Friday, September 23, 2016


HELLLLLOOOOOO is anybody out there!! I cant believe it has been so LONG since I last posted.. I have missed my blog.. missed visiting friends blogs.. life just got all crazy and I didnt take the time for the things I enjoyed.. which I have come to realize I NEED! :) So I am going to be BACK with postings.. I HOPE often.. but who knows.. I have the best of intentions! HA! I have been creating..some.. and hoping to get alot more done now the kiddos are back to school.. My son is getting ready to start his 2nd year of college.. that doesnt seem possible. and my baby girl is a Jr. in HS.. not sure where time went.. if you know ... please tell me! HA!

Well I just wanted to say HI.. and get the blog ball rolling again!! I have a few projects to share and will be doing that SOON!~ 

Hope all is well.. I have missed my blog friends.. looking forward to catching up with you all!! :)
My kiddos on our last get away of summer.. Mission Beach, San Diego Cali!! LOVE it there we went over spring break and again this summer... I think I need to move there! HA HA!! 
Have a GREAT day and WONDERFUL weekend.. See you all REAL soon!!