Monday, April 13, 2009

Just rambling today...

Soooo I have no photos to share with ya.. well I could share some from yesterday.. but I havent yet got them off the card yet.. so today I am just gonna talk! :)

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend.. and Happy Easter.. we sure did! Other then the rain... I tell ya California looks better and BETTER each rainy day! LOL! and the fact I was there a week ago... with the beach and sun out my window each day could have a little something to do with it! :)

Ok on with my ramblings! :) PTI is having their sneak peeks this week for the new release on the 15th.. I tell ya EVERY month I am AMAZED and INSPIRED by the talent of these girls!!
I WISH I had some tea friends.. so I could get this FUN set... I LOVE what Nicole did with it! I guess wine in tea cups works too! :) LOL! I adore that paper.. so gonna own that this week!!

I LOVE THIS idea too.. why I never thought of it... so gonna try it out!! (Probably today.. hee hee!!)

Again with the tea set.. just seeing THIS... makes me want to run down to Snohomish and go to the antique stores... for fun VINTAGE goodies....

I could go on and on with the PTI girls... I just ADORE the stuff they share with us!! (Steve probably doesnt since MANY MANY times they have enabled me!!)

I found another cute blog.. it was linked from Michelles it is her friend.. She is HERE and that CUTE bunny stamp is in my cart at Whipper Snapper Designs...

Oh what else... Oh last week I WON a cute PTI set that Niki was giving away at her site... I was so EXCITED! 2 sets in 2.5 weeks I am a lucky girl! I am gonna play with that too!!
AND over at PTI there is a group from the forum that started a blog group(Papertrey Princess!)! I have them all linked here.. so looking forward to that.. they are all so inspiring!!

So now I am off to do some cleaning so I can do some CREATING...
Hope you have a GREAT day.. and THANKS for stopping by.. promise shares on the next post.. I was just so chatty today... and bursting with so much creativeness I had to share some links.... :)
Happy Monday!


  1. I totally agree...the way PTI does the countdown defintely generates so much excitement! I really like Scattered Showers, Tea for Two and the Dots and Spots this month...I also want to get the Mother set from last month, so I'll have to do some pairing down! Have a great day!

  2. Are you counting down the hours till the release? I'm hoping I can order this month but we'll see.

  3. Beth, you enabler you! hehehehe... I just love those templates at PTI. I've just put a couple in my shopping cart!

  4. Get some dang cleaning done so you can go create!!! I agree, release time always makes my head spin.

    Glad you had a great Easter!!

  5. BTW, SOOO happy you could enable Joni...ha ha ha!!! :-)

  6. thankx for the links chickie! yummy stuff! glad ya had an awewsome easter..and you can chat it up anytime! :)

  7. You won a set?!?!?! Get outta town, you lucky girl! and I will probably be seeing you tonight at the release. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing the links Beth. That whipper snapper bunny stamp is so adorable. I just love visiting the PTI DT blogs too!


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