Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday... well it is the day before the BIG party!! I am almost ready! YEAH! I have to finish a bit of cleaning then go to Costco and the grocery store... make 3 salads and the cake and I am DONE! (see nothing much left at all!!)

So yesterday I took the kiddos to the farmers market in Snohomish, and got THESE! Hello $28 for 4 BIG bundles of flowers! HOW can you go wrong??!!!

So they are in vases just WAITING for the party tomorrow!!!!

Been super busy with school stuff for the kids too, PARTIES!! Field Trips, Their field day!!!! They are out tuesday the 17th and we are ALL READY for summer vacation and some SUNSHINE! :)
Here is a photo I took of them after field day! AHHHH they are so cute and GOOD TO ME!! always giving me my photos! :)

So that is about all I got... today the nice UPS truck is gonna drop THISoff for me! YEAH! I cant wait til next week to PLAY with it! I LOVE it!! Soooo pretty!!!

Well I need to get back to my cleaning!!! Will be back to share some things ~ gonna make you wait! LOL!!
Have a GREAT weekend!! Happy Fathers Day!!!!
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  1. awesome beth and the flowers are BEAUTIFUL cannot wait to see pics of the party and yes the kids are too cute.TFS

  2. Your kids are always sooo good!! Can you teach me your secret??


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