Friday, June 06, 2008

2 Posts in TWO days!!

Aren't you lucky!! LOL!! :) Really I am just taking a cleaning break... or stalling from doing any more I guess is more like it! LOL!!!!

Thought I would share a fun photo I took Wed. from the raven racer pizza party at the kids school!!! It was the coldest one we have been too! But still the rain held off for us!!! We ran/walked laps every wed. at the school, I went for both kiddos, Justin ran 286 (1st in his class ! YEAH! first time ever he has done that!) Amanda got 175ish.. that means mom got 461 total! YEAH! :) This is for my Foto Friday share at 2SCD's I love they do that, it is fun to see photos people take over the week!!!
Speaking of 2SCDs
There is a CROP!!!!! there tomorrow!! come on over if you have time, lots of fun challenges, and PRIZES!!!!! :)

Well I think that is all I got! I have some projects to work on, cleaning to do, a party to get ready for! It is gonna be FUN! I think we are gonna have um about um maybe 30-35 people here that day.... SHHHHHH dont tell Steve.. he will worry we dont have room! I am more worried about there being NO SUN!!YIKES!!! We need that outdoor space! :) So if you can please send sunny thoughts our way!!! THANKS! LOL!! Hey I will try anything!!
have a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. yummy pizza LOL great pic beth wish i could post i will miss the crop but thereas is working on it! tfs miss u

  2. Hi Beth!!! Great pizza photos. I was sad to miss the crop this past weekend. Hope you are having FUN cleaning and getting ready for the party. Any projects you want to share with us??? LOL!!! xoxoxoxo-

  3. Your kids have to be the sweetest 2 around! Do they ever fight?? Miss ya, girl!!

  4. Way to post girl!!
    Love those pizza pics!!


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