Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I want to scrap!

and you know what I have NOOOO TIME! SIGH!!! But next week I am SCRAPPEN!! I am ignoring everything else but my SUPPLIES... Ok I will clean the dishes and the clothes!!! So you wanna see the FIRST photo I am gonna scrap!!! :) it is one of my new favorites... I have it all printed and READY!!!! maybe I shouldnt have done that since it is all I can think of! HA HA!!!!

Amanda LOVES her new American girl doll from Santa.... and YES before you ask.. I had her dress in the pink just for that photo! HA HA! She had gotten the pink coat new, and she had the Build A Bear pink coat.. and it fit her dolly! I couldnt resist!!! :)

I have lots to do.. and am totally stalling!!! :)
Have a GREAT rest of the week... and please send us some NO FLOOD thoughts! YIKES! With all our crazy snow and now all the rain.. it is melting and causing some flood warnings!! NO THANKS!
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  1. What a beautiful photo! The border sets the whole thing off perfectly. I can't wait to see the layout you have planned!

  2. beautiful pic beth!i saw on the new about the rain and snow that really suck stay safe and warm

  3. SUPER CUTE photo Bethie!

  4. Wonderful pic, Beth! i can't wait to see it scrapped. Sending you good wishes for better weather up in Washington, I hope things don't get worse. Can't WAIT for the Vegas update!!!

  5. OH MY gosh this is a great pic of Amanda and her doll. The pink is perfect!

    xo Amy


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