Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Photos!!

Happy Tuesday!! I have sooo much I need to be creating and yet here I sit! :) I decided to upload some birthday party photos.. thought I would share a few.. cant wait to scrap them.. but must wait til all my other stuff is done.. which should be the middle of May!

Here we go! Here is the birthday girl!! My mom made her dress (THANKS TUTU!) and she made a matching dress for Marie (THANKS TUTU!) and Amanda just loves her mini American Girl Dolls too.. so they are in alot of photos now too! LOL!!

Matching hair-do's! We got Maries done at the AG store when we were in Cali.. Amanda wanted hers to match for the party! :)

Justin and Amanda

The Cake.. so her theme was Littlest Pet Shop.. I googled online a doggy cake and found this and Amanda LOVED it.. so here is our take on it! Steve decorated the face! I was NOT ready for the party! LOL!! So it was a team effort.. me baking and frosting, Steve face duty! :)

Our family.. and the cake! ;)

Birthday girl and the cake! :)

Still with me?? I have 2 left to share! For a craft I had the girls decorate a straw hat for their littlest pet shop.. then the did a little fashion show and showed them off! :) Here is Amandas..

And last but not least! She got from Tutu a NEW American Girl Doll ~ Chrissa and Tutu also made HER a matching birthday dress! (still need a photo of all 3 of them in them! :) )

PHEW.. there we go.. a few photos from the FUN day!! I cant wait to scrap them..
Thanks for stopping by!! Have a GREAT day.. off to make some dinner... Will be back tomorrow or Thur. to share some of what I am working on this week!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Sunday!

PHEW we survived the BIG party!! Amanda had a GREAT time.. and got some WONDERFUL gifts! (THANKS everyone!) Now to get thank yous for her gifts and mine out!! :)
The girls LOVED the goodie boxes (see yesterdays post for them!) so that totally made my day!!! :)

I wanted to share the card I made her for her birthday... she said she loved it so much she was keeping it forever no matter what I said.. :) I said OF COURSE you can.. hee hee! This is honestly the 1st birthday card I have made her (I know bad..) but my goal of making all cards started this year... so that is why! ANYWAY! Here it is..

I used a digi kit from Shabby Miss Jenn it was the Paris Flea Market.. I couldnt find the link! SORRY .. sadly I found like 4 more kits I want to add to my collection! LOL!! I distressed the edges, inked and stitched! :)
The stamps I used were from Pink Cat Studios One of the cute Lily and Tweet Stamps, colored with my copics.. used my apron lace border punch from fiskars, and added some hero art pink pearls, STICKLES! and little sequin flowers!!

My grandparents are coming up today.. they couldnt make it yesterday... I had better go get some cleaning done.. or make some templates I got today from PTI ... did you SEE the blog hop stuff from last night! AMAZING.. I had to get a couple I didnt have.. (Yeah Mara I did go back and buy the ones I said I was waiting on! HA HA! BAD ME!)

Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy PTI Blog Hop!

OOHHHH it is my FAVORITE time of the month! It the.......

This months challenge at PTI was to make up a Timeless Template by Lauren Meader Now there are 4 things I LOVE about PTI

So while it is my DDs birthday party.. until RIGHT before the blog hop starts.. and we are having family for dinner.. I HAD to play~ I cant wait to SEE what everyone creates!!!

Here is mine... I did printed out Captured Card Case at 60% and made little boxes for the girls treat boxes for the party today!!

They are perfect size to hold the gift cards, a pack of gum, and a tattoo :)
They were so fun to make.. print template, used my apron lace punch on the sides, computer generated each girls name, stamped around their name using a guidelines stamp, added STICKLE LOVE to the scallop oval and the sides added a flower, a little bling then filled them up!!
Amanda LOVES them... and that is what makes my heart HAPPY!!!

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Blog Hopping... here come the photos (I have alot to shrare)............................

THANKS for stopping by!!!! Have a GREAT weekend!

SD4U Blog Hop!!

YIPPEEE I LOVE Blog Hops!! and my friend Joni got one together for us over at SD4U Thanks Joni!!!

Ok here is my spring project... a LO of the kiddos from one of my favorite photos at the tulip festival! I used the April Kit from SD4U I ADORE the colors.. they worked perfect for the tulips.. and the butterfly oh MY! LOVE IT!! This is going to sit out in my living room.. (that is your warning I WILL be scrappen this photo again for the books! LOL!!) Ok enough chatter.. here is my LO.....

We had to post a favorite quote too.. I really like this one (even used it on a LO a few years ago!)

"To the world you are one person..
But to one person you are the WORLD!"
sorry author unknown!

THANKS for stopping by my blog... NOW here is what you do for the HOP!!
Go to the next blog!! Easy Peasy!!!

Visit MARY next!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My sweet girl turns 9 today..SIGH.. my baby!! Where did the time go!! We LOVE you!!

She got to skip school today for a mom and me day.. we are off for some shopping.. then back home for a picnic lunch in the living room since our sun didnt last!

Will have lots to share in the next couple days.. but for now I am off to have some FUN with my girl!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a GREAT day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Sunday!

We made it to the Tulip Festival today! Should have probably waited another week.. but we couldnt go next weekend! PLUS it is the weekend of the street fair which we like to walk around too!! Even though the tulips werent all popped.. it was still BEAUTIFUL!! I have a little slide show of a few photos..

So the SAD news... sigh.. there was a smudge on my lens.. I was so bummed you can see it worse in some photos.. but I know it is there.. NOW to just get over that and print them anyway! LOL!! :)

Gonna get a little creative tomorrow.. then it is POWER clean week for me! Amandas party is next saturday... so no time to play... but the following week.. ALL CREATING ALL THE TIME!! hee hee! I hope!!

Have a GREAT night! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

2 Post Friday!! :)

Happy Friday! AGAIN!! It is now SUNNY! it wasnt for my first post! LOL!! :) Anyway.. I have some goodies to share... First up AGAIN another template from Lauren Meader another version for Amanda of the from the desk of I made her one and I shrunk the patter to 50% and made one for her Doll/Sister! :) Marie .. she was so EXCITED!! Maries has some goodies in it.. Amanda like me is working on filling it! LOL!!

Ok and here are my flowers I made from the book I shared the other day!
Book- (Aster)


Book (Echinacea)


Book (Gerber Daisy)

Me (I used my cricut for this one.. I didnt have the other punch size I needed!)

Ok there ya go! Now I did the flowers a bit different.. she just used glue.. I am not a girl who enjoys waiting for glue to dry! So between each of my flower layers I used a glue dot, AND glue.. that way I could have the glue dot hold instantly and still have the reg. glue for strength.. I added stickles and some bling to all my centers!! For the Gerber Daisy I just cut my sizes of daisys, then I outlined them on the edges with my bic sharpie marker...

I LOVED making them.. and cant wait to make more!!! They didnt take long.. NOW I am not sure how I will use them.. if I put them on cards.. well they would have to be mailed in a box! LOL! BUT I can see them on Laurens templates.. oh so pretty! or a basket!! Stay tuned! I will have more!!

Be sure you scroll to my first post.. I tell ya how to enter for a chance to win FREE stamps!!

Have a GREAT night.. I am off to BUNCO tonite! YEAH!
Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday!

Ok I may have 2 posts for ya today! I figured out how to add a blinkie WATCH OUT! LOL!! See that cutie pie LILY over there.. How Amanda and I LOVE her..... she can be found here at Pink Cat Studio Well Lily can.. but that sweet beach Lily is coming SOON! I am so gonna own her! Amanda is gonna be so EXCITED! She loves all the Lilys we have ~ and plans on using one of them for her thank yous for birthday gifts! I love a girl with a plan! :)

Ok I just wanted to share my EXCITEMENT over figuring out blinkies.. I have so many I can add! HA HA! and Let you know there is a contest at Pink Cat Studio you can go HERE to find out how to enter!! :)

Have a GREAT Day.. I am off to make flowers from my new book (in the below post) and make a list of NEW punches I think I need!
Happy Weekend!!

**EDITED to add.. I have made 2 flowers and I LOVE them! LOL! I have done 2 of the easier ones.. and done my own take on them! I LOVE the book! I think I gotta get the summer book now!! :) Will share the flowers when the stickle LOVE dries!**

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy SUNNY Thursday!!

Oh I am LOVING our sun... it has been out 2 days.. HOPING this makes the tulips pop.. we want to go to the Tulip Festival on sunday! We love to go on this weekend.. it is the weekend of the street fair.. but I have heard the tulips arent popped yet.. mine sure arent.. they are just sprouts.. so we shall see!!

Ok a few things to share with ya today!! :) Lets start here! I got my sweet girls birthday invites done and MAILED! YEAH! (Kimmie if your reading this... act surpirsed when you get the mail tomorrow! LOL!!) She wanted to do Littlest Pet Shop for a theme.. so I went online and found a cute doggy image.. and colored it.. On a side note Justin said mom did you color that yourself.. I guess he thought I couldnt color!! hee hee! Here is what I started with (well after I colored it! LOL!)....

and here is her invite....

I always make them matching return addy labels.. sorry a bit blurry on this photo but you get the idea! :)

Today I made THIS template by Lauren Meader Oh how I LOVE her templates... I know you already know that dont ya!! HA HA!!
Here is my version.. I made a few boo-boos.. BUT it is for me and I think as long as I dont say a word about them.. no one will notice... why are we always so hard on our creations??!! anyway.. I was so happy with it... All CS, Ink, and Ribbon from PTI

Ok are ya still with me! I am not done yet!! hee hee! Since I just found PTI this year like end of Jan... I have been having a GREAT time looking back at the DTS blogs.. somedays I let myself pick a previous month and just look at my leisure! (lets not tell Steve that! LOL!) Well Lauren had shared this book ... Last summer I think.. Called Paper Garden Summer Blooms WELL.. you know how I ADORE anything Lauren shares.. I set out to hunt this book down... first stop Amazon.. they didnt have that book BUT they had THIS book for only $10 by the same author! YEAH!! so guess what arrived on my door step yesterday! YEP!! The book!

Doesnt it look FUN!! Now it calls for alot of different punches...well that is where saving 10 years of punches comes in handy! HA HA! I did see right off at least THREE I will need.. but I have alot of them! so gonna HOPEFULLY make up a flower or 2 today! I will share when I go! and you know I will probably end up buying the other book! LOL!! I gotta try mine first and see how hard the flowers are.. all I know is they TOTALLY look real... soooo PRETTY!!

Ok so if you have made it this far THANKS! It was a long winded post today!! Oh and one last thing... sigh.. I joined a group at facebook for my 25 year reunion in 2 years.. WHERE did the time go??

Anyway! THANKS for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!! Hopefully I will be back with some flowers to share!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just rambling today...

Soooo I have no photos to share with ya.. well I could share some from yesterday.. but I havent yet got them off the card yet.. so today I am just gonna talk! :)

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend.. and Happy Easter.. we sure did! Other then the rain... I tell ya California looks better and BETTER each rainy day! LOL! and the fact I was there a week ago... with the beach and sun out my window each day could have a little something to do with it! :)

Ok on with my ramblings! :) PTI is having their sneak peeks this week for the new release on the 15th.. I tell ya EVERY month I am AMAZED and INSPIRED by the talent of these girls!!
I WISH I had some tea friends.. so I could get this FUN set... I LOVE what Nicole did with it! I guess wine in tea cups works too! :) LOL! I adore that paper.. so gonna own that this week!!

I LOVE THIS idea too.. why I never thought of it... so gonna try it out!! (Probably today.. hee hee!!)

Again with the tea set.. just seeing THIS... makes me want to run down to Snohomish and go to the antique stores... for fun VINTAGE goodies....

I could go on and on with the PTI girls... I just ADORE the stuff they share with us!! (Steve probably doesnt since MANY MANY times they have enabled me!!)

I found another cute blog.. it was linked from Michelles it is her friend.. She is HERE and that CUTE bunny stamp is in my cart at Whipper Snapper Designs...

Oh what else... Oh last week I WON a cute PTI set that Niki was giving away at her site... I was so EXCITED! 2 sets in 2.5 weeks I am a lucky girl! I am gonna play with that too!!
AND over at PTI there is a group from the forum that started a blog group(Papertrey Princess!)! I have them all linked here.. so looking forward to that.. they are all so inspiring!!

So now I am off to do some cleaning so I can do some CREATING...
Hope you have a GREAT day.. and THANKS for stopping by.. promise shares on the next post.. I was just so chatty today... and bursting with so much creativeness I had to share some links.... :)
Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

We hope you have a VERY Happy Easter!!!!

Our kiddos were up and had it all done by 7:40.... can you say naptime for
mom! HA HA!! :)

Enjoy the day!!!
Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just a quick post with a couple shares.. gonna head to see Hannah Montana the movie in a bit! Grab lunch, see the Easter Bunny!.. then home to get ready for tomorrow!! My mom and brother are gonna join us for dinner!! Must clean! :) hee hee!!

So first off.. here is our Easter Card this year.. I have done bunny ears since Justin was um 1 or 2... I think.. I thought for SURE he wouldnt want to do it this year.. so I had this BIG idea to have them make bunny ears on each other on the beach in Cali... sorta a fun play on the ears thing.. AND it would be done and ready.. since we got home a week before easter... well my Justin who LOVES traditions.. says WHAT we arent doing the other ear photos... ok ok ..... we will! so I did! Hey I dont EVER turn down a photo op! besides I figure next year.. he may really not want to do it! :)
Super simple... I had to get them out!!! :)

I made this little basket for my sweetie pie niece... (she should get it today.. I HOPE!! ) anyway.. Amanda and I saw this little chickie at Hallmark when we were shopping with friends last month.. I just LOVED it.. and thought it would be cut to send to Allybug! Well she has to have it all packaged cute.. so I made up this little basket and put the chickie in!! I hope she likes it!

That is all I have for today! I need to get everyone moving so we can get to the movies!!! Hope you have a GREAT day!!!
Happy Easter.. (I will try to post our Easter Bunny photo tomorrow! :))
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Well ignore the SUN post below! LOL! the clouds are out and it looks like it is gonna POUR down rain... good for the flowers right! :) We are going to the tulip festival next weekend... so just get it out now... (the rain that is!)

So I have a share for ya!! Amanda and I made up this box and card for her penpal Rachel.. she is my friend Amy's daugher! Amanda LOVES writing to her and peeking for the return letters in the mail... anyway.. it was Rachels birthday last monday.. so we sent her a little goodie!
Now you KNOW how much I LOVE Laurens templates she sells at PTI they are so fun fast and easy.. and best of all super CUTE!!! (side note.. check THIS out if you have time.. is that not STUNNING!! WOW!) ANYWAY....this is my favorite template of the moment! LOL! the captured card case.. I shared one below... and now here is Rachels! Amanda colored the CUTE stamp on top.. it is from Pink Cat Studios in set called Lily and Tweet Added lots of stickle LOVE to the image..

I let Amanda pick out a card to make on my new cricut.. using my Wild Card cartridge it is so cute.. has cards and matching envies!! She picked this cutie pie one!! I forgot to get an envelope photo.. but it was cute.. the package fit in, it had a bow on the back... so cute! I added the little tag punch and used the sentiment from the PTI stamp set mixed messages I love how small they are! (they have a mega mixed messages that is FUN too! - but the small set was perfect for the tag!) I stamped the middle yellow using the polka dots basic stamp set! All paper is from PTI also! Added MORE stickle LOVE on the card.. and it was ready to go!

Amanda liked the card she picked out so well she made one for her American Girl Dolls birthday.. which just happens to be the day before hers! :) that was the day she picked!! hee hee! She even put it on the calender! :)
Long winded post today! I have lots to do.. MUST get Easter cards done.. I have 4 card challenges I want to do, a basket challenge! and the everyday home stuff! I better get off this computer! :)
Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Photo Share!! and trip details!

Happy SUNNY Tuesday!! (for us anyway!!) I have 14 photos share.. so THANKS in advance if you make it to the end!! :)

We had such a GREAT trip... the weather was nice.. most of the time! On the way to legoland it rained a bit.. and was really cloudy when we arrived (you can see from the photo!) but it burned off and was sunny after a bit!

Lets see where shall we start.. last tuesday we left.. at the airport is where we found out where we were going... our plane was one hour late boarding.. by the time we got to LAX.. we were only about 40 minutes behind schedule and that was WITH a stop in Sacramento! Must have been flying fast! :)

I just realized I didnt load a photo of our hotel.. or the view of the pool from our room, or the beach right out to the left.. so you will get to see those in layouts! HA HA!!!

After getting to our hotel about 3 hours LATER then planned.. google gave Steve WRONG directions! we went to the pier...

we walked around..and had mexican for dinner... the pier rides/games were closed for a private event.. so we just walked on the pier watched the sun set, and went to the beach for a bit.. then back to the hotel for bed.. it was a LONG day...

Wed. we headed to Universal Studios for the day!!!

That photo was from the end of the day.. I guess the smiles were worn out!! hee hee!!

Here is Amanda and SpongeBog.. spongebob wanted to KISS her.. hee hee.. here is her reaction! :)

We took the tour.. got to see Wisteria Lane from DH.. they were filming so we had to be quite... oh I would have LOVED to have seen something! :) They were also filming a commercial for JVC I believe and filming CSI.. that set you could see people walking and stuff.. but not clear.. I have a photo of that too.. not here but I do! LOL!!
Here is a house from DH...

We spent the day there, then went to the Hard Rock for dinner.. then back to our hotel!!

Thursday.... Steve planned a SURPRISE for Amanda and she and I got to spend the morning here... and have lunch...

We got back to the hotel and there was time for swimming!! Then off to Bubba Gumps for dinner! YUM-O I think this was my favorite meal! :) I want to go back!

Friday we got up and headed to Legoland... it rained a bit on the way.. and was gloomy and overcast when we arrived... but it cleared off and was BEAUTIFUL after about 30 minutes! (wish it did that in WA... ha ha!)

We spent the day here, had alot of fun... it really is bigger since we were there TEN YEARS AGO!! :) They added an Aquarium so we went through that too (again photos to follow!!) Then back to our hotel... they had all lanes of the highway stopped in one spot.. but luckily it didnt last long!!

Saturday (BEAUTIFUL weather!!) we walked up to a shopping area for breakfast and some shoppen! Then we went back to our hotel because my friend Mara and her kiddos were gonna come and meet us for lunch and some fun!! YEAH!! we went to lunch and waited almost an HOUR for our food! BUT the kiddos did well.. after lunch we went to the pier for some fun... and photos... yeah coming on layouts! :)
Then off to the beach for fun in the sand!! We got the kiddos all buckets at Micheals.. I LOVE their $1 spot.. they were all so happy playing.. not bad for $4! LOL!! We got lots of photos!! Here are a couple!

After saying good bye.. we went back to the hotel... for some swimming... brrr it was a bit colder then I wanted! LOL! the kiddos didnt mind! Then we went to dinner.. we had hoped for Benihana but didnt have reservations..sigh..but we found a place and dinner was good.. you needed tokens for the rest room... I saved them to scrap! HA HA!!

Then on sunday we had to say goodbye! Woke up to another SUNNY day.. sigh.. hard to say goodbye to it.. a girl can get used to seeing the beach every morning! I had a couple photos I wanted to take.. yeah I guess the 350 I took wasnt enough! So here are the kiddos on the deck by the pool overlooking the beach and the pier!

Now I must get busy around the house.. it is a mess and still have laundry to do! THANKS for stopping by, and THANKS if you made it all the way here! I will be back tomorrow or thursday I have creative stuff to share!!!
Have a GREAT day!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

What a GREAT week we had! Steve took us to Cali for spring break! We stayed right by the Santa Monica Pier.. just off the beach.. it was BEAUTIFUL! This is the view you saw out our window.. if you peeked to the side!
We hit Universal, Lego Land, Played at the pier, got to meet MARA and the kiddos!!, played on the beach, ate way to much yummy food! Just had a GREAT time!!
Now laundry is going.. and almost bed time! YEAH! :) I will be back tomorrow with more photos.. I took a TON... will put them in a slide show.. HOPING to get some scrappy time in too! I have 3 new cartridges to play with on my cricut! (I LOVE HER! HA HA!!)
Just wanted to say HI.. and I am HOME!! Will be back online tomorrow catching up! Thanks for stopping by!!!