Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

Ok I may have 2 posts for ya today! I figured out how to add a blinkie WATCH OUT! LOL!! See that cutie pie LILY over there.. How Amanda and I LOVE her..... she can be found here at Pink Cat Studio Well Lily can.. but that sweet beach Lily is coming SOON! I am so gonna own her! Amanda is gonna be so EXCITED! She loves all the Lilys we have ~ and plans on using one of them for her thank yous for birthday gifts! I love a girl with a plan! :)

Ok I just wanted to share my EXCITEMENT over figuring out blinkies.. I have so many I can add! HA HA! and Let you know there is a contest at Pink Cat Studio you can go HERE to find out how to enter!! :)

Have a GREAT Day.. I am off to make flowers from my new book (in the below post) and make a list of NEW punches I think I need!
Happy Weekend!!

**EDITED to add.. I have made 2 flowers and I LOVE them! LOL! I have done 2 of the easier ones.. and done my own take on them! I LOVE the book! I think I gotta get the summer book now!! :) Will share the flowers when the stickle LOVE dries!**

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  1. beth i am loving the new blog look!!!AND LOVE ALL THE NEW PROJECT!!wow WOW!!!tfs


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