Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!! I am so ready for the weekend!! They say that the sun may be making an appearance- I sure hope so!!! :) I miss it! LOL!! I need it!!!

So we have had 3 days of summer vacation so far and really dont nothing much! LOL!!
Well we did make THIS

BLACKBERRY JAM!! My favorite!!! YUMMY!!! :)

I have been up in the scrappy room (which is gonna be getting CLEANED next week! Sigh it is pretty bad!! enough of that!) I will share when I finish ~ hopefully today!!
I did get some FUN new digi things from The Lily Pad it has some of the CUTEST things!! My sweet SIL Kimmie said it reminded her of things I liked! She was right! Oh my! Such fun things and some BARGIN prices on some holiday stuff! I did this yesterday just for fun,

I love this photo, how you can see their bare feet! To sweet! I have another one but this is the one uploaded so I used it! :) I LOVE this fun frame.. from the lily pad, and that flower... another set... Now to just find some time to work up some MORE fun stuff!!!

Tonite is BUNKO! Yeah moms night out! This weekend is Ginas birthday party! DANCE DANCE DANCE!! the theme is dance! YEAH!! That will be fun!!
So that is our weekend, tomorrow we are also going to our FAVORITE Chinese restaurant- good thing it is a 2 hour drive away from us, or I would be there every day! HA HA!!!

So that brings me to my next topic! I am gonna start yet another blog, well because the 2 I have arent enough ~ HA HA!! I want to start a place where I can track my workouts and eating... I have a journal but I dont write in it, I am always on the computer so I figure WHY NOT!! :) When it is going I will post here and if you have any YUMMY healthy recipes to share please do! I am always looking for YUMMY recipes!!!

I think that is about all I got! Thanks for stopping by~ have a WONDERFUL weekend!!


  1. beth that mini vacation sound fun and Chinese foods too YUMMY i love digi too but i need to get me more memory on my computer the digi take up way too much room great pic also SO did you make the jam!DO U NEED MY ADDY!!YUMMY

  2. Girl, you are too funny with your another blog action. but great idea and if it works for you, GREAT!! LOVE the jam, looks so yummy and the Chinese food! Hope you had a great time at Bunko, man, I need a life outside of my 3 crazy kids..LOL!


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