Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy FRIDAY!!

I LOVE fridays!!! and this one is gonna be fun and FULL.. just like our weekend!! I love fun full weekends! :) Means I dont have to clean or cook! HA HA! Well a little bit but not much!! :)

I have been playing over at Scrapbook Deals 4 U doing their Biggest Scrap Loser Challenge! this was week 3! I had a hard time with it! If I dont know what I want to scrap sometimes I OVER STRESS things.. So I just sat down with this photo that I took last summer at the beach... Oh I want to go back... anyway!! :) I was happy with how it turned out.. and I am gonna frame it I think for my scrappy space!! :)

That is all I have for today!! I hope to scrap more next week! Well I will have another challenge.. so of course I will! Have a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy SNOWY! Sunday...

GRRRR yes I said SNOW! I am NOT happy! SIGH!! not really that it matters I am spending the day inside SCRAPPEN anyway! BUT still come on!!! Enough already!! hee hee! I am playing along on a cybercrop over at Fiskateers Today!!

I have got a few things done... first up is this.. Alter something!! I picked this

and I altered it to This-

Next I made this LO, I need to work on side 2, but I havent printed the photos yet! it was to use HOME as a theme...

For my next challenge you had to alter/create something to give as a gift! I made up this mini album for Amanda to put her photos in of Her and Marie (her American Girl dolly!) It was an EGGO box before this! I was able to get 2 mini albums from it!!

that is all I have so far.. Off to TRY to do the next challenge.. using NO glue/adhesive! YIKES! Wish me luck!! :) Thanks for stopping by! Anyone want some SNOW?!!!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday!! This was a FAST week for me!! Kiddos had monday off for MLK day.. it was COLD but soooo BEAUTIFUL! We went on a picnic!! Tuesday the big Inauguration Day.. I watched way more if it then I planned.... then BOOM wed-friday and HELLO weekend!!

I have been working on somethings... this is for the Biggest Scrap Loser challenge at SD4U I will work on side 2 this weekend!! Gonna play along sunday I HOPE at a crop at Fiskateers

Ok enough of that ~ here is the LO.. Amanda wanted a new do ~ so we braided her hair last night at bedtime then took it out this AM.. she was so excited, and it looked so cute!!! NOW she wants new Dos.. OFTEN! LOL! :)

I then I made up this little cutie... it is from THIS Youtube video... it is made from empty TP rolls!! hee hee! Going green has never been so CUTE and FUN! LOL!! I havent done the inside pages yet.. it will be filled with photos from a little photo shoot I have planned!

I still have my Thank You card to share, BUT since they arent yet recieved.. BAD ME! I need to wait.. they are going out today .. probably tomorrow since it is so late.. SORRY DEAR SWEET FAMILY!! I am BEHIND!!! :) sigh.. anyway.. Hopefully next week I will have even more to share!!!

Oh you should see my scrappy space.. Amanda told me she was so proud of me.. well I had a nice dent in it.. never mind some was still in the hall.. but today I did the ONE ONE layout.. and it is a WRECK! You would think I scrapped 20 layouts! LOL!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT weekend! I think we are gonna go see Mall Cop with the kiddos!! It looks funny!!! They laugh just talking about it! HEE HEE!!
Happy Friday!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Sunday!! :)

So you know what I did today.. NOTHING.. Ok we cleaned and I did some laundry.. I had big hopes of creating and I didnt! WHY I dont know! Steve sat on the couch and watched football ALL DAY.... I did go outside and take Amanda to the park.. and we played in the yard... so it wasnt a total uneventful day! Course now I want to go create something.. and it is almost time for the movie we are gonna watch! So I guess maybe TOMORROW will be creating day!!

I do have some goodies to share!! You all know I have a SAD SAD ADDICTION to Youtube well if you didnt you will realize it now, and over the next few shares.. I have got so many FUN ideas from THIS gal!! She has all her videos on her blog...but I found them at Youtube... so here are a couple things I made up this week! :)
This was made for my friend Amy's little Ms. Rachel! (Oh I altered a notebook for her too, and Amanda I will have to take a photo! :) ) You can find the video HERE

I used my NEW bigshot to emboss the paper.. I LOVE that little machine! I got some fun new dies I cant wait to use too!!!

OK one more goodie I made AGAIN from Youtube this is for Amanda... shhhh gonna surprise her in her lunch next week! I think Justin will just want the that is what he will get.. maybe a little heart on top.. he is in 6th grade now I cant do those lovey dovey things in class for him.. SIGH! ok back to where I was going with this!!!

You can find the video for directions HERE I have a really hard time getting the smaller meaurements done for scoring like the 11/16ths etc.. so I did the 2 1/4 inch one then just wrapped the box and marked where I needed to score.. a bit easier for me!!

I have one more share! This was for a card sketch challenge at SD4U Here is my take on the challenge!

That is about all I have got today!! Tomorrow is MLK day so there will be no school! I HOPE the sun is shining.. then we are going to go have a picnic.... :) The 1st offically of the year! :)
I guess Steve is going to get ice cream... hmmm I better treadmill! LOL!!
have a GREAT night! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Justins New Glasses!

LOOKY MY BOY!! Isnt he HANDSOME in his new glasses!! :) I cant wait to hear how is day went!! He was excited to wear them into school today!! :)

I am playing in the Biggest (SCRAP) Loser at Scrapbook Deals 4 U so this LO was my week one assignment!!

I have a couple other things I am working on and will share them probably tomorrow! Waiting for stickles to dry right now!!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!!

I had a GREAT GREAT time on my little 25 hour getaway!!! I have the LO title already and cant WAIT to scrap the photos!! :)

A big BIG thanks to my mom for coming down friday to watch the kiddos so I could fly to Vegas for the night! and meet Steve who was there since Wednesday for CES! I have NEVER left the kids and just on a whim thought I would see if she was available! She was... and what a FUN 25 hours it was!!! Thought I would share some photos with ya!! :)

Now if your wondering.. YES the kids were upset with me! BUT do you want to see what made it alright....

yep sleeping in the tent! It was Amandas idea.. and she was so excited.. she still wasnt offically happy I was going, BUT she did think it would be fun to CAMP in the tent.. so after we got it up Thursday night.. she asked to camp that night.. I said NOPE! Gotta wait for tomorrow! I wanted them to have something to look forward to! other then a stiff back or 2, mom and Justin! they had a GREAT time... so great Amanda told Tutu , that Steve and I could leave again sometime! HA HA!!! Ok I may not wait 12 years for the next get away!!


So I had BIG plans to SCRAP today.. well Steve is home not feeling so swell.. which means I gotta look like I am BUSY and clean right! LOL! I do have a vision for some cards I am gonna work on!! I need to get off the computer and do that! :) and clean and fold clothes.. I will be scrappen this week! I got a new CK book and I want to try an idea from it.. :)

That is about all I have to share today! I will be back with the cards and HOPEFULLY a LO or 2! I am going to be doing a NEW challenge at Scrapbook Deals 4U called The Biggest (SCRAP) Loser.. I so cant wait.. I MUST use all the things I have bought over the last ohhhhhhhh 12 years! HA HA!! So I HOPEFULLY will be sharing lots over the next 5 weeks!!
Ok really that is all I have for ya!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I want to scrap!

and you know what I have NOOOO TIME! SIGH!!! But next week I am SCRAPPEN!! I am ignoring everything else but my SUPPLIES... Ok I will clean the dishes and the clothes!!! So you wanna see the FIRST photo I am gonna scrap!!! :) it is one of my new favorites... I have it all printed and READY!!!! maybe I shouldnt have done that since it is all I can think of! HA HA!!!!

Amanda LOVES her new American girl doll from Santa.... and YES before you ask.. I had her dress in the pink just for that photo! HA HA! She had gotten the pink coat new, and she had the Build A Bear pink coat.. and it fit her dolly! I couldnt resist!!! :)

I have lots to do.. and am totally stalling!!! :)
Have a GREAT rest of the week... and please send us some NO FLOOD thoughts! YIKES! With all our crazy snow and now all the rain.. it is melting and causing some flood warnings!! NO THANKS!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009


I got some scrap time in! It isnt a big LO it is for my COOL 7 Gypsies Photo Carousel it is one of my most favorite photos of the season! My sweet Amanda and just as sweet my niece Allybug! Arent they cute!! This was from Xmas eve when we were at my grandparents house!! Kimmie gave me that lovely poinsettia in a set for Xmas... I thought it was perfect for the photo!! Wanna know a SECRET... I know ya do! :) See the "stitching" at the top of the photo... WELL I didnt want to search for my black embroidery I used 3 small X stickers! hee hee!! I like how it turned out!! Faux Stitching BethieJ style! HA HA!!

I had planned to use this-

BUT it didnt look how I had envisioned... so I changed it up!! :)
I got this cutie pie punch at my LSS.. I am PATIENTLY?? waiting for Micheal's to get them in.. they are from Martha Stewart... and I KNOW they will get them in.. there is a CUTE heart I want.. looks like a doily heart.. and a fun glitter set! All of which I soooo do not need~ but ya know... I want them! HA HA!!!

Hope your all having a GREAT year so far!!! I hope to get LOTS more scrappen done next week!! This week I am in cleaning mode!!! EXCITING!
Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

She DID IT!!!!

Yes my girl FINALLY got her ears pierced... we TRIED 2 other times, without success... Today she was READY.. so off to Claires we girls went! :) She was a bit nervous.. a few tears when it was over.. but she did GREAT! Dad and Justin couldnt believe she did it!! :) Take a little peek! She is so EXCITED!!!!

and REALLY REALLY I do have more photos to share.. I just need to finish up stuff around here and then I will sit down and resize them all! I HOPE to get some printed and get scrappen too!!! YEAH!!
Wanted to share one quick photo of Justin and his Lego XMAS tree! he was so proud of it!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I hope 2009 is one of your best years ever! (I hope that for all the years really! LOL!!!) Will be back next week with Holiday Photos!!

Yeah we were WILD with our Sprite, Milk and WATER on New Years Eve! LOL! I had to have my wits about me to SHOP today! LOL!
Happy New Year!