Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just a quick post with a couple shares.. gonna head to see Hannah Montana the movie in a bit! Grab lunch, see the Easter Bunny!.. then home to get ready for tomorrow!! My mom and brother are gonna join us for dinner!! Must clean! :) hee hee!!

So first off.. here is our Easter Card this year.. I have done bunny ears since Justin was um 1 or 2... I think.. I thought for SURE he wouldnt want to do it this year.. so I had this BIG idea to have them make bunny ears on each other on the beach in Cali... sorta a fun play on the ears thing.. AND it would be done and ready.. since we got home a week before easter... well my Justin who LOVES traditions.. says WHAT we arent doing the other ear photos... ok ok ..... we will! so I did! Hey I dont EVER turn down a photo op! besides I figure next year.. he may really not want to do it! :)
Super simple... I had to get them out!!! :)

I made this little basket for my sweetie pie niece... (she should get it today.. I HOPE!! ) anyway.. Amanda and I saw this little chickie at Hallmark when we were shopping with friends last month.. I just LOVED it.. and thought it would be cut to send to Allybug! Well she has to have it all packaged cute.. so I made up this little basket and put the chickie in!! I hope she likes it!

That is all I have for today! I need to get everyone moving so we can get to the movies!!! Hope you have a GREAT day!!!
Happy Easter.. (I will try to post our Easter Bunny photo tomorrow! :))
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  1. Don't you just love boys? Just when I think my son is too old for something, he comes back and surprises me... he's coloring Easter eggs as we speak. I must sneak in and take his picture, hehehe!

  2. Oh what fun! :-) Hope you are having a great easter weekend!

  3. You're the sweetest aunt to send that adorable gift to your niece! Love the pic of the kids and the bunny ears are too fun! Hope you have a very wonderful Easter!

  4. Awe.. so cute, chica! Love the little basket!!

  5. Thats great! I love the bunny ears.

  6. Bethie!

    We did get the cute little Duckie and she loved it! I LOVE the little basket! and card. Thanks so much for thinking of the bug! Hope you have a hoppy Easter!

  7. what a fabulous tradition with the *ears* ~ love your card! and such an adorable lil basket chickie ~ wuv it

  8. Such fun Easter colors on this sweet little basket! Too cute!


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