Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bring on the HOLIDAYS!

Happy Sunday!! I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving!! We did! I am still FULL! HA HA!! Using up the last of the turkey tonite! Just got back from seeing BOLT! Such a cute movie! We saw it in 3D... not sure how different it would have been seeing it regular, I would like to think ALOT.. since it was more seeing it that way! :)

I am so EXCITED for the holidays! Last nite Amanda and I made ornaments... here is what we started with....

and here is what we ended up with!!

We were so happy with them! Thought they were pretty darn cute! I had seen this idea at a store near us when Steve and I went xmas shoppen! I KNEW I could knock them off! I got iridescent balls (I am all about the sparkle!) the little bead fillers, they had white in the ornaments I saw, but I used clear, and added some glitter (see above about being all about the sparkle!) then added some googly eyes, STICKLES! :) and fun fiber I have had forever! and VIOLA! Instant snowman ornaments!

Amanda wanted to make Steves SPECIAL! So as you can see she colored the top black and made it a hat... to smart and creative is that girl! that is the only one in the bunch! Lucky Dad! :)
Here she is showing off a couple up close! :) Dads and OH lets just say mine! :)

Tomorrow is Dec. 1st! I so cant BELIEVE that! This year has flown by!!! I am excited I made up my Dec. book and get to start taking photos tomorrow!! I will be a day behind sharing here, but I HOPE to do the photo and LO each day.. wish me luck! or drawing or journaling or whatever I decide on that day to do! It will be a SURPRISE!! I love surprises!! :)

I hear my noodles boiling for my soup... off to get it going!!!
Thanks for stopping by! and Happy Holidays!!!


  1. What fun ornaments.

  2. oh, so cute!
    i SO need to make some ornaments this week with cay.

  3. those are totally adorable, Beth and Amanda!! GREAT job with the ornaments!!

  4. Super cute Bethie. What a fun project!

  5. I just dropped by to see the Christmas ornaments you made last year... I wanted to make some of them up for this year (I already bought the glass balls). BUT, these snowmen are soooo cute! Hmmmm... I may have to make some of each. TFS!

  6. Anonymous1:14 PM

    OMG! How fun and adorable! Thanks for your comments on my scrap space. The dining room has gotten worse since that picture. When the holidays are over it will hopefully return to normal in there.

  7. Way cute!!!!! I love them!!!


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