Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!! We hope you had a GREAT day! We sure have! Everyone was spoiled!! and now we are waiting for Tutu to arrive so we can have dinner!!!

The kids were so EXCITED to get their DS's from us! (Santa brought them other things they wanted!) Amanda wanted to know if we could run to Toys R Us so she could get a game or 2 with her gift cards, TODAY! UM NOT TODAY! LOL! We will hopefully get out sometime tomorrow!!!

We got SNOW today! A white Christmas! Amanda was yelling and jumping up and down! It has slowed down now!! But that didnt stop her from going out in her pjs to play for a bit!!!

We hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Happy FRIDAY!! :) We here at the Johnson house are still BUSY BUSY!!! Lots to get done, tomorrow is Xmas at Moms house! Then sunday here with the Holcombs! Monday at our friends the Haileys! Can you say PARTY! :) and I still have to bake, finish Xmas cards, (did I say somewhere they were gonna go out early this year? I HOPE not! LOL!) and I am still making ORNAMENTS! I am ADDICTED to those cuties! I will share a photo of ALL of them later!!! We need to make a couple more!!!!!

Just wanted to share a santa photo from last week! I took this one! I am not to EXCITED about the one they took of our family, I look FUNNY! :) Good thing it is only for our books! LOL!!! I altered this photo a bit at picnik I just love that free site!!!

Well it is almost time to get the kiddos to school and get all my errands done!!!
Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


So we have been busy busy here at the Johnson house! Steve took today off and we got ALMOST all our Xmas shoppen done! we are down to I think 3 gifts now! YEAH! Plan to wrap this week!! Our first xmas is at Tutu's house on saturday! YEAH! Then we have another here on sunday!!!

Last weekend we had a FUN weekend.. Friday we saw SANTA!! and went out for dinner, saturday ... we celebrated Allybugs birthday! HOW can my sweet niece be turning THREE?? Time flies! Sunday was the annual mom and kiddos shopping trip! Justin and I head out early in the AM and get starbucks and then SHOP! Amanda and I head out after lunch, her treat was a blizzard from DQ, YUM! it was peppermint chip! YUM YUM!!!! SHHH dont tell I am making my own version tonite... Yeah an extra treadmill is in the horizon for me! LOL!!!!!

I have been TRYING to figure out the xmas card for this year! I have the photo just need to figure out the design! So HOPEFULLY this weekend I will have them done and out, well before the weekend since we are booked all weekend!! Be on the lookout for them!!!

This week the kids and I are gonna be doing some baking and crafting! YEAH!! I made up one of the ornaments that you see here, gonna make a few more! they are so fun and cute!!! :) We think so anyway!!!

Hope all is well with you and yours! THANKS for stopping by! Happy Holidays!!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007


Happy Holidays! YEAH! I am so EXCITED for the coming month! We have so much fun stuff planned!!! :) We are going to see Santa later this week, I am taking the kids on our annual shopping trip! Xmas exchanges start next week, and then BAM one week til the BIG day!!! :) It is gonna go so FAST!!! 22 days, are you READY?!!! I am almost!! I am gonna get wrapping this week! I cant WAIT!

As you can see we got our tree! YEAH! We got a bit smaller one.. it is still 8 feet tall~ but oh I miss those 9.5 footers! But since we have FURNITURE now we cant get that big! It looks so pretty!

So at 2scrappy chixs Mary challenged us to blog about the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY of this time of year!!! So here goes!!

My good~ the OBVIOUS! I LOVE the whole SEASON! I love to see the excitement from my kids, I LOVE to bake with them, watch all our holiday movies, decorate, visit santa, read xmas stories, take LOTS of photos, make and get xmas cards! You get it I LOVE EVERYTHING! LOL!!

My bad- oh my the STRESS it causes, for alot of people! Me included, the wanting it to be PERFECT! I know I shouldnt but I do! I want it magical! So I try to do that, and in the process sometimes overwhelm ME! TRYING to get an earlier start and do more small things each day and not save it all up for one day!

My ugly... Um.. I cant type that out! :) But it is the worst part of the holiday for me! But I get through it!

That all being said I am sure looking forward to a FUN season! WE got SNOW on saturday! YEAH! I got my xmas hat photo! it stayed until yesterday afternoon~ now we just got RAIN RAIN RAIN!!! Oh well~ I guess it is a good time to start wrapping!