Wednesday, April 16, 2008

They are DONE!

I am so HAPPY to have finished up Amandas birthday invites!! They are in the mail now! YEAH! only 2 days later then I wanted! LOL!! They are pretty simple, but she LOVES them, and that is what counts!! Those stars are all silver not all colors like the photo, they have an iridescent look to them so they photo. funny!! As always I made the labels too! Amanda was so excited to see them yesterday!!! NOW on to my Thank Yous, then her Thank Yous then I am FREE to scrap!!! (or rather free to CLEAN! HA HA!!!) I am feeling so scrappy and really want to join some challenges at my scrappy sites! SOON very soon!!!!

Hope your all having a GREAT week! THANKS for stopping by!!!!

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