Monday, December 03, 2007


Happy Holidays! YEAH! I am so EXCITED for the coming month! We have so much fun stuff planned!!! :) We are going to see Santa later this week, I am taking the kids on our annual shopping trip! Xmas exchanges start next week, and then BAM one week til the BIG day!!! :) It is gonna go so FAST!!! 22 days, are you READY?!!! I am almost!! I am gonna get wrapping this week! I cant WAIT!

As you can see we got our tree! YEAH! We got a bit smaller one.. it is still 8 feet tall~ but oh I miss those 9.5 footers! But since we have FURNITURE now we cant get that big! It looks so pretty!

So at 2scrappy chixs Mary challenged us to blog about the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY of this time of year!!! So here goes!!

My good~ the OBVIOUS! I LOVE the whole SEASON! I love to see the excitement from my kids, I LOVE to bake with them, watch all our holiday movies, decorate, visit santa, read xmas stories, take LOTS of photos, make and get xmas cards! You get it I LOVE EVERYTHING! LOL!!

My bad- oh my the STRESS it causes, for alot of people! Me included, the wanting it to be PERFECT! I know I shouldnt but I do! I want it magical! So I try to do that, and in the process sometimes overwhelm ME! TRYING to get an earlier start and do more small things each day and not save it all up for one day!

My ugly... Um.. I cant type that out! :) But it is the worst part of the holiday for me! But I get through it!

That all being said I am sure looking forward to a FUN season! WE got SNOW on saturday! YEAH! I got my xmas hat photo! it stayed until yesterday afternoon~ now we just got RAIN RAIN RAIN!!! Oh well~ I guess it is a good time to start wrapping!



  1. BETH I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!!same here for the bad but i have learn how to roll with the flow and not stress too much.tfs

  2. Love your tree, Beth. I love that photo with all the snow on the tree, beautiful!

    And don't stress out, girl. It's all about your family and having fun. If you ever need to chat, drop me a line!!!

  3. LOVE that tree! Just beautiful!

    Looks like you are enjoying your holiday season so far!

  4. I enjoyed reading your Good, Bad, and can invision the Ugly. LOL Great pictures too! Love the little tree.

  5. What a beautiful tree you found. Love it! This time of year is full of so much beauty.

  6. I love your tree, Beth! I also enjoyed reading your Good,Bad, and Ugly.


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