Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!! and a BIG blog sharing!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We LOVE YOU!!! Enjoy those pancakes!!! hee hee! He had to SHARE with us dont worry!!! :)

I have lots to share.. THANKS if you make it all the way through! :)

So I have been busy busy here getting ready for the Holidays!! and NOT liking this snow we have! GRRRR it is ruining all plans we have had... well most of them!! We are still WAITING to figure out Xmas eve... we cant be snowed in down South... so we gotta wait and see what Mother Nature has planned for us!!!

I have got to do LOTS of baking and creating!!! :) I found this CUTE blog when I was playing on Youtube a couple weeks ago... well she shared THIS and I HAD to lift it!! I didnt have all the SU goodies she used but I winged it! and I like how it turned out!!!

I am making another one today!!!
Here she has directions and what she used!! Well I didnt have that COOL die for the antlers and ears... so I just stamped and cut mine.... and I added LOTS of stickles! and some HOLLY of course ~ Tis the season!!!
**added this note.. I THINK I needs to gets me that Sizzix Big Shot.. SU has some GREAT dies that are exclusive to them.. and I WANT THEM... I NEED THEM!! ok getting off track! HA HA!!**

I have got LOTS of baking done!! Want to see!!!
Here is my goodies I am using for all my recipes! :)

Pretzel Turtles! YUM!

I believe my friend EM shared those with me a couple years ago.. WE LOVE THEM! so easy to make.. I hope it was Em...if not... sorry she is getting credit! HA HA!!!!

Next up Peppermint Bark.. this is a recipe I made up myself and it is one of mine and Justins FAVS!!! :)

Sugar Cookies! Decorated of course!! :)

Pumpkin Bread-

Milk Choc. and White Choc. covered Pretzels-

Another recipe I made up! RedVelvet Rum/Candy Cane Balls!
I just LOVE Bakerellas CUTE CUTE cupcake bites.. I have made them 3 times now.. and this is this version I made up! I decided to make them into balls! I added 1/4 cup of Rum (cut back on the water!) and I added chopped up candy cane pieces to the crumbled cake! Rolled them, froze them, dipped them! topped them with more candy cane and red sprinkles! Amanda took a bite and said MOM this is soooo GOOD! Yeah that is all I needed to hear! :)

and FINALLY! My sweet Amanda and I made her FAMOUS cookie bars! A recipe she got from the CUTEST Strawberry Shortcake cook book! BUT of course we make it our own! We like to add M & M's! instead of the choc. chips! :) for Xmas we added MINT M & M's! YUMMY!!!

and one final photo~ have you got this far?!! THANKS if you have!! I had alot to say today! LOL!!!
This is the front of our house 3 days ago... today you cant even SEE the little white trees or read that the snoopy dog house says Merry Christmas!!! DARN SNOW!! MELT Already! LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a GREAT day! and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


PLEASE!!! SIGH! Still buried under snow here! We have probably close to 8 inches.. Now I KNOW some of you that isnt alot but for us it is! It ruins plans.. cancels parties! WAHHHH I must have it MELTED by the 24th at 8am so we can head down to see the family!!!
Here is a photo out my front door!!! Do you see the little holes in the ground in front of the tree.. those are the lights that stick up in the ground.. and they are BURIED! LOL! it look so funny!!!!

the only tire tracks in the road I am sure are from my CRAZY family going out to the snow hill they love to sled at now! LOL!! Crazy kids!! (yeah that includes Steve!)

Here is what Ms. Amanda and I were doing this AM!! (she is now sledding!)

only 2 more things to finish up and I am DONE baking!! :)

and I have to share this photo it is from a few days ago!! it was so cute.. Amanda was peeking over the neighbors fence to see if the girls were out.. she wanted to have a snowball fight like they did the night before!! :)

Cant wait to scrap that!!

Well back to my baking!!! Will have LOTS of yummy photos to share later!!
Happy Holidays! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let is SNOW!!!

OH MY! We have snow!!! I am not to over joyed! LOL! I have to much to do for Xmas yet to get snow! The kiddos had a SNOW day! They were excited! But they too are hoping it ends TODAY.. they dont want to miss our Xmas on Saturday at Moms/Tutus or the 24th!! I guess we will just worry about that if and when it happens!!

They made a snowman today! Isnt it cute!!

I used Picnik to alter it!! and NOOOO I didnt add the snow.. that was really coming down.. I couldnt get a photo without it on the kiddos faces!! Justin thought I added it at Picnik ~ they have that but NO.. that is all real! LOL!! I love this site.. I just use the free stuff... hmmm thinking of buying a year of it for 2009! :)

I have NOOOO crafty goodies to share today! I did work on my Xmas cards today.. they are almost done! YEAH! will go out tomorrow! PHEW!!! I am late this year!!!

I did find this on YouTube how cute are those icicles! I need to make me some!!! In my SPARE time! LOL!!! I wonder would stickles work on wax paper.. Mine are out.. I am gonna try it!!! :)

I MUST hit the treadmill... getting in all the POWER workouts I can before I eat all the holiday goodies!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

13 DAYS!! 13 DAYS!!! I am NOT ready! LOL! I thought I was ahead of the game.. I was WRONG! LOL!! We are headed out to finish up shopping this weekend.. I have so much I want to create, and BAKE!! Must get on that!!! :)

I also wanted to say a BIG BIG THANKS to Mara and Kimmie for the blog award, your both so SWEET and SUPER CREATIVE! I am honored to have made your list! and I PROMISE to get my list up next blog post.. :)

I have a couple things to SHARE tonite!!! You know how I have this ADDICTION to Youtube and I have shared some links lately... well I found THIS cute cute pen idea!! So I had to make it! I want to make more! Wouldnt they be cute to go with a altered notebook, or set of cards??
Here is mine... Amanda walked in and said Mom that is a COOL pen! I LOVE it! :) Shhh I am gonna make her one!

I also have 2 more pages in my Dec. book finished.. STILL working on 7! So much for being not to far behind! HA HA!! I will work on them this week!! (I HOPE!!)


and Dec. 6th! (arent they cute!! :) )

Well our homemade pizzas are about done.. then it is movie night with the kiddos! We got Mr. Beans Holiday! I THOUGHT Holiday... HOLIDAY!!! Not DUH HOLIDAY Vacation! LOL! I heard it was funny and for a buck! We will try it!! :)
Have a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis' the Season!!

Oh I LOVE this time of year!!! We are busy getting ready!! Got our tree up, and and it looks sooo purty!! I LOVE to look back at all the ornaments from years past!! and I LOVE to get and make new ornaments each year... I am gonna need a 12 foot tree soon with all we have! :)

So on that note! I made another style of ornament yesterday!! My friend Amy shared this ornament the other day at Scrappin Mojo I had to make one up!! It was really quick, mine took about 15 minutes, since I messed up the fold the first time!! Then I added stickles to mine... so I had to add drying time, but the ornament itself was fast!!!
Here is mine... I plan to make MORE!!! Along with my helpers! :)
**edited to add.. I used my 2 inch square punch for mine! I cant cut a straight line!! This way I KNEW they were all equal! :)**

Also I have been VERY GOOD and taking my photo a day in Dec... these are 3 of the pages in my Dec. Book! I plan to take a photo a day ALL of Dec... I want to end with the 31st!! I am up to day 7, and am pretty happy to be so close to the actual date! I will print 3 more days tomorrow and HOPEFULLY friday catch up!

Here are 3 for now... NOW they arent super duper fancy, they are really quick.. some better then others (I am so not digging day 4! LOL!!) but they are done and in my Dec. mini book! I think it will be fun to look back over it and see what Dec. meant to me!

Ok lets get started!!
Dec. 1- 24 days til Christmas!!! Happy Holidays!

Dec. 2nd- Hot Choc... Yummy!! the kids LOVE this for a treat (in fact they have it now! LOL!) I love my santa mugs... and we have matching plates... hmmm I should get a photo of them one day too! :)

Dec. 3rd- Amanda made a picture for me and put it on the fridge... I didnt know and found it when I started to make dinner.. I LOVE those sweet surprises... I just took the center heart for my photo today! - SORRY this one is really WHITE in the scan.. it is pretty white IRL.. but not as much as here... :)

That is about all I have to share today! I will get more of my days scanned and share them.. I am working on a couple other things too ~ I hope to share this week!!

Happy Holidays! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy Holidays! :)

Happy Holidays!!! Are you all ready??!! We are about 90% ready!! YIPPPEEE! Gonna get our wrapping... and create a few more things!!!

Just a quick drive by to say HELLO! and change my blog to Xmas!! Wanted to wait til we saw Santa! :) We did that on friday! :) Yesterday we went to Bugs 4th birthday party! Had a GREAT time! I got LOTS of photos... I hope to scrap them SOON! :) Today Amanda played in a soccer tournament they got um to say it nicely CRUSHED!!! They all played well, but the other team.. well you know they played a bit better! BUT she had fun, and got a COOL shirt!!! then we went to lunch and got our tree!! :) I cant wait to decorate it!! Tomorrow we will since it rained and the tree is wet ~ but drying and smelling the house up nicely!! :)

So here is one of the photos I got friday! I used kits from my friend Katie and then I added some fun at picnik

Cant wait to print up these photos too!!!

Amanda and I will be busy busy CREATING this week! will share when we get our goodies finished!!
Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

HO HO HO!!!!

21 days til the BIG day!! Are you all ready?? We are not but are really REALLY close!! Been having some FUN with Amanda and we made some of THESE the other day! I need to make 4 more yet!!!

SHHH dont tell the one I made is for Amanda! She made the other for her friend... she is getting the same gift so I thought I would SURPRISE her and make her one too! :)

Here is the inside...excuse the bad coloring!

I was just HANGING out on Youtube yesterday and found some FUN ideas....
Thought I would share them with ya.. these are just a FEW.. there are so many! I could sit there for days watching! LOL!!!
Ornament Gift Card Holder


and totally not holiday at all but I thought it was cute!

What else have we been doing! OHHH I had such high hopes of everyday sharing my LO for the day in my Dec. mini book... well I have the photos taken.. just not done yet.. I PLAN to work on them monday... and my xmas cards! hee hee! Yeah I am probably setting myself up!! I cant wait to work in the book! I HOPE to get a photo, letter, or drawing by the kids in there every day for the whole month of Dec!!! :) Wish me luck!!!

Tomorrow we are off to see SANTA! YEAH!! :) Steve is taking the day off we are gonna hopefully FINISH shopping while the kids are in school!!!

Ok I have stalled enough... time to go work out!
Have a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Holidays!