Monday, November 03, 2008

I LOVE lazy sundays!!!

We dont get very many of them!!! I was happy we had no plans at all yesterday! (WELL Steve did winterize the boat, and clean the garage... but that was it!) So we hung out here, and I was in the kitchen most of the day!! I felt so much like cooking and baking.. so I did! :) I cleaned out the fridge, yikes! I found we had ohhh about 20 apples.. how does this happen! So I made us these yummies!! It is actually a bread recipe but I like to do muffins.. then I KNOW I am not cutting the bread to thick.. hee hee.. which is GOOD but not when you want to watch calories! :)
So here are the muffins-

I of course had to do a little bit different then the recipe! Since I had sooo many apples I used 2 cups instead of one! Then I used 1 cup of WW flour (my family doesnt even know... shhhhhh dont tell!) then to counter all that good for you stuff! I put butter on the top right when they came out of the oven... and topped them with cinnamon sugar! YUMMY! :)
I was gonna link the recipe I got it from HERE last year, when I googled it it showed a link for it, but I couldnt find it! So there is the link to the site, they have some YUMMY recipes there!! and here is a copy of the recipe from a swap I did last year!

Then for lunch I used another apple and made chicken salad for lunch! YUM! :)

I ran to the grocery store, and got some black berries (frozen... but I still LOVE them!) and made some Jam! YUM!! I LOVE blackberry jam!!! and it is so darn easy to make the freezer jam.. Amanda helped Stir!! :)

Then for dinner I put a pot roast in the crock pot and made rice pilaf and THESE they were sooooo sooooo soooo GOOD!! Justin ate all of that FIRST before the meat and rice! LOL!! Amanda of course wouldnt touch it! But SIGH that is just how she is! But really they were so good! Worth the 1 hour baking time!! I will for sure be making them again!!! :) Steve did say you could put that sauce on ANYTHING and make it good! HA HA!! it was good!!! Here are mine...

and then I had to put her... away.. boo hoo!! I LOVE this witch! My sweet sil Kimmie made her for me a few years ago, and I just LOVE her!!! She greets you right when you walk in my front door! Til next year witchy poo!! Have a good rest in your box! LOL!!! :)

That is about all I have to share today! I did take a photo of the dinner plate last night.. but thought ahhh they may not want to see it! LOL!!

I am going to work on some photos to be printed up tomorrow! I so cant wait to get scrappen those Halloween Photos I took! (shared in below post! a few anyway! LOL!) and I got some FUN Ones of the Hannah Wig... hee hee!! I will be working on them too!! I also MUST work on Justins 12th Birthday invites.. they need to be out by monday of next week at the latest!! I cant believe my Justin is gonna be TWELVE! so NOT ready for that one!!!

I had better run.. play date later today too... and lots to do before they arrive! Thanks for stopping by!! Have a GREAT day!!!!


  1. beth i think i gain weight just reading this TOO YUMMY!that witch is too cute i hate putting really awesome stuff away too.i cannot wait to try that recipe from pw it be sometime this week and happy early birthday to justin he be a great pre teen not like my drama queen!LOL

  2. oh...your food sounds sooo yummy! I wish I had your cooking skills! (so does my family!) lol...

  3. YUM.. Those muffins look fabulous, Beth!!

  4. Bethie,

    Everything sounded wonderful! Amanda and Allyson are SO much alike at the dinner table! She is really not wanting to eat anything right now!!!

  5. aaaaa...I'm wishing that I had a lazy Sunday. Your's sounds like so much fun! Baking the day away! Send some my way please!!!!

  6. Wow Beth, you cooked up a storm in the kitchen!!! I love those squash you shared, looks so good. And those muffins!! I have pumpkin bars in the over right now...can you smell them??? LOL!!


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