Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday!! This was a FAST week for me!! Kiddos had monday off for MLK day.. it was COLD but soooo BEAUTIFUL! We went on a picnic!! Tuesday the big Inauguration Day.. I watched way more if it then I planned.... then BOOM wed-friday and HELLO weekend!!

I have been working on somethings... this is for the Biggest Scrap Loser challenge at SD4U I will work on side 2 this weekend!! Gonna play along sunday I HOPE at a crop at Fiskateers

Ok enough of that ~ here is the LO.. Amanda wanted a new do ~ so we braided her hair last night at bedtime then took it out this AM.. she was so excited, and it looked so cute!!! NOW she wants new Dos.. OFTEN! LOL! :)

I then I made up this little cutie... it is from THIS Youtube video... it is made from empty TP rolls!! hee hee! Going green has never been so CUTE and FUN! LOL!! I havent done the inside pages yet.. it will be filled with photos from a little photo shoot I have planned!

I still have my Thank You card to share, BUT since they arent yet recieved.. BAD ME! I need to wait.. they are going out today .. probably tomorrow since it is so late.. SORRY DEAR SWEET FAMILY!! I am BEHIND!!! :) sigh.. anyway.. Hopefully next week I will have even more to share!!!

Oh you should see my scrappy space.. Amanda told me she was so proud of me.. well I had a nice dent in it.. never mind some was still in the hall.. but today I did the ONE ONE layout.. and it is a WRECK! You would think I scrapped 20 layouts! LOL!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT weekend! I think we are gonna go see Mall Cop with the kiddos!! It looks funny!!! They laugh just talking about it! HEE HEE!!
Happy Friday!


  1. Your LO of Amanda is SO stinkin' cute!!! Love her new DO! Now she's going to expect it every day. haaa!!! And your little mini album is seriously so cute. Just so soft and pretty, the colors are perfect!

    Hope you had a good time at the movies AND you ate popcorn!!!

  2. beth i hope you win this challenge your lo of sweet amanda is so BEAUTIFUL and i love that mini album too

  3. OMG Beth, this is so hilarious! I just have to post this on my blog!! And I'm definitely going to make one of these as I use a TON of TP each week! I should have 4 rolls by the end of the weekend! LOL (Doug doesn't think it's funny, though.. tee hee)

    Great layout and mini album. Love them!!!

  4. I love the layout and the mini-album. Do you think TP roll albums could be a new trend? LOL!
    I'm definitely going to try one!
    Let us know how you like Mall Cop. It looks like a movie that we'd like. If it's good, I'll treat the kids at the end of finals week.


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