Sunday, December 21, 2008


PLEASE!!! SIGH! Still buried under snow here! We have probably close to 8 inches.. Now I KNOW some of you that isnt alot but for us it is! It ruins plans.. cancels parties! WAHHHH I must have it MELTED by the 24th at 8am so we can head down to see the family!!!
Here is a photo out my front door!!! Do you see the little holes in the ground in front of the tree.. those are the lights that stick up in the ground.. and they are BURIED! LOL! it look so funny!!!!

the only tire tracks in the road I am sure are from my CRAZY family going out to the snow hill they love to sled at now! LOL!! Crazy kids!! (yeah that includes Steve!)

Here is what Ms. Amanda and I were doing this AM!! (she is now sledding!)

only 2 more things to finish up and I am DONE baking!! :)

and I have to share this photo it is from a few days ago!! it was so cute.. Amanda was peeking over the neighbors fence to see if the girls were out.. she wanted to have a snowball fight like they did the night before!! :)

Cant wait to scrap that!!

Well back to my baking!!! Will have LOTS of yummy photos to share later!!
Happy Holidays! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. mmmm....that cookie dough looks GOOD! I would love to make some cookies! :) You might have inspired me to whip some up later today!

  2. You are so lucky to have snow, girl! I live in Indiana and we still don't have any, just ice. How crazy is that!
    Oh how I hope it snows by Christmas here.. I SO want some pics of Caleb in the snow.
    Enjoy it.. and mail some to INdiana for ME! tee hee

  3. Wow, that is some snow!!! So pretty, but i'm sad that you missed your party this weekend. I hope it let's up just enough for you to enjoy the holiday!

    I love that pic of Amanda on the fence, very cool!!!

  4. Hey Girl,

    Can you believe this snow! I love the photo of Amanda on the fence, just a GREAT shot!! Sure hope we see you on Christmas Eve!!



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