Saturday, January 03, 2009

She DID IT!!!!

Yes my girl FINALLY got her ears pierced... we TRIED 2 other times, without success... Today she was READY.. so off to Claires we girls went! :) She was a bit nervous.. a few tears when it was over.. but she did GREAT! Dad and Justin couldnt believe she did it!! :) Take a little peek! She is so EXCITED!!!!

and REALLY REALLY I do have more photos to share.. I just need to finish up stuff around here and then I will sit down and resize them all! I HOPE to get some printed and get scrappen too!!! YEAH!!
Wanted to share one quick photo of Justin and his Lego XMAS tree! he was so proud of it!! :)

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  1. WOW! That is soooo cool!!! I so remember getting my ears pierced, what a great memory. That is awesome!

    And i'm SO glad you are on the Rock of Love bus with me!! Hee Hee!! Trashy girls, here we come!

  2. Awe.. how cute!! Congrats to her, earrings are so fun!

  3. Hooray for Amanda! I hope you took your camera, mom, and got it all captured on film... I love Justin's tree. Did he keep it or take it apart after Christmas? :o)

  4. Yipppeee... Amanda!! congrats on your piereced ears. Still gotta get jassy bazzy to do it.LOL.

    GREAT tree, very creative!


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