Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!!! I am gonna make this quick!! :) I have to get to the party store and get Justins birthday supplies!! Big PARTY is next saturday!! (oh I am gonna SURVIVE it right! WAHHHH a 12 year old- on Nov. 24th.. BOO HOO!! they grow to fast, WHY does no one tell you this before they arrive!!!)

Ok lets see! Had a GREAT time at the CK convention!! Forgot my camera! BOO HOO! so my friend Carol and I walked to Safeway.. which the nice girls told us was only 3 blocks.. Um they were off what maybe 7 blocks! hee hee! I didnt mind it was a BEAUTIFUL morning.. and we had an hour to spare! (no traffic, made GREAT time there!) We got in at 10am and SHOPPED and SHOPPED!!! did 2 make and takes (they were so CUTE!) Oh I will get photos of them.. and share when I get the other photos developed, hopefully tomorrow! It was so STRANGE using a point and shoot throw away.. not used to not seeing the photos! I missed my digi (yet 3 years ago I SWORE I would never go all digi.. yeah eating those words! HA HA!) We then went to our class, that was the only thing that SUCKED.. it was called 25 creative ways to use chipboard.. UH BAD NAME!! We got a paper with 25 ideas, and a LO to work on that was sooo not my style I didnt even do it, I am saving it to use other ways! But that really was the only bummer... I got myself some TREASURES... and I got my xmas shoppen done! YEAH!!!
I also ran into a friend I hadnt seen in about 6 years! Jen!! Yeah! It was GREAT to see her.. we were in the same elevator.. we rode it for awhile before finally stopping and exchanging info...I am so glad to have found her again.. she was FUN to scrap and SHOP with! I hope we can get together soon! At least SOONER then SIX years! HA HA!!

So I have a little share today.. I didnt post this last time.. I still need to work on the inside, but am OVER JOYED to get the main part done! It is a Dec. book.. A mini album to record our holiday time in... gonna just go each day by day.. maybe just a photo, maybe journaling... or drawings from the kids! I am making this a NO NO PRESSURE thing... My friend Mel makes them every year for her DD, and I believe her DGD, and I LOVE the idea.. so I STOLE It!! Ok I borrowed it!! For a challenge at Moments-2-Remember we could pick anyone to lift and I picked Mels album... it got me 10 points for my charm! YEAH! a girl needs her virtual bling! :)
I used the paper and the DARLING ornament PP from the Nov. Kit from M2R it was so PRETTY!

I am going to be adding some ribbons to the rings, but will wait until the month is over.. I want to be able to get into it easier and not have to worry about messing up my ribbons! hee hee! (important stuff ya know! :)

I so want to use that ornament for inspiration and make some of my own for LOs, and how CUTE for gift tags... so LOVELY!!

Ok it is time for me to get offline and get to work! Steve and Amanda have been in her room 2 hours! I cant wait to see it!! I am sure it is gonna be WAY BETTER then anything I could have done.. I tend to SAVE to much! hee hee!!
Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I love the album... I'm off to Mel's blog to checkout the original! Sorry about the 25 Ways to Use Chipboard class. I took that class last year at the Scrapbook Expo. I thought it would help me use up the chipboard I've hoarded over the years. Well, it was a bust! I told myself that I wouldn't take anymore classes unless I could see the final project first. I love the layouts from the last post... keep scrappin!

  2. BEAUTIFUL album beth WOW!! thank for doing my challenged happy that you got alot of new goodies at least it made up for that class cannot wait to see the pics

  3. Wonderful album beth!! I'm making one too, can't wait to finish it up. Glad you had FUN shopping at the convention, can't wait to see what you do with your new goodies!!!

  4. Awesome idea!! I really want to make something like that. Gotta figure out how to make it stress free! HA!

  5. what a CUTE album! That inspires me for sure, to use some of my extra kit papers!

  6. We're having a b-day party on Saturday too! IF everyone is well! My middle child turns 4 on Friday!

  7. Great stuff, Chica!! And Happy Birthday, Justin!!!!!


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