Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Sunday!

We made it to the Tulip Festival today! Should have probably waited another week.. but we couldnt go next weekend! PLUS it is the weekend of the street fair which we like to walk around too!! Even though the tulips werent all popped.. it was still BEAUTIFUL!! I have a little slide show of a few photos..

So the SAD news... sigh.. there was a smudge on my lens.. I was so bummed you can see it worse in some photos.. but I know it is there.. NOW to just get over that and print them anyway! LOL!! :)

Gonna get a little creative tomorrow.. then it is POWER clean week for me! Amandas party is next saturday... so no time to play... but the following week.. ALL CREATING ALL THE TIME!! hee hee! I hope!!

Have a GREAT night! Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Hi Bethie,

    Love the slide show. I especially love the shot with the barn in the background. I can't wait to see what you scrap with those photos! Hope you have a good week. I have Bunco at my house this Thursday, so I will be joining you in the power cleaning!

  2. Great photos Beth! Even with not all the tulips blooming, they were still beautiful!! Have FUN power cleaning!

  3. WOW those fields are HUGE! We hardly ever see tulips around here... only if the planters forced them in the refrig. Since it doesn't freeze, they don't flower. TFS your beautiful photos!

  4. Oh, LOOOOOVE the new blog header!!! Simply Gorgeous!!

  5. wow ~ fabulous pics chickie ~ i would love to see something like that IRL! can't wait to see them scrapped

  6. What beautiful photos! Sorry about the smudge on the lens but I didn't really notice it at all! Our Tulip Festival starts the first part of May so I'll be sharing some photos later!


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