Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

13 DAYS!! 13 DAYS!!! I am NOT ready! LOL! I thought I was ahead of the game.. I was WRONG! LOL!! We are headed out to finish up shopping this weekend.. I have so much I want to create, and BAKE!! Must get on that!!! :)

I also wanted to say a BIG BIG THANKS to Mara and Kimmie for the blog award, your both so SWEET and SUPER CREATIVE! I am honored to have made your list! and I PROMISE to get my list up next blog post.. :)

I have a couple things to SHARE tonite!!! You know how I have this ADDICTION to Youtube and I have shared some links lately... well I found THIS cute cute pen idea!! So I had to make it! I want to make more! Wouldnt they be cute to go with a altered notebook, or set of cards??
Here is mine... Amanda walked in and said Mom that is a COOL pen! I LOVE it! :) Shhh I am gonna make her one!

I also have 2 more pages in my Dec. book finished.. STILL working on 7! So much for being not to far behind! HA HA!! I will work on them this week!! (I HOPE!!)


and Dec. 6th! (arent they cute!! :) )

Well our homemade pizzas are about done.. then it is movie night with the kiddos! We got Mr. Beans Holiday! I THOUGHT Holiday... HOLIDAY!!! Not DUH HOLIDAY Vacation! LOL! I heard it was funny and for a buck! We will try it!! :)
Have a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. 13 are freaking me out!! Ahhh! I'm not ready either. You are getting so much done on your December album, what a fantastic family photo. And CUTE pen!!! That's going on my ever-growing to-do list...:-)

  2. oh, why didn't i discover your blog earlier in the gift-making season? i love all this stuff! :)

    i actually followed you here from susan k's 12-of-12 blog and have to say - i love your pink 12-of-12 lo!


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