Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Morning!

Happy Thursday! I am on the BIG party countdown now... No time to PLAY with my scrappy toys, WHY is it when I have NO TIME to play.. I always have ideas and WANT to! HA HA! then when I have time.. nothing! No ideas.. hee hee!!! Really Amanda and I have been crafting for playtime all week.. and my mojo is seeming to overflow! I LOVE when that happens! :) If it lasts until after this party WAHOOO then I can play! :)

So lets see where will I start! This was my first month for 12 photos on the 12 I am so EXCITED to do this! I am going to make these pages ANYTHING I want...I am just gonna make them for ME! No rhyme or reason.. just fun! so this was the first time I have EVER had something off the page....There is no white around it, just pink with a white tab on top.. you pull that out for journaling! I plan to keep just these LOs in an album so they are all together! I think it will be fun to see months go by! ANYWAY! here is my 1st one! Lots of PINK.. because that is MY COLOR! hee hee!!!

Also finally!! Here FINALLY are my 2 make and takes from the convention last week!! I havent yet got the photos from the throw away camera back yet, hopefully next week! I PROMISE to share them! But for now I have 2! I really LOVED these make and takes! NOW dont worry Xmas isnt 25 days away, but that is my number that is the highest, this is a canvas with laser cut words, then you change the number daily! It is a magnet too so it can be on the fridge!! :)

and then I made this cute ornament..... It used SEI iron ons... and velvet paper! I had to CONTROL myself not to buy it! I for sure will be getting some!! hee hee! The iron-ons were really cool! and I BELIEVE I have velvet paper from um 10 years ago still! HA HA!!! I will be adding photos on to the back of these this holiday season!!!

Well that is all I have ! I wont be back until monday.... the day my BOY is 12! BOO HOO!! I may have to type through tears! :)
Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT weekend!!!!


  1. love the make and take and that christmas ornament is too cute do a class on it beth beth he be fine 12 is easy then 15 HEE HEE love the lo too.tfs

  2. Happy birthday to Justin (BTW, 12yrs is still a baby, wait until he starts driving)! Sounds like you'll be busy with party preparations... I like the idea of 12 on the 12th. I following the link from your blog and saw Zoa. You two must travel in the same circles, LOL!

  3. Have a GREAT time tomorrow at Justin's party!! I love your 12 on 12 page! I've been wanting to do that, just haven't quite gotten it together yet. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. love that pink layout...(first one)

    You have been BUSY!!! :)

  5. Love your pink 12 of 12! The tab is a cute touch too. Great make-n-takes :)

    Are you ready for December's 12 of 12? Have fun!

  6. great first 12 of 12!
    You have my vote because pink is my totally favourite colour! Just finishing up my pictures for today and pink will be featuring for me too! TFS

  7. that's your first? wow - it's great! i feel for you re: your boy. our older two are 21 & 20. fortunately, we've got our surprise baby (3) to keep us company, lol!

    love the ornaments, too!


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