Monday, January 12, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!!

I had a GREAT GREAT time on my little 25 hour getaway!!! I have the LO title already and cant WAIT to scrap the photos!! :)

A big BIG thanks to my mom for coming down friday to watch the kiddos so I could fly to Vegas for the night! and meet Steve who was there since Wednesday for CES! I have NEVER left the kids and just on a whim thought I would see if she was available! She was... and what a FUN 25 hours it was!!! Thought I would share some photos with ya!! :)

Now if your wondering.. YES the kids were upset with me! BUT do you want to see what made it alright....

yep sleeping in the tent! It was Amandas idea.. and she was so excited.. she still wasnt offically happy I was going, BUT she did think it would be fun to CAMP in the tent.. so after we got it up Thursday night.. she asked to camp that night.. I said NOPE! Gotta wait for tomorrow! I wanted them to have something to look forward to! other then a stiff back or 2, mom and Justin! they had a GREAT time... so great Amanda told Tutu , that Steve and I could leave again sometime! HA HA!!! Ok I may not wait 12 years for the next get away!!


So I had BIG plans to SCRAP today.. well Steve is home not feeling so swell.. which means I gotta look like I am BUSY and clean right! LOL! I do have a vision for some cards I am gonna work on!! I need to get off the computer and do that! :) and clean and fold clothes.. I will be scrappen this week! I got a new CK book and I want to try an idea from it.. :)

That is about all I have to share today! I will be back with the cards and HOPEFULLY a LO or 2! I am going to be doing a NEW challenge at Scrapbook Deals 4U called The Biggest (SCRAP) Loser.. I so cant wait.. I MUST use all the things I have bought over the last ohhhhhhhh 12 years! HA HA!! So I HOPEFULLY will be sharing lots over the next 5 weeks!!
Ok really that is all I have for ya!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. I love the photos! You'll have lots to draw from for the Greatest Scrap Loser challenges... I'm so glad you are playing with us at SD4U!

  2. Beth - awesome pics from Vegas. I am so happy you had fun!! I like the tent in the living room too - great idea! Good luck with the Biggest Loser scrap challenge.

    xo Amy

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  4. Beth, looks like you had so much fun!! Can't wait to play over at SBD4U! Thanks for the heads-up about that.

  5. Oh WOW chica! Glad you got to go and had fun!! How cool is that!!!


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