Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy Holidays! :)

Happy Holidays!!! Are you all ready??!! We are about 90% ready!! YIPPPEEE! Gonna get our wrapping... and create a few more things!!!

Just a quick drive by to say HELLO! and change my blog to Xmas!! Wanted to wait til we saw Santa! :) We did that on friday! :) Yesterday we went to Bugs 4th birthday party! Had a GREAT time! I got LOTS of photos... I hope to scrap them SOON! :) Today Amanda played in a soccer tournament they got um to say it nicely CRUSHED!!! They all played well, but the other team.. well you know they played a bit better! BUT she had fun, and got a COOL shirt!!! then we went to lunch and got our tree!! :) I cant wait to decorate it!! Tomorrow we will since it rained and the tree is wet ~ but drying and smelling the house up nicely!! :)

So here is one of the photos I got friday! I used kits from my friend Katie and then I added some fun at picnik

Cant wait to print up these photos too!!!

Amanda and I will be busy busy CREATING this week! will share when we get our goodies finished!!
Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Holidays!


  1. Too cute, Beth!! Love the card and how you made it for your header, too!!

  2. I love the new Christmas look! It's a bummer about the tournament. I hope Amanda didn't feel too bad... we have definitely been there... I can't wait to see all your pictures (do I see another slide show in the future?) hehehe! Merry Christmas to your family. We are in Christmas countdown!

  3. Hi Bethie,

    Love the new Christmas look to your blog!! I am glad you made it home safely from the PARRRGY! Thanks again for coming down and having dinner with us, always a good time! Loves!!

  4. too awesome beth LOVE the header ss about the tournament tell amanda next year they will win it

  5. Love the Christmas look on your blog. The Children are gorgeous!

  6. cute header! :) love the Christmas look!

  7. Ho Ho HO!!! Love your new header, Beth!!


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