! Thought they were pretty darn cute! I had seen this idea at a store near us when Steve and I went xmas shoppen! I KNEW I could knock them off! I got iridescent balls (I am all about the sparkle!) the little bead fillers, they had white in the ornaments I saw, but I used clear, and added some glitter (see above about being all about the sparkle!) then added some googly eyes, STICKLES! :) and fun fiber I have had forever! and VIOLA! Instant snowman ornaments!

Amanda wanted to make Steves SPECIAL! So as you can see she colored the top black and made it a hat... to smart and creative is that girl! that is the only one in the bunch! Lucky Dad! :)
Here she is showing off a couple up close! :) Dads and OH lets just say mine! :)

Tomorrow is Dec. 1st! I so cant BELIEVE that! This year has flown by!!! I am excited I made up my Dec. book and get to start taking photos tomorrow!! I will be a day behind sharing here, but I HOPE to do the photo and LO each day.. wish me luck! or drawing or journaling or whatever I decide on that day to do! It will be a SURPRISE!! I love surprises!! :)

I hear my noodles boiling for my soup... off to get it going!!!
Thanks for stopping by! and Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Good Morning! I am popping in really quick to say HI and Happy Turkey Day!
I am so EXCITED I am so AHEAD of the game this year! :) All I have left is to make my stuffing and warm everything up!! Yesterday I made homemade cranberry sauce for the 1st time ever! I hope it is good! I also got my mash potato's made! The Pioneer Woman said I could make them a day ahead, so I am trying it this year- because well I always BELIEVE her!! LOL! !! Then Amanda and I made 3 pies!! House is clean! Laundry.. well that never ends for me! LOL!! So.. Steve and Justin will take care of the turkey! Amanda and Steve will make eggs! I plan on ENJOYING the WHOLE day!! Watching the Macys Parade (have I told you it is my DREAM to someday see it in person! It is!) and take LOTS and LOTS of photos!!! :)
Wishing you and your family a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


HAPPY 12th Birthday to our SWEET JUSTIN!!!!

We are off to our FUN day!! He gets to skip school and spend the day with me! We are going to do a little shoppen, and out to lunch!!! :)

I made up this super quick digi LO of him this AM! the kit is from Shabby Miss Jenn got it just today when I realized I had NO birthday digi stuff! HA HA!!!

Will do a paper LO today with this photo but wanted to get something up for him before we left!!

Have a GREAT day! thanks for stopping by!!
Happy Birthday Justin!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Morning!

Happy Thursday! I am on the BIG party countdown now... No time to PLAY with my scrappy toys, WHY is it when I have NO TIME to play.. I always have ideas and WANT to! HA HA! then when I have time.. nothing! No ideas.. hee hee!!! Really Amanda and I have been crafting for playtime all week.. and my mojo is seeming to overflow! I LOVE when that happens! :) If it lasts until after this party WAHOOO then I can play! :)

So lets see where will I start! This was my first month for 12 photos on the 12 I am so EXCITED to do this! I am going to make these pages ANYTHING I want...I am just gonna make them for ME! No rhyme or reason.. just fun! so this was the first time I have EVER had something off the page....There is no white around it, just pink with a white tab on top.. you pull that out for journaling! I plan to keep just these LOs in an album so they are all together! I think it will be fun to see months go by! ANYWAY! here is my 1st one! Lots of PINK.. because that is MY COLOR! hee hee!!!

Also finally!! Here FINALLY are my 2 make and takes from the convention last week!! I havent yet got the photos from the throw away camera back yet, hopefully next week! I PROMISE to share them! But for now I have 2! I really LOVED these make and takes! NOW dont worry Xmas isnt 25 days away, but that is my number that is the highest, this is a canvas with laser cut words, then you change the number daily! It is a magnet too so it can be on the fridge!! :)

and then I made this cute ornament..... It used SEI iron ons... and velvet paper! I had to CONTROL myself not to buy it! I for sure will be getting some!! hee hee! The iron-ons were really cool! and I BELIEVE I have velvet paper from um 10 years ago still! HA HA!!! I will be adding photos on to the back of these this holiday season!!!

Well that is all I have ! I wont be back until monday.... the day my BOY is 12! BOO HOO!! I may have to type through tears! :)
Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!!! I am gonna make this quick!! :) I have to get to the party store and get Justins birthday supplies!! Big PARTY is next saturday!! (oh I am gonna SURVIVE it right! WAHHHH a 12 year old- on Nov. 24th.. BOO HOO!! they grow to fast, WHY does no one tell you this before they arrive!!!)

Ok lets see! Had a GREAT time at the CK convention!! Forgot my camera! BOO HOO! so my friend Carol and I walked to Safeway.. which the nice girls told us was only 3 blocks.. Um they were off what maybe 7 blocks! hee hee! I didnt mind it was a BEAUTIFUL morning.. and we had an hour to spare! (no traffic, made GREAT time there!) We got in at 10am and SHOPPED and SHOPPED!!! did 2 make and takes (they were so CUTE!) Oh I will get photos of them.. and share when I get the other photos developed, hopefully tomorrow! It was so STRANGE using a point and shoot throw away.. not used to not seeing the photos! I missed my digi (yet 3 years ago I SWORE I would never go all digi.. yeah eating those words! HA HA!) We then went to our class, that was the only thing that SUCKED.. it was called 25 creative ways to use chipboard.. UH BAD NAME!! We got a paper with 25 ideas, and a LO to work on that was sooo not my style I didnt even do it, I am saving it to use other ways! But that really was the only bummer... I got myself some TREASURES... and I got my xmas shoppen done! YEAH!!!
I also ran into a friend I hadnt seen in about 6 years! Jen!! Yeah! It was GREAT to see her.. we were in the same elevator.. we rode it for awhile before finally stopping and exchanging info...I am so glad to have found her again.. she was FUN to scrap and SHOP with! I hope we can get together soon! At least SOONER then SIX years! HA HA!!

So I have a little share today.. I didnt post this last time.. I still need to work on the inside, but am OVER JOYED to get the main part done! It is a Dec. book.. A mini album to record our holiday time in... gonna just go each day by day.. maybe just a photo, maybe journaling... or drawings from the kids! I am making this a NO NO PRESSURE thing... My friend Mel makes them every year for her DD, and I believe her DGD, and I LOVE the idea.. so I STOLE It!! Ok I borrowed it!! For a challenge at Moments-2-Remember we could pick anyone to lift and I picked Mels album... it got me 10 points for my charm! YEAH! a girl needs her virtual bling! :)
I used the paper and the DARLING ornament PP from the Nov. Kit from M2R it was so PRETTY!

I am going to be adding some ribbons to the rings, but will wait until the month is over.. I want to be able to get into it easier and not have to worry about messing up my ribbons! hee hee! (important stuff ya know! :)

I so want to use that ornament for inspiration and make some of my own for LOs, and how CUTE for gift tags... so LOVELY!!

Ok it is time for me to get offline and get to work! Steve and Amanda have been in her room 2 hours! I cant wait to see it!! I am sure it is gonna be WAY BETTER then anything I could have done.. I tend to SAVE to much! hee hee!!
Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


and if your me HAPPY CK CONVENTION DAY!! WAHOOOO! I am so excited about going!!! I cant even begin to tell ya!!! So if your out and about at the CK convention too, come find me and say HI!! hee hee! I will be the one with the BIG SMILE on my face... and probably WAY TO MANY BAGS in my hand! HA HA!! (shhh dont tell Steve that part!!)

So I got in lots of scrappy time this week!!! I just gave it to ME!!!! I am gonna share them with ya! and then I MUST wake the kiddos to get them on their way to school so MOM can get on HER way too!!!!

first up! Halloween!!! Hmmm I wanted to fit lots on this one.. so not alot of embellies! But alot of photos, AND I still have more photos to scrap from the BIG night!!! Yeah I take lots of photos.. it is my right as a mom and scrapper RIGHT! :)
Ok Happy Halloween!

here are some fun ones with Amanda getting her wig! I hid in our downstairs bathroom, and made her come stand by the door then I came out wearing it!! hee hee! She was soooo EXCITED!!!! then of course we all had to TRY it on and have some fun!!!!

and finally I leave you with this... some of the photos from our FUN trip at the pumpkin patch!!!! I used my NEW distressed stickles on this one around the large photo, you cant tell in the scan but you can In Real Life!! :) So come on over and see that! HA HA!!!!

and now I must say good bye! I am off to wake the kiddos and get them to school!!
Have a GREAT day and a FANTASTIC weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!! AKA Happy Veterans Day!! The kiddos are out of school today! So we plan to get some CREATIVE fun done! I have lots of things brewing in my head! I need to get them on paper before they vanish from head! HA HA!!!

I am so EXCITED I am going to start doing THIS tomorrow! I think it sounds like a FUN idea.. I hope I can stick with it! I was thinking of making up an album just for those photos, I think it will be fun to just have them all in order and see what the 12 brings each month... I found the link from my friend Zoa's blog! It is fun to find new things when you blog hop around! :)

Lets see what else do I have for today! Oh I am sooo INTO circles... isnt that funny! I want to use them all the time! I LOVE my circle punches.. I got this COOL new one from Marvy the extra large giga! I need more! I have one circle and LOVE it!! I have been making circle cards! Here is the ones I made for the kiddos Halloween!

and then I made this one for a friends birthday!

I also I cant get ENOUGH of the cute scallop punches I have!!! I just got a 2 inch one!! hee hee! To fun! I use them to make tags!!! This is a bucket I made up for a Halloween treat this year!!! (Have I told you I LOVE thickers too!)

On a sad note.. Justin didnt win the presidency at school! But he says he will try again in 8th grade! (2 years!) I was so proud he ran!!

I think that is all I have got! Today we are gonna have some fun so I better get off the computer and get started!! Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy FRIDAY!!

Yeah it is FRIDAY! I LOVE Fridays... even RAINY ones like today!!! I am busy busy today gonna go to the school and help with Amandas class party for 3 hours! Today my Justin gives his speech and it is VOTING day at school! GO JUSTIN!! I would LOVE for him to win! But am oh so PROUD he is even running.. I can say this I never would have had the nerve to do that!! JUSTIN FOR PRESIDENT!!

So I had TONS Of photos printed and about 6 layouts sketched and I got ONE done! SIGH! BUT it is one in the books right!! Not 100% sure of it! But LOVED the photos so that is what counts right! hee hee!!

Gotta work on invites this weekend.. hoping to get a couple layouts done next week.. then I MUST clean for the big PARTY the following weekend!! :)

Ok I will leave you with this LO I did... have a GREAT day and a WONDERFUL weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!
Ok gotta run..... enjoy your day....

Monday, November 03, 2008

I LOVE lazy sundays!!!

We dont get very many of them!!! I was happy we had no plans at all yesterday! (WELL Steve did winterize the boat, and clean the garage... but that was it!) So we hung out here, and I was in the kitchen most of the day!! I felt so much like cooking and baking.. so I did! :) I cleaned out the fridge, yikes! I found we had ohhh about 20 apples.. how does this happen! So I made us these yummies!! It is actually a bread recipe but I like to do muffins.. then I KNOW I am not cutting the bread to thick.. hee hee.. which is GOOD but not when you want to watch calories! :)
So here are the muffins-

I of course had to do a little bit different then the recipe! Since I had sooo many apples I used 2 cups instead of one! Then I used 1 cup of WW flour (my family doesnt even know... shhhhhh dont tell!) then to counter all that good for you stuff! I put butter on the top right when they came out of the oven... and topped them with cinnamon sugar! YUMMY! :)
I was gonna link the recipe I got it from HERE last year, when I googled it it showed a link for it, but I couldnt find it! So there is the link to the site, they have some YUMMY recipes there!! and here is a copy of the recipe from a swap I did last year!

Then for lunch I used another apple and made chicken salad for lunch! YUM! :)

I ran to the grocery store, and got some black berries (frozen... but I still LOVE them!) and made some Jam! YUM!! I LOVE blackberry jam!!! and it is so darn easy to make the freezer jam.. Amanda helped Stir!! :)

Then for dinner I put a pot roast in the crock pot and made rice pilaf and THESE they were sooooo sooooo soooo GOOD!! Justin ate all of that FIRST before the meat and rice! LOL!! Amanda of course wouldnt touch it! But SIGH that is just how she is! But really they were so good! Worth the 1 hour baking time!! I will for sure be making them again!!! :) Steve did say you could put that sauce on ANYTHING and make it good! HA HA!! it was good!!! Here are mine...

and then I had to put her... away.. boo hoo!! I LOVE this witch! My sweet sil Kimmie made her for me a few years ago, and I just LOVE her!!! She greets you right when you walk in my front door! Til next year witchy poo!! Have a good rest in your box! LOL!!! :)

That is about all I have to share today! I did take a photo of the dinner plate last night.. but thought ahhh they may not want to see it! LOL!!

I am going to work on some photos to be printed up tomorrow! I so cant wait to get scrappen those Halloween Photos I took! (shared in below post! a few anyway! LOL!) and I got some FUN Ones of the Hannah Wig... hee hee!! I will be working on them too!! I also MUST work on Justins 12th Birthday invites.. they need to be out by monday of next week at the latest!! I cant believe my Justin is gonna be TWELVE! so NOT ready for that one!!!

I had better run.. play date later today too... and lots to do before they arrive! Thanks for stopping by!! Have a GREAT day!!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trick or Treater Share!

Happy November!!! :) What a FUN night we had last night!!!The rain cleared about and hour before we went out~ perfect timing!!
Thanks again to Tutu for making the costumes!
Here are a few :) Photos!!

Off to do some cleaning, then some shopping then out to chinese dinner!
Have a GREAT rest of your weekend!!