Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy RAINY Thursday!!

Well I just emailed my friend Mara that it wasnt raining! UM I LIED! LOL! it is POURING NOW.. the kids have playdates... that means inside play....OH YEAH! ;)

So I have been doing some scrappen this week.. this week of RAIN!! and been doing some BAKING! YUM!! Made these Andes Mint Cookies found here you gotta scroll down a bit! Our safeway didnt have the andes so I used Ghirardelli mint candys~ YUM ~ we also added nuts and some vanilla! It didnt call for either.. but I NEED both in my cookies! :) I think next time I make these I am gonna use a toffee or caramel candy on top! YUM!! wont that be good!!! It is just a choc. cookie, then the mint is the topping so really you can do anything.. I ran out of mints and topped 5 of them with Choc. Chips and NUTS! YUM!!! Protein nuts are good for ya! LOL!!
Here are a couple photos of the kids enjoying the cookie making, and a photo of the cookies.. we still have some.. wanna come try them! :)

This one look at Justin.. he was CONCENTRATING on the cookie he said! LOL!!!

and finally YUM! the cookies!!

So I have been doing some scrappen too! So I have some to share!!!!
I made this cute little acrylic album for my purse handle! It is only 2 X 3 inches! So little and cute... It took me long enough but I am happy with it now! :)

Some layouts!
This was done for a couple challenges...

One I am doing next week! and one for Moments 2 Remember

Then finally this one... Oh my Amanda when she was about 4 months I think! (I gotta double check this!!) it was for a Guest DT spot at Moments 2 Remember I didnt get it BUT my friend
Mara DID!! Yeah CONGRATS girl!!

She was sooo LITTLE! time just FLY to fast for me!! Now I gotta get side 2 made up, hopefully without CRYING! HA HA!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope your having a GREAT week!!!! Happy Thursday!


  1. Beth, that is SUCH a sweet LO of your Amanda!!! Too stinkin' cute!

    And you know I am ON MY WAY for cookies and margaritas! The breakfast of champions!!!

  2. There's nothing better than cookies that are good for you. All the goodness and none of the guilt, LOL! The acrylic album is smaller than I thought it was. It's adorable! I love the layouts too!

  3. LOVE your work, girl!! That layout and esp the little album. I gotta do one of those to carry around, GREAT idea!!

  4. yummy cookies beth and yes i want some!love LOVE your mini clear album too it you did not make guess designer..


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