Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A little share!

I got to SCRAP today! YEAH!!! It is my challenge week at my friend Viv's store scrappersXchange in the gallery you will find the challenges!!! Come on in if you have time this week to play!!!

This is a little out of my comfort zone... I have a real hard time with white space (or rather red in this case!) and I dont like to toss in colors that arent in the scheme of the layout! But for this I did! the transparency has green and blue in it! :) I really like how it turned out! These are some of my favorite photos of the kiddos I took last Nov. for a gift photo I needed, they were being so GOOD I just kept on clicking away!!! :)

I am going back to my scrappy space, after folding a load of laundry! ;) I need to get a couple more things done!!! Thanks for stopping by!! and come play my challenge if you have some time!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rock Star Birthday Party and Tulip Feilds!

Here are some birthday party photos!! :)

Well the party was a success and such a BEAUTIFUL day! Perfect Party and BBQ weather!!!! Amanda had a GREAT time!! We did make up and hair! Got some fun new toys! :) Had cake! (which we ran out of! OH NO!!! Note to self make 2 stars next time! LOL!!) I of course took LOTS of photos!!!!
She loved her Hannah Dress Tutu made her! I got that COOL Hannah door thing from my friend Julies online store so we had to have a few photos to make it look like Hannah was here, and trust me everytime you catch it out of the corner of your eye you think someone is at the door! LOL!!
The cake was made by me this year! Choc, toffee, and caramel! YUMMY!! I love the photo of Amanda sneaking some of it! :) It was her birthday otherwise she would have been in BIG trouble! LOL!!! Thanks to all for helping make her party so FUN!!

Tulip Festival Photos!

I cant believe one week ago we had SNOW on saturday! Sunday we went to the tulips, not much snow left, it ended up being a pretty nice day! I wanted to try and get some DIFFERENT photos then I usually get, so I got some different landscape photos, but of course I had to get the kiddos photos like always! :) We went to the street festival after the fields, didnt get much, I did get some yummy black berry bread that I MUST find the recipe for!! :) Out to dinner then home!! This is one of my FAVORITE parts of spring here... and so CRAZY snow was still around! :)

Think that is about all I have got to share, I plan on doing some scrappen this week, I need to get Thank You cards, done and I feel sooooo SCRAPPY! Wish me luck I find some time for that! :)
Thanks for stopping by~ have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My BABY is 8!!!


I cant believe our BABY is 8 today! Time just FLEW to fast for me!
We had a FUN day today, she got to skip school and have her mom and me day!
We went shopping! :) Went to our SECRET chinese place, and got lunch togo for a picnic! Then home to play with her new toys! Tonite I am fixing her choice of dinner! Little smokies,(Like I make for our xmas snack! LOL!) chips and dip, and pasta salad, fancy all the way baby! LOL!!! :)

Have LOTS to do this week, her birthday party is saturday... so I will be a cleaning machine! Amanda of course is VERY excited about the party!!! Gonna be a ROCKSTAR theme! should be LOTS of fun!!!!

Well I am off, I need to clean the kitchen!! Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some stuff to share!-like SNOW?!!

Ok so we had SNOW! and not just a little snow... like 8 inches of SNOW! GRRR I was so not a happy girl!! Now MY GIRL! She was happy!! As you can see from the LO I shared! That was her "Cannonballing" into the snow yesterday from the deck, thank GOODNESS the deck is only 18 inches off the ground!

The second LO is from last fall~ they were just hanging out AGAIN on the deck (looks different with no snow! yes I am BITTER! LOL!!!) I took the photo through the glass so they wouldnt know! :)

These layouts were done for a challenge at my friend Vivs Store ScrappersXchange she is having a BIRTHDAY CROP today!! Happy Birthday!!! Come on over if you have time LOTS of challenges!! Fun games!!!!

Lets see what else do I got other then SNOW! :) ok letting it go!! today we are gonna try to go to the Tulip Festival! this is the first time there maybe snow in our photos! We LOVE to go this weekend because it is the street fair... I hope the weather holds! I need TULIP PHOTOS!! (never mind I have years of them yet to scrap!! hee hee!!)

Justin has a football game first! he is LOVING playing... I am so glad, it is flag football... and it is so fun to watch him play!!!

Amanda is on the COUNT down to her birthday...in 2 days she will be 8, that is just not right! She is my BABY! Babies arent 8, BIG girls are! :(

That is about all I got! I am off to get ready for the day! Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

They are DONE!

I am so HAPPY to have finished up Amandas birthday invites!! They are in the mail now! YEAH! only 2 days later then I wanted! LOL!! They are pretty simple, but she LOVES them, and that is what counts!! Those stars are all silver not all colors like the photo, they have an iridescent look to them so they photo. funny!! As always I made the labels too! Amanda was so excited to see them yesterday!!! NOW on to my Thank Yous, then her Thank Yous then I am FREE to scrap!!! (or rather free to CLEAN! HA HA!!!) I am feeling so scrappy and really want to join some challenges at my scrappy sites! SOON very soon!!!!

Hope your all having a GREAT week! THANKS for stopping by!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!! We are HOME!

What a GREAT GREAT time we all had on our trip to Vegas!! It was the BEST 30th birthday ever! (hey it is my story and I am sticking to that age!) hee hee!!!

First off a BIG THANKS to Steve for a GREAT trip!! Thanks to the kiddos for NOT fighting and being soooo VERY GOOD!!! Thanks to Mom and Nancy for giving up work and joining us!! and Thanks to Tom, Peg, and Christa for joining us for dinner on saturday!

So lets see where do I even start... how about where the gal at dinner on saturday night wanted to know if I had a special boyfriend to sit next to me in the center for the photo at dinner... um no ... but I have a special hubby and kids~ she was like OH I thought you were a teenager! YEAH she is my new favorite friend! HA HA! that was a big laugh the whole trip!! Or shall I start with the fact the van driver put 12 of us in a 10 seater van and was worried the whole trip he would get pulled over and fired! LOL! WHY he did this we dont know he kept cramming us in! or how about I start with the BEAUTIFUL sunshine, and shorts we got to wear all 5 days! :)

I cant pick! So how about I start here and give the highlites! I took 350 photos! but will share only a few here in the slide show!!! :) Be ready for some layouts to come! I also have a couple photos to scan and share with you!! But havent scanned yet this AM!
So we headed out last friday ~ our plane landed EARLY~ yeah!!! Nancys was late, so we all got there the same time! PERFECT!! Headed to the hotel, I didnt know where we were staying, to FUN at the Excaliber! I have shared some photos in the slide show in the daylite and nite lite! :) We get to our room to find one bed... Steve goes to FIX things.... by knocking on the ajoining door in our room! he got TWO rooms so the kids for the 1st time had their own room~ to say they were EXCITED is an understatement! LOL!!! so that was fun!! Then off to the strip we went for fun! :) We got to swim almost everyday! Got some FUN goodies, ATE lots! LOTS of pictures...some slot play! NO big winnings! But FUN! some FUN adult time out!! :) See those Fat Tuesday cups in the photo... yeah we filled them a couple times! hee hee! YUM!!! and FUN! :) Steve and I went to see Louie Anderson, he was soooo FUNNY!!!! We did a meet and greet before the show, that was cool~ I have a photo...one of the needs to scan! :)
We went to some fun restaurants... Margarittaville , Hard Rock, Toby Keiths Bar and grill to name a few ! Saturday night was our FANCY birthday dinner at Circo in the Bellagio.. YUM!!! We saw the water show that night.... a few times from our table and outside... I shared a photo of the watershow from up in the Eiffel Tower...
We got to go swimming a few days.. they have such odd pool hours..10-5pm ~ so we had to get that in.. the pool was soooo COOL! Oh we got to go see the Secret Garden at the Mirage... they had a BABY dolphin it was so cute! It was so neat to see them doing things... then we saw the white tigers, lions, and reg. colored lions and tigers!... we went to the shark reef too~ that was neat ~ , saw the pirate show at Treasure Island... took the kiddos to circus circus for some fun! Have I mentioned SHOPPING! oh yeah.. lots of fun... went to the M & M store 4 times! Margarittaville twice!, ABC stores.... um 10 times, Walgreens 25 times! LOL!! you get that picture! it was just a GREAT fun trip! We got home last night about 9pm, our plane was 30 minutes late, and to start with we didnt even have seats the plane was so FULL , BUT we got on, thanks to 4 people giving up seats and the gate agent getting us 4 seats, not in the same row but we had 2 and 2! YEAH! .... I am sure I will remember more, and will blog about that too~ so now comes the REAL FUN! LAUNDRY!! and unpacking!! :)

Hope you all had a GREAT week~ thanks for stopping by!!!!!!