Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Photo Share!! and trip details!

Happy SUNNY Tuesday!! (for us anyway!!) I have 14 photos share.. so THANKS in advance if you make it to the end!! :)

We had such a GREAT trip... the weather was nice.. most of the time! On the way to legoland it rained a bit.. and was really cloudy when we arrived (you can see from the photo!) but it burned off and was sunny after a bit!

Lets see where shall we start.. last tuesday we left.. at the airport is where we found out where we were going... our plane was one hour late boarding.. by the time we got to LAX.. we were only about 40 minutes behind schedule and that was WITH a stop in Sacramento! Must have been flying fast! :)

I just realized I didnt load a photo of our hotel.. or the view of the pool from our room, or the beach right out to the left.. so you will get to see those in layouts! HA HA!!!

After getting to our hotel about 3 hours LATER then planned.. google gave Steve WRONG directions! we went to the pier...

we walked around..and had mexican for dinner... the pier rides/games were closed for a private event.. so we just walked on the pier watched the sun set, and went to the beach for a bit.. then back to the hotel for bed.. it was a LONG day...

Wed. we headed to Universal Studios for the day!!!

That photo was from the end of the day.. I guess the smiles were worn out!! hee hee!!

Here is Amanda and SpongeBog.. spongebob wanted to KISS her.. hee hee.. here is her reaction! :)

We took the tour.. got to see Wisteria Lane from DH.. they were filming so we had to be quite... oh I would have LOVED to have seen something! :) They were also filming a commercial for JVC I believe and filming CSI.. that set you could see people walking and stuff.. but not clear.. I have a photo of that too.. not here but I do! LOL!!
Here is a house from DH...

We spent the day there, then went to the Hard Rock for dinner.. then back to our hotel!!

Thursday.... Steve planned a SURPRISE for Amanda and she and I got to spend the morning here... and have lunch...

We got back to the hotel and there was time for swimming!! Then off to Bubba Gumps for dinner! YUM-O I think this was my favorite meal! :) I want to go back!

Friday we got up and headed to Legoland... it rained a bit on the way.. and was gloomy and overcast when we arrived... but it cleared off and was BEAUTIFUL after about 30 minutes! (wish it did that in WA... ha ha!)

We spent the day here, had alot of fun... it really is bigger since we were there TEN YEARS AGO!! :) They added an Aquarium so we went through that too (again photos to follow!!) Then back to our hotel... they had all lanes of the highway stopped in one spot.. but luckily it didnt last long!!

Saturday (BEAUTIFUL weather!!) we walked up to a shopping area for breakfast and some shoppen! Then we went back to our hotel because my friend Mara and her kiddos were gonna come and meet us for lunch and some fun!! YEAH!! we went to lunch and waited almost an HOUR for our food! BUT the kiddos did well.. after lunch we went to the pier for some fun... and photos... yeah coming on layouts! :)
Then off to the beach for fun in the sand!! We got the kiddos all buckets at Micheals.. I LOVE their $1 spot.. they were all so happy playing.. not bad for $4! LOL!! We got lots of photos!! Here are a couple!

After saying good bye.. we went back to the hotel... for some swimming... brrr it was a bit colder then I wanted! LOL! the kiddos didnt mind! Then we went to dinner.. we had hoped for Benihana but didnt have reservations..sigh..but we found a place and dinner was good.. you needed tokens for the rest room... I saved them to scrap! HA HA!!

Then on sunday we had to say goodbye! Woke up to another SUNNY day.. sigh.. hard to say goodbye to it.. a girl can get used to seeing the beach every morning! I had a couple photos I wanted to take.. yeah I guess the 350 I took wasnt enough! So here are the kiddos on the deck by the pool overlooking the beach and the pier!

Now I must get busy around the house.. it is a mess and still have laundry to do! THANKS for stopping by, and THANKS if you made it all the way here! I will be back tomorrow or thursday I have creative stuff to share!!!
Have a GREAT day!


  1. You are SO lucky, girl. I've never been to Cali. Looks like you had so much fun and I would have died to see the Desperate Housewives set!!! Fun fun!
    Can't wait to see your LO's!!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful trip. What a great surprise. Thanks for sharing, love your photos.

  3. Love love the pics Beth!! How fun what you guys saw at Universal Studios.

    Thanks so much for including us in your vacation. We had so much fun meeting you all!!!!!! Here's to next time, cheers!!

  4. Hi Behtie,

    Sounds like a great trip! Thanks for dishing the details with us! I am so glad that you got to meet Mara, how cool is that! Did you have those Margaritas?! Can't wait to see what you scrap!

  5. I love the pics! That sunset photo is really beautiful. Reminds me of home... oh wait it is home! LOL! How fun that you got to spend some time with Mara and her kiddos! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  6. What great photos and sounds like a fabulous trip!


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