Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recipe Share!

I HAD to share this recipe with you!! I just made it and it was sooo GOOD!
I got it from Becky Higgins Blog


1 can white corn, drained
1 can black-eyed peas, drained
1/2 bunch green onion, chopped
1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped
4 med. tomatoes, chopped
3 avocados, chopped
1 pkg. Good Seasons Italian dressing mix

Mix together all ingredients and chill overnight.

I did only use 2 1/2 tomato's, since Steve and I arent crazy about them! I also added in some red onion... and my avocados were big so I only added 2! It was a BIG hit at our house and we will for sure be making it again! :) Like on the 4th of July when we go to Antzy Nancys BBQ!!

I got some scrappen done and will share that next week, I need to get a few more done for my DT assignment at IBSS when they are done I will just have a big ole blog entry of scrappy stuff!!

We are LOVING this sunshine... taking out the boat! YEAH!! Cant wait to sail away! AHHH..... hope your having a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tim McGraw ROCKS!!! :) (so did Jason Aldean!)

Our Concert!!!
Last night we went to see Jason Aldean and Tim McGraw at the White River Amphitheater ~ it was soooo FUN!! The weather was GREAT!! the show was FANTASTIC!!!!! We did stop by the casino for dinner and some FUN, we got there at the end of the 1st act, but in time for the other 2!! :)
We had great seats! I was able to sneak down the side to get some even closer photos!!!! :)
Here are some of Jason Aldean!!

and some of Tim himself!! :)

Something going on down front during the Indian Outlaw performance, Tim and his security pulled this guy out of the audience! and kicked him out of the show.. that was the excitement of the night! I want to know why! LOL!! At least he can say Tim McGraw himself yanked him up on stage and kicked him out of the concert.. he was right near the front row... I think we should have got to have his seat! LOL!!! :)
It was a FUN FUN night! NOW on to to the Toby Keith Concert Countdown!!! (24 days if you want to count with me!! :) )
THANKS mom for coming down to take care the kiddos!!!

Edited- Here is the Youtube video someone got of it happening!
Tim McGraw Concert Fan getting booted out!

Tonite we are off to the AquaSox game! The kids earned their free tickets from reading at school! they LOVE that!! and YEAH we have sun again today!! Think we will sneak to the park in a bit!!! First I want to TRY to finish a layout, or dare I say 2!! :) Dreams are FREE!!!
That is about all I have to tell ya!!!
Have a GREAT rest of the week!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little share!

I got to do a couple things this week!!! This layout is from photos of the kiddos I took at moms birthday party a week and a half ago!!! :)

arent they the CUTEST!! :)

This is the birthday card I made for Gina for her birthday party last saturday!(yep we have been party ANIMALS this month! LOL!!)

So we are getting some sunshine! YEAH! summer is coming! :) Tonite Steve and I are going on a DATE!! Out to dinner then off to see Tim McGraw in concert! I can hardly wait!!!!!

Hoping to get some more scrapping in this week too! I have some visions floating around in my head! :)
I need to get busy, and clean before my mom gets here to watch the kiddos... if I dont do it she will! :)
Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!! I am so ready for the weekend!! They say that the sun may be making an appearance- I sure hope so!!! :) I miss it! LOL!! I need it!!!

So we have had 3 days of summer vacation so far and really dont nothing much! LOL!!
Well we did make THIS

BLACKBERRY JAM!! My favorite!!! YUMMY!!! :)

I have been up in the scrappy room (which is gonna be getting CLEANED next week! Sigh it is pretty bad!! enough of that!) I will share when I finish ~ hopefully today!!
I did get some FUN new digi things from The Lily Pad it has some of the CUTEST things!! My sweet SIL Kimmie said it reminded her of things I liked! She was right! Oh my! Such fun things and some BARGIN prices on some holiday stuff! I did this yesterday just for fun,

I love this photo, how you can see their bare feet! To sweet! I have another one but this is the one uploaded so I used it! :) I LOVE this fun frame.. from the lily pad, and that flower... another set... Now to just find some time to work up some MORE fun stuff!!!

Tonite is BUNKO! Yeah moms night out! This weekend is Ginas birthday party! DANCE DANCE DANCE!! the theme is dance! YEAH!! That will be fun!!
So that is our weekend, tomorrow we are also going to our FAVORITE Chinese restaurant- good thing it is a 2 hour drive away from us, or I would be there every day! HA HA!!!

So that brings me to my next topic! I am gonna start yet another blog, well because the 2 I have arent enough ~ HA HA!! I want to start a place where I can track my workouts and eating... I have a journal but I dont write in it, I am always on the computer so I figure WHY NOT!! :) When it is going I will post here and if you have any YUMMY healthy recipes to share please do! I am always looking for YUMMY recipes!!!

I think that is about all I got! Thanks for stopping by~ have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

One SUCCESSFUL party! :)

We had so much FUN!!!! Thought I would share some photos!!

We had a really fun time today!! The sun came out~ the food was good, she loved her gifts... and Kimmie cleaned my kitchen! (THANK YOU!) it was a PERFECT day!!!

I realized I didnt scan the LO I made for my mom but if you look close in the photo you can see it~ the photos were from when she was about 6 months old! To cute! She liked the cake I made her.. here that is... I didnt want to share it before, in case she was peeking here and saw it!!!!

I got the idea from the Basic Grey Newsletter!!! Now I want one! LOL!!!

Well it is 7:30pm I am TIRED... having a party wears a girl out! Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a GREAT rest of the weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday... well it is the day before the BIG party!! I am almost ready! YEAH! I have to finish a bit of cleaning then go to Costco and the grocery store... make 3 salads and the cake and I am DONE! (see nothing much left at all!!)

So yesterday I took the kiddos to the farmers market in Snohomish, and got THESE! Hello $28 for 4 BIG bundles of flowers! HOW can you go wrong??!!!

So they are in vases just WAITING for the party tomorrow!!!!

Been super busy with school stuff for the kids too, PARTIES!! Field Trips, Their field day!!!! They are out tuesday the 17th and we are ALL READY for summer vacation and some SUNSHINE! :)
Here is a photo I took of them after field day! AHHHH they are so cute and GOOD TO ME!! always giving me my photos! :)

So that is about all I got... today the nice UPS truck is gonna drop THISoff for me! YEAH! I cant wait til next week to PLAY with it! I LOVE it!! Soooo pretty!!!

Well I need to get back to my cleaning!!! Will be back to share some things ~ gonna make you wait! LOL!!
Have a GREAT weekend!! Happy Fathers Day!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

2 Posts in TWO days!!

Aren't you lucky!! LOL!! :) Really I am just taking a cleaning break... or stalling from doing any more I guess is more like it! LOL!!!!

Thought I would share a fun photo I took Wed. from the raven racer pizza party at the kids school!!! It was the coldest one we have been too! But still the rain held off for us!!! We ran/walked laps every wed. at the school, I went for both kiddos, Justin ran 286 (1st in his class ! YEAH! first time ever he has done that!) Amanda got 175ish.. that means mom got 461 total! YEAH! :) This is for my Foto Friday share at 2SCD's I love they do that, it is fun to see photos people take over the week!!!
Speaking of 2SCDs
There is a CROP!!!!! there tomorrow!! come on over if you have time, lots of fun challenges, and PRIZES!!!!! :)

Well I think that is all I got! I have some projects to work on, cleaning to do, a party to get ready for! It is gonna be FUN! I think we are gonna have um about um maybe 30-35 people here that day.... SHHHHHH dont tell Steve.. he will worry we dont have room! I am more worried about there being NO SUN!!YIKES!!! We need that outdoor space! :) So if you can please send sunny thoughts our way!!! THANKS! LOL!! Hey I will try anything!!
have a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some stuff to share!

Happy WET thursday if your here where we are.... sigh... have I told you all yet I am TIRED of the rain.... it is June and so cold last week I almost took out my gloves for Justins last flag football game! SIGH!! OK enough of that! I have stuff to share!!

I joined this sketch class for some FUN! I LOVE her sketches, and am looking forward to scrappen with over 375 scrap buddies during it! :) She is having some pre-class challenges, and that is what I did for this LO using her sketch as inspiration! :)

Those were taking Dec. 06 of the kids for a gift I made mom for xmas! I knew when I saw the sketch those were the photos I wanted to use!!!

Some EXCITING news for my mom! She is racing in the Worlds Triathlon saturday in Canada!! GO MOM!!!! This article was in her local paper!!! How EXCITING is that!! We are so PROUD of her!!! KICK BUTT MOM!! (sorry for the language! LOL!!)

We are so busy getting ready for the last day of school, and moms party, which is here next saturday! so if you dont see me for awhile that is why! I have lots to do, and little time to do it! :) But THINK of the photos I will have when I get some time back! LOL!! :)

We did get to go boating last week, I got some fun photos, will share those later...
Think sunshine wishes PLEASE so the kiddos dont have to have their field day (their end of the year fun day) canceled tomorrow!
I am off to the Volunteer luncheon at the school now!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT Day!