Friday, August 01, 2008


Here are some photos from the FUN day at the Fair!! A big THANKS for meeting us, Papa, Dede, Antzy Nancy and Aunt Kimmie and BUGGY!!! We had so much fun!!
THANKS Kimmie for the CUTE mirror photos! they all turned out cute!!!!

We had a SUPER FUN DAY!! It did take us 3 hours and 15 minutes to get home! Not to bad, only about 45 minutes longer then usual, BUT we were tired, it was raining and we had CHINESE in the cooler soooo it seemed SUPER long! LOL!!!!
Justin says HI and thanks for stopping by his moms blog! LOL!! :)
Hey MaraLooky they are up! Not to bad, and not to many margaritas... yours is waiting!!! :)
We are headed out on the boat tomorrow for our first over nighter of the summer! We have just been so busy! I cant WAIT to go... Port Orchard here we come!! :)
Have a GREAT weekend ~ THANKS for stopping by! Justin says BYE!! (YES he is reading over my shoulder!! hee hee!!!)


  1. Yeah!! Fair photos! It looks like it was a beautiful day, sorry you caught rain on the way home. And yes, I do love seeing them!

    Is my margartia melted yet????? My flight was delayed this time for sure. Have FUN this weekend on the boat!!!

  2. awesome pics beth!look like the kids had major fun..yummy drinks too

  3. I love the Fair! I asked my hubby if we could go to the fair this weekend, and he says, "We Could..."
    Translated, that means, "I'd rather not" {sigh} Well, maybe next year...
    I love your photos! TFS!

  4. adorable pics!!!! I love them all- now get scrapping ;)

    btw--- did you join my MB @ moments 2 remember???? I saw a "BethJ" and SQUEALED in delight! Is it you? Come out and play- I promise to introduce you to everyone!! :)


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