Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let is SNOW!!!

OH MY! We have snow!!! I am not to over joyed! LOL! I have to much to do for Xmas yet to get snow! The kiddos had a SNOW day! They were excited! But they too are hoping it ends TODAY.. they dont want to miss our Xmas on Saturday at Moms/Tutus or the 24th!! I guess we will just worry about that if and when it happens!!

They made a snowman today! Isnt it cute!!

I used Picnik to alter it!! and NOOOO I didnt add the snow.. that was really coming down.. I couldnt get a photo without it on the kiddos faces!! Justin thought I added it at Picnik ~ they have that but NO.. that is all real! LOL!! I love this site.. I just use the free stuff... hmmm thinking of buying a year of it for 2009! :)

I have NOOOO crafty goodies to share today! I did work on my Xmas cards today.. they are almost done! YEAH! will go out tomorrow! PHEW!!! I am late this year!!!

I did find this on YouTube how cute are those icicles! I need to make me some!!! In my SPARE time! LOL!!! I wonder would stickles work on wax paper.. Mine are out.. I am gonna try it!!! :)

I MUST hit the treadmill... getting in all the POWER workouts I can before I eat all the holiday goodies!!
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Happy Holidays!


  1. cute photo, Beth!! :)

  2. That looks like FUN!! Love the snowman, Beth!

  3. awesome snow pic beth too cute

  4. Snow looks like fun to me! We had snow up in the foothills here. Unfortunately, there is no way to get up there without a long cold hike. Great photo Beth!

  5. Great Photo! Love the alterations as well!


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